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Midori in Chinese / Japanese...

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China shuǐ cǎi
Japan midori
Midori Vertical Wall Scroll

This can be a Japanese female given name that romanizes as Midori. Note: There are other Kanji combinations that romanize as Midori, this is not the only Midori out there.

Otherwise, and in other Asian languages, this means watercolor.


China mì dào lì
Midori Vertical Wall Scroll

密道麗 is a common transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Midori.

Please note: Midori is usually a Japanese name, so this is probably not the title you want.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin/ bi4
Taiwan pi
Japanese ao / あお
Midori Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese green jade; bluish green; blue; jade
Japanese (n,adj-no,adj-na) (1) blue; (2) green; (3) (abbreviation) green light; (4) black (horse coat color); (prefix) (5) immature; unripe; young; (personal name) Minemoto; (surname, female given name) Midori; (surname) Heki; (personal name) Fukumoto; (personal name) Fukumitsu; (personal name) Fukugita; (personal name) Fukukita; (female given name) Sango; (male given name) Kiyoshi; (surname, female given name) Aoi; (female given name) Ao; (female given name) Ai
Jade-green, or blue; blue-green

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Mandarin cuì / cui4
Taiwan ts`ui / tsui
Japanese midori / みどり
Midori Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese bluish-green; green jade
Japanese (adj-no,n) (1) green; (2) greenery (esp. fresh verdure); (female given name) Minami; (surname, female given name) Midori; (female given name) Mizuho; (surname) Misu; (female given name) Hisui; (female given name) Sui; (female given name) Asagi; (female given name) Akira


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Mandarin shuǐ cǎi / shui3 cai3
Taiwan shui ts`ai / shui tsai
Japanese suisai / すいさい
Midori Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese watercolor
Japanese watercolor painting; (female given name) Midori; (female given name) Misai; (female given name) Misa; (female given name) Suisai

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Mandarin cǎi / cai3
Taiwan ts`ai / tsai
Japanese midori / みどり    maya / まや    hikaru / ひかる    hikari / ひかり    sayaka / さやか    saya / さや    sae / さえ    saika / さいか    sai / さい    konogi / このぎ    konoki / このき    kunogi / くのぎ    kazari / かざり    irori / いろり    iroha / いろは    irodori / いろどり    iroe / いろえ    iro / いろ    ayami / あやみ    ayano / あやの    ayane / あやね    ayaka / あやか    aya / あや    akari / あかり
Chinese (bright) color; variety; applause; applaud; lottery prize
Japanese (female given name) Midori; (female given name) Maya; (female given name) Hikaru; (female given name) Hikari; (female given name) Sayaka; (female given name) Saya; (female given name) Sae; (female given name) Saika; (surname, female given name) Sai; (personal name) Konogi; (personal name) Konoki; (personal name) Kunogi; (female given name) Kazari; (female given name) Irori; (female given name) Iroha; (female given name) Irodori; (personal name) Iroe; (female given name) Iro; (female given name) Ayami; (female given name) Ayano; (female given name) Ayan

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Mandarin/ lu:4
Japanese midori / みどり
Chinese Japanese variant of 綠|绿
Japanese (adj-no,n) (1) green; (2) greenery (esp. fresh verdure); (given name) Roku; (female given name) Ryoku; (p,s,f) Midori; (female given name) Gurin

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Mandarin/ ye4
Taiwan yeh
Japanese you / yo / よう    ha / は
Chinese leaf; page; lobe; (historical) period; classifier for small boats; surname Ye
Japanese (suf,ctr) (1) counter for leaves, pieces of paper, etc.; (2) (archaism) counter for boats; leaf; blade (of grass); (pine) needle; (surname, female given name) You; (female given name) Midori; (female given name) Haruka; (surname) Tsuruba; (surname, female given name) Shou
pattra; parṇa; leaf, leaves.


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Japanese jouryoku / joryoku / じょうりょく Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) evergreen; (female given name) Midori; (personal name) Tsuneyori



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Mandarin shuǐ niǎo / shui3 niao3
Taiwan shui niao
Japanese suichou(p);mizutori;mizudori / suicho(p);mizutori;mizudori / すいちょう(P);みずとり;みずどり
Chinese water bird
Japanese waterfowl; water bird; shorebird; (surname) Minatori; (f,p) Midori; (surname) Midzutori; (surname) Mizudori; (surname) Mizutori



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Mandarin hǎi niǎo / hai3 niao3
Taiwan hai niao
Japanese umidori;kaichou / umidori;kaicho / うみどり;かいちょう
Chinese seabird
Japanese sea bird; (place-name) Midori


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Mandarin shēn hǎi / shen1 hai3
Taiwan shen hai
Japanese shinkai / しんかい
Chinese deep sea
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) deep sea; depths of the sea; ocean depths; (female given name) Mimi; (female given name) Midori; (female given name) Mika; (female given name) Miuna; (female given name) Miu; (place-name, surname) Fukami; (surname) Fukaumi; (surname) Shinkai


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Japanese zuichou / zuicho / ずいちょう Japanese auspicious bird (i.e. crane); (female given name) Midori



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Mandarin jiàn qǔ / jian4 qu3
Taiwan chien ch`ü / chien chü
Japanese midori / みどり    mitori / みとり
Japanese (place-name, surname) Midori; (surname) Mitori
Clinging to heterodox views, one of the four 取; or as 見取見, one of the 五見 q. v.


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Japanese aoba / あおば Japanese fresh leaves; (female given name) Midori; (female given name) Tokiwa; (p,s,f) Aoba; (surname, female given name) Aoha


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Japanese karabara / カラバラ Japanese ballads sung by Karashima Midori


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Japanese utsumimidori / うつみみどり Japanese (person) Utsumi Midori (1943.10-)


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Japanese midori / みどり Japanese (adj-no,n) (1) green; (2) greenery (esp. fresh verdure)

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Midori水彩midorishuǐ cǎi / shui3 cai3 / shui cai / shuicaishui ts`ai / shuitsai / shui tsai
mì dào lì
mi4 dao4 li4
mi dao li
mi tao li
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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