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因果 in Chinese / Japanese...

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Karma - Cause and Effect

China yīn guǒ
Japan inga
Karma - Cause and Effect Vertical Wall Scroll

因果 is a label that is used inside and outside of the Buddhist faith to speak of Karma.

Along with the meaning of Karma, this word can be translated as "retribution" or "chain of cause and effect."

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Everything Happens for a Reason

China wàn shì jiē yīn guǒ
Everything Happens for a Reason Vertical Wall Scroll

The first two characters mean "all things" or "everything."

The middle character kind of means, "in all cases."

The last two characters create a complex word that can be defined many ways such as, "karma," "cause and effect," "fate," "every cause has its effect, as every effect arises from a cause."

Keep in mind, Chinese grammar is a bit different than English, so trust me that this makes a natural proverb that means, "Everything happens for a reason" in Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin yīn guǒ / yin1 guo3
Taiwan yin kuo
Japanese inga / いんが
Everything Happens for a Reason Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese karma; cause and effect
Japanese (adj-na,n,adj-no) cause and effect; karma; fate
Cause and effect; every cause has its effect, as every effect arises from a cause; to cause and effect


see styles
Japanese ingaritsu / いんがりつ Japanese law of cause and effect; principle of causality


see styles
Mandarin yīn guǒ xìng / yin1 guo3 xing4
Taiwan yin kuo hsing
Japanese ingasei / ingase / いんがせい
Japanese causality



see styles
Mandarin yīn guǒ jīng / yin1 guo3 jing1
Taiwan yin kuo ching
Japanese Inga kyō
Scripture on Causes and Effects


see styles
Japanese ingamono / いんがもの Japanese unlucky person



see styles
Mandarin wú yīn guǒ / wu2 yin1 guo3
Taiwan wu yin kuo
Japanese mu inka
no [law of] cause and effect



see styles
Mandarin guān yīn guǒ / guan1 yin1 guo3
Taiwan kuan yin kuo
Japanese kan inga
to scrutinize cause and effect


see styles
Mandarin sān shì yīn guǒ / san1 shi4 yin1 guo3
Taiwan san shih yin kuo
Japanese sanzeinga / sanzenga / さんぜいんが
Japanese (yoji) {Buddh} retribution spanning the three temporal worlds (present, past, future)
causality spanning the three periods


see styles
Mandarin bù mèi yīn guǒ / bu4 mei4 yin1 guo3
Taiwan pu mei yin kuo
Japanese fumai inga
not ignoring the law of cause and effect


see styles
Mandarin bù luò yīn guǒ / bu4 luo4 yin1 guo3
Taiwan pu lo yin kuo
Japanese furaku inga
not falling under the law of cause and effect



see styles
Mandarin shì jiān yīn guǒ / shi4 jian1 yin1 guo3
Taiwan shih chien yin kuo
Japanese seken inga
mundane causation



see styles
Mandarin èr zhǒng / er4 zhong3
Taiwan erh chung
Japanese nishuinka
Two aspects of cause and effect, a division of the 四諦 "four noble truths" (a) 世間因果 in the present life, the 苦諦 being the effect, and the 集諦 the cause; (b) 出世間因果 in the future life, the 滅諦, extinction (of passion, or mortality) being the fruit, and the 道諦 the " eightfold noble path " the cause.



see styles
Mandarin hù wéi yīn guǒ / hu4 wei2 yin1 guo3
Taiwan hu wei yin kuo
Chinese mutually related karma (idiom); fates are intertwined; interdependent


see styles
Mandarin wǔ zhōu / wu3 zhou1
Taiwan wu chou
Japanese goshū inka
The five circuits or areas of cause and effect, i. e. the five main subjects of the Huayan sutra; five circuits of cause and effect


see styles
Japanese ingainnen / いんがいんねん Japanese (yoji) cause and effect; karma; retribution; an evil cause producing an evil effect



see styles
Mandarin yīn guǒ chā bié / yin1 guo3 cha1 bie2
Taiwan yin kuo ch`a pieh / yin kuo cha pieh
Japanese inga no shabetsu
distinctions of cause and effect


see styles
Japanese ingaouhou / ingaoho / いんがおうほう Japanese (yoji) retribution; retributive justice; karma; just deserts; poetic justice; reward and punishment for one's past behavior



see styles
Mandarin yīng bào / ying1 bao4
Taiwan ying pao
Japanese inga ōhō
Cause and effect in the moral realm have their corresponding relations, the denial of which destroys all moral responsibility; to causes and effects are concomitant in their retribution



see styles
Mandarin yīn guǒ bō wú / yin1 guo3 bo1 wu2
Taiwan yin kuo po wu
Japanese inga hatsumu
to deny the law of cause and effect


see styles
Mandarin yīn guǒ bǐ liáng / yin1 guo3 bi3 liang2
Taiwan yin kuo pi liang
Japanese inka hiryō
inference from cause and effect


see styles
Japanese ingahousoku / ingahosoku / いんがほうそく Japanese law of causality



see styles
Mandarin yīn guǒ xiāng xù / yin1 guo3 xiang1 xu4
Taiwan yin kuo hsiang hsü
Japanese inka sōzoku
the stream; continuity of cause and result


see styles
Japanese ingatekimen / いんがてきめん Japanese (yoji) the swiftness of retributive justice


see styles
Japanese ingakankei / ingakanke / いんがかんけい Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (yoji) consequence; causal relationship; nexus



see styles
Mandarin bō wú / bo1 wu2
Taiwan po wu
Japanese batsumu inga
To dispense with, or deny the law of karma, one of the five heresies; to deny the law of cause and effect



see styles
Mandarin wú biān yīn guǒ / wu2 bian1 yin1 guo3
Taiwan wu pien yin kuo
Japanese muhen inga
unlimited causes and effects



see styles
Mandarin yì shóu yīn guǒ / yi4 shou2 yin1 guo3
Taiwan i shou yin kuo
Japanese ijuku inka
ripening of causes into effects



see styles
Mandarin zì lèi / zi4 lei4
Taiwan tzu lei
Japanese jirui inka
Cause and effect of the same order; to cause and effect of the same type


see styles
Mandarin mí wù / mi2 wu4
Taiwan mi wu
Japanese meigo inga
In the four axioms, that of 'accumulation' is caused by illusion, with suffering as effect; that of 'the way' is caused by enlightenment, with extinction (of suffering) as effect; delusion; awakening, cause; effect



see styles
Mandarin chū shì jiān yīn guǒ / chu1 shi4 jian1 yin1 guo3
Taiwan ch`u shih chien yin kuo / chu shih chien yin kuo
Japanese shusseken inga
supramundane causation

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Karma - Cause and Effect因果ingayīn guǒ / yin1 guo3 / yin guo / yinguoyin kuo / yinkuo
Everything Happens for a Reason萬事皆因果
wàn shì jiē yīn guǒ
wan4 shi4 jie1 yin1 guo3
wan shi jie yin guo
wan shih chieh yin kuo
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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