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Chi in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Life Energy / Spiritual Energy

  2. Scarlet / Red / Crimson

  3. Scops Owl / Black Kite

  4. Wisdom

  5. Sanchi / Yamaji

  6. Wisdom / Intelligence

  7. Uechi-Ryū

  8. Once in a Lifetime

  9. Sumptuous Debauchery

10. The Big Dipper / Ursa Major

Life Energy / Spiritual Energy

Chi Energy: Essence of Life / Energy Flow
Life Energy / Spiritual Energy Vertical Wall Scroll

This energy flow is a fundamental concept of traditional Asian culture.

氣 is romanized as "Qi" or "Chi" in Chinese, "Gi" in Korean, and "Ki" in Japanese.
Chi is believed to be part of everything that exists, as in "life force" or "spiritual energy". It is most often translated as "energy flow", or literally as "air" or "breath". Some people will simply translate this as "spirit" but you have to take into consideration the kind of spirit we're talking about. I think this is weighted more toward energy than spirit.

The character itself is a representation of steam (or breath) rising from rice. To clarify, the character for rice looks like this: 米
Steam was apparently seen as visual evidence of the release of "life energy" when this concept was first developed. The Qi / Chi / Ki character is still used in compound words to mean steam or vapor.
The etymology of this character is a bit complicated. It's suggested that the first form of this character from bronze script (about 2500 years ago) looked like these samples: 氣氣
However, it was easy to confuse this with the character for the number three. So the rice radical was added by 221 B.C. (the exact time of this change is debated). This first version with the rice radical looks like this: 氣
The idea of Qi / Chi / Ki is really a philosophical concept. It's often used to refer to the "flow" of metaphysical energy that sustains living beings. Yet there is much debate that has continued for thousands of years as to whether Qi / Chi / Ki is pure energy, or consists partially, or fully of matter.

You can also see the character for Qi / Chi / Ki in common compound words such as Tai Chi / Tai Qi, Aikido, Reiki and Qi Gong / Chi Kung.

In the modern Japanese Kanji, the rice radical has been changed into two strokes that form an X.

気 The original and traditional Chinese form is still understood in Japanese but we can also offer that modern Kanji form in our custom calligraphy. If you want this Japanese Kanji, please click on the character to the right, instead of the “Select and Customize” button above.

More language notes: This is pronounced like “chee” in Mandarin Chinese, and like “key” in Japanese.
This is also the same way to write this in Korean Hanja where it is Romanized as “gi” and pronounced like “gee” but with a real G-sound, not a J-sound.
Though Vietnamese no longer use Chinese characters in their daily language, this character is still widely known in Vietnam.

See Also:  Energy | Life Force | Vitality | Life | Birth | Soul

Scarlet / Red / Crimson

Scarlet / Red / Crimson Vertical Wall Scroll

赤 can represent the color scarlet, red, or crimson.

In some special contexts, it can also mean naked, whole, total, perfect, obvious, or the Japanese surname, Sekizaki.

Scops Owl / Black Kite

tonbi / tobi
Scops Owl / Black Kite Vertical Wall Scroll

In Chinese, this is the Scops Owl. In Japanese, this is the black kite (Milvus migrans).

Colloquially in Japanese, this can refer to a construction worker who walks on or erects scaffolding. It can also be a firefighter up high on a ladder or building.


chi / tomo
Wisdom Vertical Wall Scroll

智 is the simplest way to write wisdom in Chinese, Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji.

Being a single character, the wisdom meaning is open to interpretation, and can also mean intellect, knowledge or reason, resourcefulness, or wit.

智 is also one of the five tenets of Confucius.

智 is sometimes included in the Bushido code but usually not considered part of the seven key concepts of the code.

See our Wisdom in Chinese, Japanese and Korean page for more wisdom-related calligraphy.

See Also:  Learn From Wisdom | Confucius

Sanchi / Yamaji

shān dì
san chi / yama ji
Sanchi / Yamaji Vertical Wall Scroll

山地 means mountainous region, hilly area, or hilly country in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

山地 is also a Japanese surname that romanizes as Yamaji or Sanchi.

Note: This is not the only Japanese name that romanizes as Yamaji or Sanchi. Make sure this is the right one before you order.

Wisdom / Intelligence

Wisdom / Intelligence Vertical Wall Scroll

This Japanese word means wisdom; wit; sagacity; sense; intelligence.

In Buddhist context, this is prajna (insight leading to enlightenment).

This can also be the Japanese female given name Norie.


ue chi ryuu
Uechi-Ryū Vertical Wall Scroll

上地流 or Uechi-Ryū is the short name for a traditional style of Okinawan karate.

Uechi-Ryū is named after it's creator, Kanbun Uechi. Uechi was an Okinawan man who left at the age of 19 for China to study Chinese martial arts and medicine.

The meaning of this title is "Uechi Flow", "Uechi Style" or "Uechi School". Although, the name 上地 or Uechi can mean "higher stages of practice" in the Buddhist context. Therefore, you can stretch the meaning to be "Higher-Stages-of-Practice Style".

Once in a Lifetime

yī qī yī huì
Once in a Lifetime Vertical Wall Scroll

This Japanese title can be translated as "for this time only", "chance meeting", "one meeting, one opportunity", "never again", or "one chance in a lifetime".

The characters literally mean "one time one meeting" - of course, the Kanji characters have meaning far beyond a direct translation like this.

Some might use this proverb to talk of an opportunity that presents itself just once in your life. It could also be the single chance-meeting with your true soul mate. Basically an expression for any event that might happen once in a lifetime.

This is primarily a Japanese title, however, there is also a Traditional Chinese (and old Korean) version of this proverb. Just the last character is different.
會The traditional form was used in Japan before WWII and in Korea prior to 1900. This title is somewhat known in China.

If you want the older traditional form, just click on the character to the right.

Sumptuous Debauchery

jiǔ chí ròu lín
shu chi niku rin
Sumptuous Debauchery Vertical Wall Scroll

酒池肉林 is a Chinese idiom that is also somewhat known in Japanese and Korean.

酒池肉林 literally means, "lakes of wine and forests of meat".

Figuratively, it refers to debauchery, sumptuous entertainment, a sumptuous feast, or any kind of ridiculously-lavish spread of food and wine.

The Big Dipper / Ursa Major

běi dǒu qī xīng
hoku to shichi sei
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll

北斗七星 is a Chinese, Japanese Kanji and old Korean Hanja title for Ursa Major, The Big Dipper, or The Great She-Bear.

You will also see the shorter title of 北斗星 and sometimes just 斗 is used to refer to the dipper when the astrological context is established.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Life Energy
Spiritual Energy

气 / 気
kiqì / qi4 / qich`i / chi
akachì / chi4 / chich`ih / chih
Scops Owl
Black Kite

tonbi / tobichī / chi1 / chich`ih / chih
Wisdomchi / tomozhì / zhi4 / zhichih
山地san chi / yama ji
sanchi / yamaji
shān dì / shan1 di4 / shan di / shandishan ti / shanti
Uechi-Ryū上地流ue chi ryuu
ue chi ryu
Once in a Lifetime一期一會
ichigoichieyī qī yī huì
yi1 qi1 yi1 hui4
yi qi yi hui
i ch`i i hui
i chi i hui
Sumptuous Debauchery酒池肉林shu chi niku rin
jiǔ chí ròu lín
jiu3 chi2 rou4 lin2
jiu chi rou lin
chiu ch`ih jou lin
chiu chih jou lin
The Big Dipper
Ursa Major
北斗七星hoku to shichi sei
běi dǒu qī xīng
bei3 dou3 qi1 xing1
bei dou qi xing
pei tou ch`i hsing
pei tou chi hsing
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your chi search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
/ qi1
ch`i / chi
 chii / chi / チー
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
seven; 7
(numeric) seven (chi: qī); (female given name) Nano
sapta, seven.

see styles
/ qi2
ch`i / chi
 go / ご
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
chess; chess-like game; a game of chess; CL:盤|盘[pan2]; chess piece; CL:個|个[ge4],顆|颗[ke1]
go (board game of capturing territory)

see styles
/ qi4
ch`i / chi
 ki / き
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
gas; air; smell; weather; to make angry; to annoy; to get angry; vital energy; qi
(out-dated kanji) (1) spirit; mind; heart; (2) nature; disposition; (3) motivation; intention; (4) mood; feelings; (5) ambience; atmosphere; mood

see styles
chì / chi4
ch`ih / chih
 shaku / せきざき
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
red; scarlet; bare; naked
(1) red; crimson; scarlet; (2) red-containing colour (e.g. brown, pink, orange); (3) (colloquialism) Red (i.e. communist); (4) (abbreviation) red light; (5) (abbreviation) red ink (i.e. in finance or proof-reading); (in) the red; (adj-no,n-pref) (6) complete; total; perfect; obvious; (7) copper; (surname) Sekizaki
kaṣāya 袈沙野, red, hot; south; naked.

see styles
chī / chi1
ch`ih / chih
 tonbi / とんび    tobi / とび
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
scops owl
(1) (kana only) black kite (Milvus migrans); (2) (abbreviation) Inverness cape; (1) (kana only) black kite (Milvus migrans); (2) (abbreviation) construction worker; scaffold erector; firefighter

see styles
/ qi2
ch`i / chi
 hitoshi / ひとし
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
neat; even; level with; identical; simultaneous; all together; to even something out
Qi (kingdom in China during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Period of the Warring States); Ch'i; (male given name) Hitoshi
Even, level, equal, uniform; complete, perfect; equalize; tranquillize; alike; all; at the same time, altogether; to adjust


see styles
qī yuè / qi1 yue4
ch`i yüeh / chi yüeh
 natsuki / なつき
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
July; seventh month (of the lunar year)
(adverbial noun) July; (female given name) Natsuki



see styles
qǐ sǎ / qi3 sa3
ch`i sa / chi sa
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
乞察; 乞叉; 吃灑; 葛叉; 差; 叉; 刹; kṣaya, used in the sense of omega, implying finality, or nirvāṇa.


see styles
qǐ wàng / qi3 wang4
ch`i wang / chi wang
 kibou / kibo / きぼう
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
hope; to hope; to look forward to
(noun/participle) (obsolete) making a plan and anticipating its fruition



see styles
qǐ é / qi3 e2
ch`i o / chi o
 kiga / きが
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
(obscure) (See ペンギン) penguin



see styles
yǒng qì / yong3 qi4
yung ch`i / yung chi
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
courage; valor


see styles
shí qī / shi2 qi1
shih ch`i / shih chi
 tona / とな
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
seventeen; 17
17; seventeen; (surname) Tona



see styles
qǐ fā / qi3 fa1
ch`i fa / chi fa
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
to enlighten; to explain (a text etc); to stimulate (a mental attitude); enlightenment; revelation; motivation



see styles
qǐ shì / qi3 shi4
ch`i shih / chi shih
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
to reveal; to enlighten; enlightenment; revelation; illumination; moral (of a story etc); lesson



see styles
qǐ méng / qi3 meng2
ch`i meng / chi meng
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
to instruct the young; to initiate; to awake sb from ignorance; to free sb from prejudice or superstition; primer; enlightened; the Enlightenment; Western learning from the late Qing dynasty



see styles
qǐ dí / qi3 di2
ch`i ti / chi ti
to edify; enlightenment



see styles
wéi qí / wei2 qi2
wei ch`i / wei chi
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
the game of Go



see styles
qí jì / qi2 ji4
ch`i chi / chi chi
 kiseki / きせき
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
miracle; miraculous; wonder; marvel
(noun - becomes adjective with の) miracle; wonder; marvel; (female given name) Kiseki


see styles
hào qí / hao4 qi2
hao ch`i / hao chi
 kouki / koki / こうき
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
inquisitive; curious; inquisitiveness; curiosity
inquisitiveness; (surname) Kouki


see styles
chuān qí / chuan1 qi2
ch`uan ch`i / chuan chi
 kawasaki / かわさき
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
Kawasaki (name)
Kawasaki (city); (surname) Yamazaki



see styles
lián chǐ / lian2 chi3
lien ch`ih / lien chih
 renchi / れんち
honor and shame; sense of honor
sense of honour (honor)


see styles
chí jiǔ / chi2 jiu3
ch`ih chiu / chih chiu
 jikyuu / jikyu / じきゅう
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
lasting; enduring; persistent; permanent; protracted; endurance; persistence; to last long
(noun/participle) endurance; persistence; (place-name) Jikyuu


see styles
gǒu qǐ / gou3 qi3
kou ch`i / kou chi
 kuko;kuko / くこ;クコ
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
wolfberry (Lycium chinense); genus Lycium
(kana only) Chinese matrimony vine (Lycium chinense); Chinese wolfberry; goji; (surname) Kuko
a kind of tree



see styles
qì lì / qi4 li4
ch`i li / chi li
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
strength; energy; vigor; talent



see styles
qì gōng / qi4 gong1
ch`i kung / chi kung
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
qigong, a system of deep breathing exercises



see styles
qì pò / qi4 po4
ch`i p`o / chi po
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
spirit; boldness; positive outlook; imposing attitude



see styles
yìng qì / ying4 qi4
ying ch`i / ying chi
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
firm; unyielding; strong-willed



see styles
qí dǎo / qi2 dao3
ch`i tao / chi tao
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
to pray; to say one's prayers; prayer
祈念; 祈請 To pray, beg, implore, invite; to pray



see styles
kōng qì / kong1 qi4
k`ung ch`i / kung chi
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
air; atmosphere


see styles
mǐ qí / mi3 qi2
mi ch`i / mi chi
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
Mickey or Mitch (name)

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The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll
The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Vertical Wall Scroll

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