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Ghost in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Ghost / Soul / Spirit

  2. Ghost / Apparition / Phantom

  3. Demon / Ghost / Apparition

  4. Ghost Warrior

  5. Ghost Demon

  6. Daredevil Warrior / Soul of a Warrior

Ghost / Soul / Spirit

 hún pò
 kon paku
Ghost / Soul / Spirit Scroll

魂魄 is a Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja term for ghost, soul, or spirit.

It's used in the context of Buddhism as:
Animus and anima; the spiritual nature or mind, and the animal soul; the two are defined as mind and body or mental and physical, the invisible soul inhabiting the visible body, the former being celestial, the latter terrestrial.

Ghost / Apparition / Phantom

 yāo guài
 you kai
Ghost / Apparition / Phantom Scroll

妖怪 is a Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja word that can be defined as a devil, ghost, apparition, phantom, specter/spectre, demon, monster, or goblin.

Demon / Ghost / Apparition

 yāo mó
 you ma
Demon / Ghost / Apparition  Scroll

妖魔 means demon in Chinese and perhaps slanted toward ghost in Japanese.

Ghost Warrior

 yōu líng zhàn shì
Ghost Warrior Scroll

幽靈戰士 means Ghost Warrior or Ghost Soldier in Chinese.

This title is used for at least one movie and a video game (about a sniper).

Ghost Demon Scroll

鬼 can mean ghost, ogre, demon, or “spirit of a deceased person,” in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

In some context, it can also mean sly, crafty, ogre-like person (i.e. fierce, relentless, merciless, etc.)

This can also be the “ghost” constellation (one of the 28 mansions in Chinese folklore).

An extended list of meanings includes departed; dead; a disembodied spirit; dead person; evil being; hungry ghost.

Daredevil Warrior / Soul of a Warrior

 oni mu sha
Daredevil Warrior / Soul of a Warrior Scroll

鬼武者 is an unusual title that can be translated two ways, daredevil warrior or demon warrior.

The most common is probably the daredevil warrior. However, the first character means demon, ghost, or soul of the departed. Therefore, it can mean the soul of a warrior or a demon warrior.

This title is Japanese only, and should not be used if your audience is Chinese.

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Not the results for ghost that you were looking for?

Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your ghost search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

More info & calligraphy:

(1) (See 仙人・1) hermit; wizard; (2) (See 仙術) wizardry; (personal name) Hisa
僊 ṛṣi, 哩始 an immortal. 仙人; 人仙 the genī, of whom there is a famous group of eight 八仙; an ascetic, a man of the hills, a hermit; the Buddha. The 楞嚴經 gives ten kinds of immortals, walkers on the earth, fliers, wanderers at will, into space, into the deva heavens, transforming themselves into any form, etc. The names of ten ṛṣis, who preceded Śākyamuni, the first being 闍提首那? Jatisena; there is also a list of sixty-eight 大仙 given in the 大孔雀咒經下 A classification of five is 天仙 deva genī, 神仙 spirit genī, 人仙 human genī, 地仙 earth, or cavern genī, and 鬼仙 ghost genī.

see styles
 rei / re

More info & calligraphy:

Rai / Rei
Japanese variant of 靈|灵
soul; spirit; departed soul; ghost; (given name) Rei

see styles
 oni(p); ki
    おに(P); き

More info & calligraphy:

Ghost Demon
disembodied spirit; ghost; devil; (suffix) person with a certain vice or addiction etc; sly; crafty; resourceful (variant of 詭|诡[gui3]); one of the 28 constellations of ancient Chinese astronomy
(1) ogre; demon; oni; (2) (See 亡魂) spirit of a deceased person; (3) (おに only) ogre-like person (i.e. fierce, relentless, merciless, etc.); (4) (おに only) (See 鬼ごっこ・おにごっこ) it (in a game of tag, hide-and-seek, etc.); (5) (き only) {astron} (See 二十八宿,朱雀・すざく・2) Chinese "ghost" constellation (one of the 28 mansions); (prefix) (6) (おに only) (slang) (See 超・1) very; extremely; super-; (surname) Miniwa
preta 薜荔多, departed, dead; a disembodied spirit, dead person, ghost; a demon, evil being; especially a 餓鬼 hungry ghost. They are of many kinds. The Fan-i ming i classifies them as poor, medium, and rich; each again thrice subdivided: (1) (a) with mouths like burning torches; (b) throats no bigger than needles; (c) vile breath, disgusting to themselves; (2) (a) needle-haired, self-piercing; (b) hair sharp and stinking; (c) having great wens on whose pus they must feed. (3) (a) living on the remains of sacrifices; (b) on leavings in general; (c) powerful ones, yakṣas, rākṣasas, piśācas, etc. All belong to the realm of Yama, whence they are sent everywhere, consequently are ubiquitous in every house, lane, market, mound, stream, tree, etc.


see styles
yāo guài
    yao1 guai4
yao kuai
 youkai / yokai

More info & calligraphy:

Ghost / Apparition / Phantom
monster; devil
ghost; apparition; phantom; spectre; specter; demon; monster; goblin; yōkai


see styles
yāo mó
    yao1 mo2
yao mo
 youma / yoma

More info & calligraphy:

Demon / Ghost / Apparition
ghost; apparition



see styles
wú cháng
    wu2 chang2
wu ch`ang
    wu chang
 mujou / mujo

More info & calligraphy:

variable; changeable; fickle; impermanence (Sanskrit: anitya); ghost taking away the soul after death; to pass away; to die
(n,adj-na,adj-no) {Buddh} (ant: 常住・2) uncertainty; transiency; impermanence; mutability
anitya. Impermanent; the first of the 三明 trividyā; that all things are impermanent, their birth, existence, change, and death never resting for a moment.


see styles
hún pò
    hun2 po4
hun p`o
    hun po

More info & calligraphy:

Ghost / Soul / Spirit
soul; spirit; ghost
Animus and anima; the spiritual nature or mind, and the animal soul; the two are defined as mind and body or mental and physical, the invisible soul inhabiting the visible body, the former being celestial, the latter terrestrial.


see styles
(bound form) ghost of sb devoured by a tiger who helps the tiger devour others

see styles

ghost of a child


see styles
qī qù
    qi1 qu4
ch`i ch`ü
    chi chü
The seven gati or states of sentient beings- nārakagati, in hell; preta, hungry ghost; tiryagyoni, animal; manuṣya, man; ṛṣi, a genius or higher spiritual being; deva, god; asura, demon of the higher order.


see styles
zhōng yuán
    zhong1 yuan2
chung yüan
 chuugen / chugen
Ghost Festival on 15th day of 7th lunar month when offerings are made to the deceased
(1) 15th day of the 7th lunar month; (last day of) Bon lantern festival; (2) (See お中元) mid-year gift; summer gift; Bon Festival gifts; (surname) Nakamoto
The fifteenth of the seventh moon; see 孟蘭盆.


see styles
wáng zhě
    wang2 zhe3
wang che
 mouja / moja
the deceased
(1) {Buddh} the dead; ghost; (2) (usu. as 〜の亡者) person who is obsessed (with money, power, etc.); person with a blind lust (for)
Dead; the dead.


see styles
 bourei / bore
(1) departed spirit; soul of the dead; (2) ghost; apparition


see styles
(noun, transitive verb) ghost-writing; (personal name) Daisaku



see styles
dài xiě
    dai4 xie3
tai hsieh
to write as substitute for sb; a ghost writer; plagiarism


see styles
zuò guài
    zuo4 guai4
tso kuai
(of a ghost) to make strange things happen; to act up; to act behind the scenes; to make mischief; odd; to misbehave (euphemism for having sex)



see styles
chāng guǐ
    chang1 gui3
ch`ang kuei
    chang kuei
ghost of sb devoured by a tiger who helps the tiger devour others


see styles
zuò guǐ
    zuo4 gui3
tso kuei
to play tricks; to cheat; to get up to mischief; to become a ghost; to give up the ghost


see styles
liù dào
    liu4 dao4
liu tao
 rokudou; rikudou / rokudo; rikudo
    ろくどう; りくどう
{Buddh} the six realms (Deva realm, Asura realm, Human realm, Animal realm, Hungry Ghost realm, Naraka realm); (place-name) Rokudō
The six ways or conditions of sentient existence; v. 六趣; the three higher are the 上三途, the three lower 下三途.


see styles
yuān hún
    yuan1 hun2
yüan hun
ghost of one who died unjustly; departed spirit demanding vengeance for grievances


see styles
míng hūn
    ming2 hun1
ming hun
posomethingumous or ghost marriage (in which at least one of the bride and groom is dead)


see styles
míng jiè
    ming2 jie4
ming chieh
 meikai / mekai
ghost world
hades; realm of the dead
Hades, or the three lower forms of incarnation, i.e. hell, preta, animal.


see styles
míng dào
    ming2 dao4
ming tao
the gateway to the ghost world
冥途; 冥土 The dark way, or land of darkness, the shades, Hades, pretas, etc.



see styles
chū mò
    chu1 mo4
ch`u mo
    chu mo
to come and go; to roam about (mostly unseen); (of a ghost) to haunt (a place); (of a criminal) to stalk (the streets); (of the sun) to rise and set
See: 出没


see styles
dāo tú
    dao1 tu2
tao t`u
    tao tu
The gati or path of rebirth as an animal, so called because animals are subjects of the butcher's knife.


see styles
huà nǚ
    hua4 nv3
hua nü
 kenyo; kejo
    けにょ; けじょ
(1) {Buddh} Buddha or Bodhisattva appearing in female form; female incarnation; (2) female ghost; female apparition
is 化人 in female form.


see styles
huà wù
    hua4 wu4
hua wu
goblin; apparition; monster; ghost; phantom; spectre; specter
to convert beings


see styles
(n,vs,vi) (1) shapeshifting (of an animal or spirit); goblin; ghost; apparition; bugbear; (n,vs,vi) (2) (See 権化・1) incarnation; (n,vs,vi) (3) transformation


see styles
female ghost; female apparition; female monster


see styles
 youki / yoki
(1) ghostly, beautiful woman; (2) ghost of a beautiful woman

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
魂魄kon paku / konpakuhún pò / hun2 po4 / hun po / hunpohun p`o / hunpo / hun po
妖怪you kai / youkai / yo kaiyāo guài / yao1 guai4 / yao guai / yaoguaiyao kuai / yaokuai
妖魔you ma / youma / yo mayāo mó / yao1 mo2 / yao mo / yaomo
Ghost Warrior幽靈戰士
yōu líng zhàn shì
you1 ling2 zhan4 shi4
you ling zhan shi
yu ling chan shih
Ghost Demononiguǐ / gui3 / guikuei
Daredevil Warrior
Soul of a Warrior
鬼武者oni mu sha / onimusha
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.


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