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Leopard in Chinese / Japanese...

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Snow Leopard

China xuě bào
Japan yukihyou / yukihyo
Snow Leopard Vertical Wall Scroll

雪豹 is the title for snow leopard (Latin classification: "Panthera uncia" or "Uncia uncia") in Chinese and Japanese.

Leopard / Panther / Jaguar

China bào
Japan hyou
Leopard / Panther / Jaguar Vertical Wall Scroll

豹 is the Chinese and Japanese word for the big cat known as a leopard, panther or Jaguar.

This can refer to most cats of the Panthera genus as well as the Puma genus (but this is not used for most kinds of lions, except smaller ones like the mountain lion).

Because Jaguars are not native to Asia, the characters for "American continent" is usually added before this character to specifically designate a Jaguar.

This also kind of means Panther or Leopard in Korean Hanja but in modern Korean, they add a Hangul character to complete the word.


China bào zi
Nimra Vertical Wall Scroll

豹子 is the meaning of Nimra which means leopard.

Wu Xing Fist

Five Forms Fist of Kung Fu
China wǔ xíng quán
Japan gokeiken
Wu Xing Fist Vertical Wall Scroll

五形拳 is "Wu Xing Fist" or "Five Form Fist." The forms refer to Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Crane, and Leopard. This term is used in Kung Fu, and is recognized by both Chinese and Japanese practitioners of martial arts.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin bào / bao4
Taiwan pao
Japanese hyou;hyou / hyo;hyo / ひょう;ヒョウ
Wu Xing Fist Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese leopard; panther
Japanese (kana only) leopard (Panthera pardus); panther


see styles
Mandarin bào zi / bao4 zi5
Taiwan pao tzu
Wu Xing Fist Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese leopard; CL:頭|头[tou2]


see styles
Mandarin xuě bào / xue3 bao4
Taiwan hsüeh pao
Japanese yukihyou;yukihyou / yukihyo;yukihyo / ゆきひょう;ユキヒョウ
Wu Xing Fist Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese snow leopard
Japanese (kana only) snow leopard (Panthera uncia); ounce


see styles
Japanese gokeiken / gokeken / ごけいけん
Wu Xing Fist Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese {MA} Wu Xing Fist; Five Form Fist (Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Crane, Leopard)

see styles
Mandarin jiān / jian1
Taiwan chien
Japanese kon
Chinese bullock; castrated bull; to castrate livestock
A gelded bull, an ox; a creature half man, half leopard; castrated man


see styles
Mandarin yī bān / yi1 ban1
Taiwan i pan
Japanese ippan / いっぱん
Chinese lit. one spot (on the leopard); fig. one small item in a big scheme
Japanese spot (glimpse, outline); sighting


see styles
Japanese shijuu / shiju / しじゅう Japanese (1) four beasts (tiger, leopard, black bear, and brown bear); (2) (See 四神) four gods said to rule over the four directions


see styles
Mandarin shè gān / she4 gan1
Taiwan she kan
Chinese blackberry lily (Belamcanda chinensis); leopard lily



see styles
Mandarin shān māo / shan1 mao1
Taiwan shan mao
Chinese lynx; bobcat; leopard cat
Japanese See: 山猫


see styles
Japanese buchige / ぶちげ Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) leopard (horse coat pattern)


see styles
Japanese hiougi / hiogi / ひおうぎ Japanese (1) formal folding fan made of hinoki cypress; (2) blackberry lily (Belamcanda Chinensis); leopard lily; leopard flower


see styles
Japanese hiougi / hiogi / ひおうぎ Japanese (1) formal folding fan made of hinoki cypress; (2) blackberry lily (Belamcanda Chinensis); leopard lily; leopard flower


see styles
Mandarin lí zi / li2 zi5
Taiwan li tzu
Chinese leopard cat



see styles
Mandarin lí māo / li2 mao1
Taiwan li mao
Chinese leopard cat; raccoon dog; palm civet



see styles
Mandarin kuī bào / kui1 bao4
Taiwan k`uei pao / kuei pao
Chinese lit. to see one spot on a leopard; fig. a restricted view


see styles
Mandarin huā bào / hua1 bao4
Taiwan hua pao
Chinese leopard; CL:隻|只[zhi1]


see styles
Mandarin bào quán / bao4 quan2
Taiwan pao ch`üan / pao chüan
Chinese Bao Quan - "Leopard Fist" - Martial Art


see styles
Japanese hyougara / hyogara / ひょうがら Japanese leopard print (design)



see styles
Mandarin bào māo / bao4 mao1
Taiwan pao mao
Chinese leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis)


see styles
Japanese hikyuu / hikyu / ひきゅう Japanese ferocious leopard-like beast; brave warrior



see styles
Mandarin yún bào / yun2 bao4
Taiwan yün pao
Japanese unpyou;unpyou / unpyo;unpyo / うんぴょう;ウンピョウ
Chinese clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)
Japanese (kana only) clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)


see styles
Japanese buchige / ぶちげ Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) leopard (horse coat pattern)


see styles
Japanese hyou / hyo / ヒョウ Japanese (kana only) leopard (Panthera pardus); panther


see styles
Japanese hyouazarashi;hyouazarashi / hyoazarashi;hyoazarashi / ひょうあざらし;ヒョウアザラシ Japanese (kana only) leopard seal (Hydrurga leptonyx)



see styles
Mandarin yuǎn dōng bào / yuan3 dong1 bao4
Taiwan yüan tung pao
Chinese Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis)



see styles
Mandarin jīn qián bào / jin1 qian2 bao4
Taiwan chin ch`ien pao / chin chien pao
Chinese leopard


see styles
Japanese hyougara / hyogara / ひょうがら Japanese leopard print (design)


see styles
Japanese indohyou;indohyou / indohyo;indohyo / インドひょう;インドヒョウ Japanese (kana only) Indian leopard (Panthera pardus fusca)


see styles
Japanese pansaa / pansa / パンサー Japanese panther; leopard (Panthera pardus)


see styles
Japanese hyougara / hyogara / ヒョウがら Japanese leopard print (design)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Snow Leopard雪豹yukihyou / yukihyo
yukihyo / yukihyo
xuě bào / xue3 bao4 / xue bao / xuebaohsüeh pao / hsüehpao
hyou / hyobào / bao4 / baopao
Nimra豹子bào zi / bao4 zi / bao zi / baozipao tzu / paotzu
Wu Xing Fist五形拳gokeikenwǔ xíng quán
wu3 xing2 quan2
wu xing quan
wu hsing ch`üan
wu hsing chüan

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