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Drunken Monkey

zuì hóu
Drunken Monkey Scroll

醉猴 is the short title for Drunken Monkey (often used as a title for a style of martial arts or kung fu which mimics the movements of a drunk monkey).

This martial arts style was inspired by the novel, "Journey to the West".

See Also:  Monkey Fist

Drunken Fist

(A legitimate style of Kung Fu)
zuì quán
Drunken Fist Scroll

Drunken Fist is a traditional Chinese martial art / technique of Kung Fu.

It is a northern style of martial art that imitates a drunk person in its movements. Many staggering movements serve to deceive the opponent and keep them off-balance.

Some consider Drunken Fist to be among the harder styles of martial arts due to the need for powerful joints and fingers.

In Wine there is Truth

jiǔ hòu tǔ zhēn yán
In Wine there is Truth Scroll

This is a nice Asian proverb if you know a vintner or wine seller - or wine lover - although the actual meaning might not be exactly what you think or hope.

The literal meaning is that someone drinking wine is more likely to let the truth slip out. It can also be translated as, "People speak their true feelings after drinking alcohol".

It's long-believed in many parts of Asia that one can not consciously hold up a facade of lies when getting drunk, and therefore the truth will come out with a few drinks.

I've had the experience where a Korean man would not trust me until I got drunk with him (I was trying to gain access to the black market in North Korea which is tough to do as an untrusted outsider) - so I think this idea is still well-practiced in many Asian countries.

后 VS 後

Please note that there are two common ways to write the second character of this phrase. The way it's written will be left up to the mood of the calligrapher, unless you let us know that you have a certain preference.

See Also:  Honesty | Truth

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Drunken Monkey醉猴zuì hóu / zui4 hou2 / zui hou / zuihoutsui hou / tsuihou
Drunken Fist醉拳suikenzuì quán / zui4 quan2 / zui quan / zuiquantsui ch`üan / tsuichüan / tsui chüan
In Wine there is Truth酒后吐真言 / 酒後吐真言
jiǔ hòu tǔ zhēn yán
jiu3 hou4 tu3 zhen1 yan2
jiu hou tu zhen yan
chiu hou t`u chen yen
chiu hou tu chen yen
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

 tora(p); tora(p)
    とら(P); トラ(P)
In Wine there is Truth Scroll
tiger; CL:隻|只[zhi1]
(1) tiger (Panthera tigris); (2) (colloquialism) drunkard; drunk; sot; (surname) Tora
vyāghra, 弭也竭羅 a tiger.


see styles
In Wine there is Truth Scroll
{MA} drunken boxing; styles of Chinese martial arts that imitate the movements of a drunk person

see styles

see styles
very drunk; blotto; three sheets to the wind

see styles


see styles
drunk; intoxicated

see styles
very drunk; blotto; happy appearance; happy looks

see styles
Drunk, intoxicated; drunk


see styles
(noun/participle) dead drunk


see styles
xǐ jiǔ
    xi3 jiu3
hsi chiu
wedding feast; liquor drunk at a wedding feast



see styles
hē guà
    he1 gua4
ho kua
(coll.) to get drunk; to get hammered


see styles
hē máng
    he1 mang2
ho mang
(slang) to get drunk (Tw)


see styles
hē zuì
    he1 zui4
ho tsui
to get drunk


see styles
hē gāo
    he1 gao1
ho kao
to get drunk


see styles
(noun/participle) dead drunk



see styles
mèn jiǔ
    men4 jiu3
men chiu
alcohol drunk to drown one's sorrows


see styles
hūn zuì
    hun1 zui4
hun tsui
matta, drunk, intoxicated.


see styles
(noun/participle) (1) sinking; foundering; going down; submersion; (noun/participle) (2) (colloquialism) getting dead drunk; (noun/participle) (3) (colloquialism) having too much fun (esp. in a red-light district, etc.) and missing work or neglecting one's duties; (noun/participle) (4) (slang) (backpacker slang) staying in one place for a long time


see styles
(noun/participle) very drunk


see styles
 deisui / desui
(noun/participle) being dead drunk; drunken stupor


see styles
ní zuì
    ni2 zui4
ni tsui
blind drunk; drunk as drunk can be


see styles
 ensui; enzui
    えんすい; えんずい
(1) type of imperial banquet held during the Heian period and later; (2) (archaism) (original meaning) being dead drunk; being very drunk


see styles
guàn zuì
    guan4 zui4
kuan tsui
to fuddle; to befuddle; to inebriate; to get someone drunk



see styles
làn zuì
    lan4 zui4
lan tsui
dead drunk; completely drunk


see styles
 jinzui; shinsui; shinzui; jinsui
    じんずい; しんすい; しんずい; じんすい
(1) water offered to God; water drunk before an altar to symbolize the making of a vow; (2) miracle-working water; (3) water which gathers in the nodes of bamboo after falling as rain at noon on the 5th day of the 5th month (lunar calendar), thought to be effective when used in medicines; (female given name) Shizuku


see styles
lucky tea (var. of tea made from sea tangle, black soybeans, pepper, pickled plums, etc. and drunk on festive occasions); New Year tea


see styles
alcohol which must be drunk as a penalty



see styles
fá jiǔ
    fa2 jiu3
fa chiu
to drink as the result of having lost a bet
(See 罰杯) alcohol which must be drunk as a punishment (e.g. for losing a contest or arriving late)


see styles
(slang) drunk tank; cell for holding drunks



see styles
tǎng shī
    tang3 shi1
t`ang shih
    tang shih
(deprecatory) to lie motionless (asleep, drunk, lazing etc)

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In Wine there is Truth Scroll
In Wine there is Truth Scroll
In Wine there is Truth Scroll
In Wine there is Truth Scroll

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