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xiōng dì
kyou dai
Brothers Scroll

兄弟 is a Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja title for brothers.

Some notes: It's kind of an uncommon title for a wall scroll.
In Chinese, this is usually understood as brothers. In Japanese, it can extend to mean "brothers and sisters" or siblings.

Blood Brothers

xuè xiōng dì
chi kyou dai
Blood Brothers Scroll

血兄弟 means "Blood Brothers" in Chinese and Japanese.

Brothers and Sisters

go kyou dai
Brothers and Sisters Scroll

御兄弟 is a Japanese honorific title for brothers and sisters or siblings.

Please note: It's kind of an uncommon title for a wall scroll.


University Brotherhood / House
xiōng dì huì
Fraternity Scroll

兄弟會 is the word in Chinese for a college fraternity or some other kind of fraternal order.

Literally, these characters mean "Elder brother younger brother association". The last character can also be translated as a group, union, gathering, assembly, meeting, or conference.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Brothers兄弟kyou dai / kyoudai / kyo dai / kyodaixiōng dì / xiong1 di4 / xiong di / xiongdihsiung ti / hsiungti
Blood Brothers血兄弟chi kyou dai
chi kyo dai
xuè xiōng dì
xue4 xiong1 di4
xue xiong di
hsüeh hsiung ti
Brothers and Sisters御兄弟go kyou dai
go kyo dai
xiōng dì huì
xiong1 di4 hui4
xiong di hui
hsiung ti hui
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
xiōng dì / xiong1 di4
hsiung ti
 kyoudai(p);keitei / kyodai(p);kete / きょうだい(P);けいてい
Fraternity Scroll
brothers; younger brother; CL:個|个[ge4]; I, me (humble term used by men in public speech); brotherly; fraternal
(1) (See ご兄弟) siblings; brothers and sisters; (2) brothers; (3) siblings-in-law; brothers-in-law; sisters-in-law; (4) (familiar language) (masculine speech) mate; friend; (personal name) Kyoudai
Elder and younger brothers; brother, brethren, i. e. members of the fraternity.



see styles
xiōng dì huì / xiong1 di4 hui4
hsiung ti hui
Fraternity Scroll


see styles
 gokyoudai / gokyodai / ごきょうだい
Fraternity Scroll
(honorific or respectful language) siblings; brothers and sisters


see styles
 gokyoudai / gokyodai / ごきょうだい (honorific or respectful language) siblings; brothers and sisters


see styles
 chikyoudai / chikyodai / ちきょうだい foster sibling; foster brother; foster sister


see styles
 kyoudaibun / kyodaibun / きょうだいぶん buddy; pal; sworn brother


see styles
 kyoudaibori / kyodaibori / きょうだいぼり (place-name) Kyoudaibori


see styles
 anideshi / あにでし (See 弟弟子) senior pupil (of the same master); senior disciple; senior student; senior member


see styles
 otodoyama / おとどやま (place-name) Otodoyama


see styles
 kyoudaiiwa / kyodaiwa / きょうだいいわ (place-name) Kyoudaiiwa


see styles
 kyoudaijima / kyodaijima / きょうだいじま (place-name) Kyoudaijima


see styles
 kyoudaiai / kyodaiai / きょうだいあい brotherly love; fraternal love


see styles
 itoji / いとじ (given name) Itoji


see styles
 kyoudaize / kyodaize / きょうだいぜ (place-name) Kyoudaize


see styles
táng xiōng dì / tang2 xiong1 di4
t`ang hsiung ti / tang hsiung ti
father's brother's sons; paternal male cousin


see styles
 onnakyoudai / onnakyodai / おんなきょうだい sisters; female siblings



see styles
shī xīng dì / shi1 xing1 di4
shih hsing ti
 shi kyōdai
fellow apprentices; fellow students (male)
brother (tonsure) disciples


see styles
 itoko(p);juukeitei / itoko(p);jukete / いとこ(P);じゅうけいてい (kana only) (See 従姉妹) cousin (masculine speech)


see styles
bǎ xiōng dì / ba3 xiong1 di4
pa hsiung ti
sworn brothers


see styles
fǎ xiōng dì / fa3 xiong1 di4
fa hsiung ti
 hō kyōdai
brother dharma disciples


see styles
 otokokyoudai / otokokyodai / おとこきょうだい brothers; male siblings


see styles
méng xiōng dì / meng2 xiong1 di4
meng hsiung ti
sworn brother


see styles
 anakyoudai / anakyodai / あなきょうだい (vulgar) (slang) (See 竿姉妹) men who have had sex with the same woman; hole brothers


see styles
 gikyoudai / gikyodai / ぎきょうだい brother-in-law; stepbrother; sworn brother


see styles
biǎo xiōng dì / biao3 xiong1 di4
piao hsiung ti
male cousins via female line


see styles
 oyakyoudai / oyakyodai / おやきょうだい parents and siblings; one's relatives


see styles
 miitoko / mitoko / みいとこ (kana only) third cousin


see styles
 futaitoko / ふたいとこ (kana only) second cousin


see styles
 kyoudaigaisha / kyodaigaisha / きょうだいがいしゃ affiliated company; sister company


see styles
 kyoudaigenka / kyodaigenka / きょうだいげんか (noun/participle) quarrel between brothers

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