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(1) rug; (2) lag (esp. in online gaming); (personal name) Lagu


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shàng fēn
    shang4 fen1
shang fen
(coll.) (gaming) to progress to the next level; to level up
(place-name, surname) Kamibun
upper part (of the body)



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nèi gòu
    nei4 gou4
nei kou
buying direct from your company at preferential prices; (gaming) in-app purchase


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zēng yì
    zeng1 yi4
tseng i
to increase; gain (electronics); (gaming) buff
Increasing, improving; to increase


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bào jī
    bao4 ji1
pao chi
critical hit (gaming)



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jiǎn yì
    jian3 yi4
chien i
debuff (gaming)
(noun/participle) decrease in profits


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bào tóu
    bao4 tou2
pao t`ou
    pao tou
(neologism) (slang) (often used in video gaming) to shoot sb in the head; headshot


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sī fú
    si1 fu2
ssu fu
(gaming) server emulator; private server; abbr. for 私人服務器|私人服务器[si1 ren2 fu2 wu4 qi4]
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) civilian clothes; plain clothes; mufti; (2) (abbreviation) (See 私服刑事) plainclothes police officer



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miǎo shā
    miao3 sha1
miao sha
 byousatsu / byosatsu
(Internet) flash sale; (sports or online gaming) rapid dispatch of an opponent
(noun/participle) (See 瞬殺) winning in a flash; instant defeat


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xiāng tíng
    xiang1 ting2
hsiang t`ing
    hsiang ting
(Japanese-style) sandbox (video gaming); sandplay (therapy)
miniature garden



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chóu mǎ
    chou2 ma3
ch`ou ma
    chou ma
bargaining chip; gaming chip; casino token



see styles
bǔ dāo
    bu3 dao1
pu tao
(gaming) to finish off a wounded combatant; (fig.) to attack sb who is already under fire; to pile on; (sphragistics) to retouch a seal after taking a first impression



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kè jīn
    ke4 jin1
k`o chin
    ko chin
tax levied on a conquered people by an army; fee for a divination session; variant of 氪金[ke4 jin1], in-app purchase (gaming)
(noun/participle) (1) charges; billing; (noun/participle) (2) (slang) paying for items in online games



see styles
tōng guān
    tong1 guan1
t`ung kuan
    tung kuan
to clear customs; (gaming) to finish (a game, a level, a stage, etc)


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sù tōng
    su4 tong1
su t`ung
    su tung
to get through something quickly; (gaming) speedrun (abbr. for 快速通關|快速通关[kuai4 su4 tong1 guan1])
sharp spiritual faculties



see styles
lián jī
    lian2 ji1
lien chi
to batter; combo (hit) (gaming); (volleyball, table tennis etc) double hit; double contact



see styles
yóu kè
    you2 ke4
yu k`o
    yu ko
 yuukaku / yukaku
traveler; tourist; (online gaming) guest player
sightseer; playboy; frequenter of red-light districts


see styles
dào jù
    dao4 ju4
tao chü
 dougu / dogu
prop (theater); paraphernalia; (gaming) item; artifact
(1) tool; implement; instrument; utensil; apparatus; device; (2) means; (3) (See 家具・かぐ) furniture; (surname) Dougu
The implements of the faith, such as garments, begging-bowl, and other accessories which aid one in the Way; utensils



see styles
suǒ qū
    suo3 qu1
so ch`ü
    so chü
region lock (gaming etc)



see styles
diàn jìng
    dian4 jing4
tien ching
video gaming (as a sport); e-sports (abbr. for 電子競技|电子竞技[dian4 zi3 jing4 ji4])



see styles
tǐ gǎn
    ti3 gan3
t`i kan
    ti kan
physical sensation; somatosensory; motion sensing (gaming)
See: 体感



see styles
jí shí zhì
    ji2 shi2 zhi4
chi shih chih
real-time (gaming)


see styles
huí hé zhì
    hui2 he2 zhi4
hui ho chih
turn-based (gaming)



see styles
xíng dòng zhí
    xing2 dong4 zhi2
hsing tung chih
(gaming) action points (points required to complete an action); (Tw) action level (the level of concentration of a harmful substance at which remedial action is considered necessary)


see styles
 tobakujou / tobakujo
gambling house; gaming room; gambling den


see styles
console; game console; game machine; gaming machine


see styles
(abbreviation) (See タブレットコントローラー) tablet controller; tablet game pad; tablet gaming controller



see styles
yóu xì shè bèi
    you2 xi4 she4 bei4
yu hsi she pei
gaming device; controller (for computer or console)



see styles
diàn zǐ jìng jì
    dian4 zi3 jing4 ji4
tien tzu ching chi
video gaming (as a sport); e-sports (abbr. to 電競|电竞[dian4 jing4])


see styles
 geemushougai / geemushogai
gaming disorder; out-of-control obsession with gaming

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