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Amaterasu Oomikami

amaterasu oomikami
Amaterasu Oomikami Scroll

天照大神 is the Japanese Shinto deity often referred to as the Sun Goddess.

The full name is often romanized as Amaterasu Oomikami/Omikami.
Sometimes also written as 天照大御神 (just the addition of 御 near the end) or 天照皇大神 (with 皇 added in the middle).

Deities / Gods

shén míng
jin myou
Deities / Gods Scroll

In Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja, this title refers to deities or gods (can be the singular or plural form).

Depending on the context, this could also mean "divine".

Specifically, in Japanese, this can refer to Amaterasu (as an enshrined deity).

In some Buddhist context, this also means deity but can also refer to "intelligence" (as in all-knowing).

Sun Goddess

tiān zhào huáng dà shén
Sun Goddess Scroll

天照皇大神 is the title for Sun Goddess or Amaterasu Oomikami in Japanese.

Rare Chinese Buddhists/Shitoists may be familiar with this (so I have included the Chinese pronunciation above) however, this should generally be considered a specifically-Japanese title.

Besides Amaterasuoomikami, this can also be pronounced/romanized as Tenshoukoudaijin. There are several similar ways to write Sun Goddess in Japanese, so don't be surprised if you see different forms on the web, etc.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Amaterasu Oomikami天照大神amaterasu oomikami
amaterasu omikami
神明jin myou / jinmyou / jin myo / jinmyoshén míng
shen2 ming2
shen ming
Sun Goddess天照皇大神amaterasuoomikami
tiān zhào huáng dà shén
tian1 zhao4 huang2 da4 shen2
tian zhao huang da shen
t`ien chao huang ta shen
tien chao huang ta shen

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
shén míng / shen2 ming2
shen ming
 shinmei / shinme / しんめい
Sun Goddess Scroll
deities; gods
(1) deity; god; (2) (See 天照大神) Amaterasu (as an enshrined deity); (surname) Jinmei
The spirits of heaven and earth, the gods; also the intelligent or spiritual nature; intelligence


see styles
 amaterasuoomikami / あまてらすおおみかみ
Sun Goddess Scroll
Sun Goddess; Amaterasu Oomikami; (person) Amaterasu Oomikami


see styles
 tenshoukoudaijin / tenshokodaijin / てんしょうこうだいじん    amaterasuoomikami / あまてらすおおみかみ
Sun Goddess Scroll
Sun Goddess; Amaterasu Oomikami


see styles
 hirume / ひるめ (archaism) Sun Goddess; Amaterasu Oomikami; (female given name) Hirume


see styles
 hirume / ひるめ (archaism) Sun Goddess; Amaterasu Oomikami


see styles
 mihashiranouzunomiko / mihashiranozunomiko / みはしらのうずのみこ (See 三柱の神) the three main Shinto gods: Amaterasu Omikami, Tsukuyomi no Mikoto and Susano-o no Mikoto; three precious children; (female given name) Mikiko


see styles
 sumemima / すめみま (1) (archaism) grandchild of Amaterasu (i.e. Ninigi no Mikoto); (2) descendant of Amaterasu; person of imperial lineage; emperor


see styles
 shinmeisha / shinmesha / しんめいしゃ (post-Heian) shrine dedicated to Amaterasu; (place-name) Shinmeisha


see styles
 mihashiranokami / みはしらのかみ {Shinto} the three main gods: Amaterasu Omikami, Tsukuyomi no Mikoto and Susano-o no Mikoto; three precious children


see styles
 oohirumenomuchi / おおひるめのむち (See 天照大神) Sun Goddess; Amaterasu Ōmikami


see styles
 niniginomikoto / ににぎのみこと Ninigi no Mikoto (Japanese deity, grandson of Amaterasu)


see styles
 niniginomikoto / ににぎのみこと Ninigi no Mikoto (Japanese deity, grandson of Amaterasu)


see styles
 niniginomikoto / ににぎのみこと Ninigi no Mikoto (Japanese deity, grandson of Amaterasu)


see styles
 amaterasuoomikami / あまてらすおおみかみ Sun Goddess; Amaterasu Oomikami; (person) Amaterasu Oomikami


see styles
 tsukuyominomikoto / つくよみのみこと Moon God; Tsukuyomi no Mikoto; brother of Amaterasu


see styles
 oohirumenomuchi / おおひるめのむち Sun Goddess; Amaterasu Oomikami


see styles
 hirume / ひるめ (archaism) (See 天照大神) Sun Goddess; Amaterasu Ōmikami


see styles
 sumemima / すめみま (1) (archaism) grandchild of Amaterasu (i.e. Ninigi no Mikoto); (2) descendant of Amaterasu; person of imperial lineage; emperor


see styles
 susanoonomikoto;susanoonomikoto;susanoonomikoto / すさのおのみこと;スサノオノミコト;スサノヲノミコト {Shinto} Susanoo-no-Mikoto (deity, younger brother to Amaterasu)


see styles
 niniginomikoto / ににぎのみこと Ninigi no Mikoto (Japanese deity, grandson of Amaterasu)


see styles
 amaterasuoomikami;tenshoukoudaijin(天照皇大神) / amaterasuoomikami;tenshokodaijin(天照皇大神) / あまてらすおおみかみ;てんしょうこうだいじん(天照皇大神) Sun Goddess; Amaterasu Ōmikami


see styles
 susanoo;susanoo;susanoo;susanoo / スサノオ;スサノヲ;すさのお;すさのを {Shinto} (See 須佐之男命) Susanoo (deity, younger brother to Amaterasu); Susanoo-no-Mikoto

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