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日光 in Chinese / Japanese...

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Sunshine / Sunlight

rì guāng
Sunshine / Sunlight Vertical Wall Scroll

日光 is the Japanese Kanji word for sunshine or sunlight.

This can also be the Japanese female given name Himi.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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rì guāng / ri4 guang1
jih kuang
 Nikkō / にっこう
Sunshine / Sunlight Vertical Wall Scroll
sunlight; sunshine; sunbeams; (female given name) Himi
(日光菩薩); 蘇利也波羅皮遮那 Sūrya-prabhāsana. Sunlight, and 月光 (月光菩薩) Moonlight, name of two Bodhisattva assistants of 藥師 the Master of Healing; Sunlight is the ninth in the Dizang Court of the Garbhadhātu group; sunlight


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 okunikkou / okunikko / おくにっこう (place-name) Okunikkou


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 nikkouuchi / nikkouchi / にっこううち (place-name) Nikkouuchi


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 nikkouku / nikkoku / にっこうく (place-name) Nikkouku



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rì guāng chén / ri4 guang1 chen2
jih kuang ch`en / jih kuang chen
motes in a sunbeam


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 nikkouji / nikkoji / にっこうじ (place-name) Nikkouji


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 nikkouyama / nikkoyama / にっこうやま (place-name) Nikkouyama


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 nikkougawa / nikkogawa / にっこうがわ (personal name) Nikkougawa


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 nikkoushi / nikkoshi / にっこうし (place-name) Nikkou (city)


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 nikkouzawa / nikkozawa / にっこうざわ (place-name) Nikkouzawa


see styles
rì guāng yù / ri4 guang1 yu4
jih kuang yü
 nikkouyoku / nikkoyoku / にっこうよく
(noun/participle) sunbathing



see styles
rì guāng dēng / ri4 guang1 deng1
jih kuang teng
fluorescent light


see styles
 nikkouchou / nikkocho / にっこうちょう (place-name) Nikkouchō


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 nikkousen / nikkosen / にっこうせん (personal name) Nikkousen


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 nikkoueki / nikkoeki / にっこうえき (st) Nikkou Station


see styles
dù sù rì guāng / du4 su4 ri4 guang1
tu su jih kuang
 doshuku nikkō


see styles
 nikkouoohashi / nikkooohashi / にっこうおおはし (place-name) Nikkouoohashi


see styles
 nikkoujitsutsumi / nikkojitsutsumi / にっこうじつつみ (place-name) Nikkoujitsutsumi


see styles
rì guāng yù shì / ri4 guang1 yu4 shi4
jih kuang yü shih
sun room; solarium


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 nikkoujinja / nikkojinja / にっこうじんじゃ (place-name) Nikkou Shrine



see styles
rì guāng pú sà / ri4 guang1 pu2 sa4
jih kuang p`u sa / jih kuang pu sa
 Nikkō Bosatsu / にっこうぼさつ
{Buddh} Suryaprabha (bodhisattva)


see styles
 nikkoukaidou / nikkokaido / にっこうかいどう (place-name) Nikkoukaidou


see styles
 nikkoukisuge;nikkoukisuge / nikkokisuge;nikkokisuge / にっこうきすげ;ニッコウキスゲ (kana only) day lily (Hemerocallis dumortierii); orange-yellow day lily; Nikko day lily


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 chokushanikkou / chokushanikko / ちょくしゃにっこう direct sunlight; direct rays of the sun


see styles
 maenikkoubokujou / maenikkobokujo / まえにっこうぼくじょう (place-name) Maenikkoubokujou


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 okunikkouyumoto / okunikkoyumoto / おくにっこうゆもと (place-name) Okunikkouyumoto


see styles
 shinnikkouoohashi / shinnikkooohashi / しんにっこうおおはし (place-name) Shinnikkouoohashi


see styles
 nikkounarabu / nikkonarabu / にっこうならぶ (place-name) Nikkounarabu


see styles
 nikkougawakouen / nikkogawakoen / にっこうがわこうえん (place-name) Nikkougawa Park


see styles
 nikkougawaoohashi / nikkogawaoohashi / にっこうがわおおはし (place-name) Nikkougawaoohashi

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
日光nikkou / nikorì guāng / ri4 guang1 / ri guang / riguangjih kuang / jihkuang

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