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pái jù
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俳句 is the word haiku, a 17-syllable poem.

俳句 is usually arranged in 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Haiku俳句haikupái jù / pai2 ju4 / pai ju / paijup`ai chü / paichü / pai chü

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
tán / tan2
t`an / tan
 dan / だん
Haiku Scroll
platform; rostrum; altar
(1) platform; podium; rostrum; pulpit; (2) (ceremonial) mound; (suffix noun) (3) world (of haiku, art, etc.); (literary) circles; (4) (archaism) mandala; (given name) Mayumi
An altar; an open altar. In the esoteric cult it also means a maṇḍala, objects of worship grouped together; platform


see styles
pái jù / pai2 ju4
p`ai chü / pai chü
 haiku / はいく
Haiku Scroll
haiku; 17-mora poem, usu. in 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 morae

see styles
 ya / や (particle) (1) (used for non-exhaustive lists related to a specific time and place) such things as ...; and ... and; (particle) (2) (after the dictionary form of a verb) (See や否や・1) the minute (that) ...; no sooner than ...; as soon as; (cop) (3) (ksb:) (See だ・1) be; is; (interjection) (4) (punctuational exclamation in haiku, renga, etc.) o; oh; (interjection) (5) (interjection expressing surprise) huh; what; (interjection) (6) (masculine speech) hi; (interjection) (7) (archaism) yes; what?; (particle) (8) (archaism) (indicates a question) yes?; no?; is it?; isn't it?

see styles
/ ju4
 ku / く
sentence; clause; phrase; classifier for phrases or lines of verse
(n,n-suf) (1) section (i.e. of text); sentence; passage; paragraph; (n,n-suf) (2) {ling} phrase; (n,n-suf) (3) verse (of 5 or 7 mora in Japanese poetry; of 4, 5, or 7 characters in Chinese poetry); (n,n-suf) (4) haiku; first 17 morae of a renga, etc.; (n,n-suf) (5) maxim; saying; idiom; expression
A sentence, phrase, clause; also used for a place; a phrase

see styles
/ ji4
 ki / き
season; the last month of a season; fourth or youngest amongst brothers; classifier for seasonal crop yields
(1) season; (2) seasonal word or phrase (in haiku); (3) (See 一季・2,半季・1) year; (surname) Ri


see styles
yī jù / yi1 ju4
i chü
 ikku / いっく
a line of verse; a sentence
(1) phrase (verse, line); (2) one haiku-poem; (given name) Ikku
A word, or sentence; 一句子 a subordinate or explanatory word or sentence; 句 is also used for 處; a phrase


see styles
lì jù / li4 ju4
li chü
 reiku / reku / れいく
example sentence
haiku given as an example


see styles
 haijin / はいじん haiku poet; (given name) Haido


see styles
 haiyuu / haiyu / はいゆう (haiku) poetry pals


see styles
 haigou / haigo / はいごう pseudonym of a haiku poet


see styles
 haimei;haimyou / haime;haimyo / はいめい;はいみょう (See 俳号・はいごう) pseudonym of a haiku poet


see styles
 haimi / はいみ subdued taste; refined taste; haiku (poetic) flavor (flavour)


see styles
 haidan / はいだん the world of the haiku


see styles
 haibun / はいぶん prose with a poetic haiku flavor (flavour)


see styles
 haiga / はいが briefly drawn picture; haiku picture


see styles
 haisei / haise / はいせい famous haiku poet; the poet Basho


see styles
 haishi / はいし haiku magazine


see styles
 haikai / はいかい (1) haikai; collective name for haiku, haibun, haiga, senryu, etc.; (2) (abbreviation) humorous or vulgar renga poetry


see styles
 haifuu / haifu / はいふう style of a haikai or haiku poem


see styles
 kireji / きれじ punctuation words in haiku, renga, etc. such as "ya", "kana", "keri", etc.


see styles
 kukai / くかい gathering of haiku poets


see styles
 kusaku / くさく (noun/participle) composing haiku poems


see styles
 kurei / kure / くれい phrase example; haiku example


see styles
 kukei / kuke / くけい (1) (See 句法・1) poetry form (esp. haiku); (2) (See 句法・2) grammatical structure in kanbun


see styles
 kugokoro / くごころ poetic instinct; taste for haiku


see styles
 kuhi / くひ slab with a haiku cut on it


see styles
 kushuu / kushu / くしゅう collection of haiku poems


see styles
míng jù / ming2 ju4
ming chü
 meiku / meku / めいく
famous saying; celebrated phrase
famous saying; noted haiku
words and phrases


see styles
 meigin / megin / めいぎん (1) excellent poem (tanka, haiku, etc.); famous poem; (2) superb rendition of a poem


see styles
 ginkou / ginko / ぎんこう (1) going to famous sightseeing spots, ruins, etc. seeking inspiration for waka or haiku; (2) reciting or composing poetry while strolling

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