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sān mèi
san mai
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三昧 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja way to write Samādhi.

Samadhi is the state of intense concentration achieved through meditation.

Some will define Samādhi as putting together, composing the mind, intent contemplation, perfect absorption, or union of the meditator with the object of meditation.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Samadhi三昧san mai / sanmaisān mèi / san1 mei4 / san mei / sanmei

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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sān mèi / san1 mei4
san mei
 sanmai;zanmai / さんまい;ざんまい
Samadhi Vertical Wall Scroll
Samadhi (Buddhist term)
(1) (さんまい only) {Buddh} samadhi (state of intense concentration achieved through meditation) (san:); (suffix noun) (2) (usu. ざんまい) being immersed in; being absorbed in; indulging in; doing to one's heart's content; (3) (usu. ざんまい) prone to; apt to; (given name) Sanmai
(三昧地) Samādhi, "putting together, composing the mind, intent contemplation, perfect absorption, union of the meditator with the object of meditation." (M. W.) Also 三摩地 (三摩提, 三摩帝, 三摩底). Interpreted by 定 or 正定, the mind fixed and undisturbed; by 正受 correct sensation of the object contemplated; by 調直定 ordering and fixing the mind; by 正心行處 the condition when the motions of the mind are steadied and harmonized with the object; by 息慮凝心 the cessation of distraction and the fixation of the mind; by 等持 the mind held in equilibrium; by 奢摩他, i.e. 止息 to stay the breathing. It is described as concentration of the mind (upon an object). The aim is 解脫, mukti, deliverance from all the trammels of life, the bondage of the passions and reincarnations. It may pass from abstraction to ecstasy, or rapture, or trance. Dhyāna 定 represents a simpler form of contemplation; samāpatti 三摩鉢底 a stage further advanced; and samādhi the highest stage of the Buddhist equivalent for Yoga, though Yoga is considered by some as a Buddhist development differing from samādhi. The 翻譯名義 says: 思專 when the mind has been concentrated, then 志一不分 the will is undivided; when 想寂 active thought has been put to rest, then 氣虛神朗 the material becomes etherealized and the spirit liberated, on which 智 knowledge, or the power to know, has free course, and there is no mystery into which it cannot probe. Cf. 智度論 5, 20, 23, 28; 止觀 2; 大乘義章 2, 9, 1 3, 20, etc. There are numerous kinds and degrees of samādhi; (Skt. samādhi)


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yī sān mèi / yi1 san1 mei4
i san mei
 ichi zanmai
ekāgra, aikāgrya. Undeflected concentration, meditation on one object; v 一行三昧; one pointed concentration


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sān sān mèi / san1 san1 mei4
san san mei
 san zanmai
(三三昧地) The three samādhis, or the samādhi on three subjects; 三三摩 (三三摩地); 三定, 三等持; 三空; 三治; 三解脫門; 三重三昧; 三重等持. There are two forms of such meditation, that of 有漏 reincarnational, or temporal, called 三三昧; and that of 無 漏 liberation, or nirvāṇa, called 三解脫. The three subjects and objects of the meditation are (1) 空 to empty the mind of the ideas of me and mine and suffering, which are unreal; (2) 無相to get rid of the idea of form, or externals, i.e. the 十相 which are the five senses, and male and female, and the three 有; (3) 無願 to get rid of all wish or desire, also termed無作 and 無起. A more advanced meditation is called the Double Three Samādhi 重三三昧 in which each term is doubled 空空, 無相無相, 無願無願. The esoteric sect has also a group of its own.


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sān mèi fó / san1 mei4 fo2
san mei fo
 Zanmai Butsu
Samādhi Buddha, one of the ten Buddhas mentioned in the 華嚴經.


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 zanmaidou / zanmaido / ざんまいどう (given name) Zanmaidou


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sān mèi dìng / san1 mei4 ding4
san mei ting
 zanmai jō
samādhi, concentration



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sān mèi lè / san1 mei4 le4
san mei le
 zanmai raku
bliss of samādhi


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sān mèi huǒ / san1 mei4 huo3
san mei huo
 zanmai ka
Fire of samādhi, the fire that consumed the body of Buddha when he entered nirvāṇa; samādhi-fire


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sān mèi wáng / san1 mei4 wang2
san mei wang
 zanmai ō
royal samādhi


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 sanmaiden / さんまいでん (place-name) Sanmaiden



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sān mèi jīng / san1 mei4 jing1
san mei ching
 Zanmai kyō


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sān mèi yé / san1 mei4 ye2
san mei yeh
 sanmaiya / さんまや
(1) (Buddhist term) time (san: samaya); (2) (Buddhist term) meeting; coming together; (3) (Buddhist term) equality, warning, or riddance of hindrances (esp. in esoteric Buddhism as vows of the buddhas and bodhisattvas)
samaya is variously defined as 會 coming together, meeting, convention; 時 timely; 宗 in agreement, of the same class; 平等 equal, equalized; 驚覺 aroused, warned; 除垢障 riddance of unclean hindrances. Especially it is used as indicating the vows made by Buddhas and bodhisattvas, hence as a tally, symbol, or emblem of the spiritual quality of a Buddha or bodhisattva; (Skt. samaya)


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 sanmaitani / さんまいたに (place-name) Sanmaitani



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sān mèi mén / san1 mei4 men2
san mei men
 zanmai mon
The different stages of a bodhisattva's samādhi; cf. 智度論 28; samādhi-gate


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sān mèi mó / san1 mei4 mo2
san mei mo
 zanmai ma
samādhi-māra, one of the ten māras, who lurks in the heart and hinders progress in meditation, obstructs the truth and destroys wisdom.


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rù sān mèi / ru4 san1 mei4
ju san mei
 nyū zanmai
to enter samādhi


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huǒ sān mèi / huo3 san1 mei4
huo san mei
 ka zanmai
fire samādhi


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wáng sān mèi / wang2 san1 mei4
wang san mei
 ō zanmai
三昧三昧; 三昧王 The king ofsamādhis, the highest degree ofsamādhi, the 首楞嚴定 q. v. The first is also applied to invoking Buddha, or sitting in meditation or trance; royal samādhi



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chán sān mèi / chan2 san1 mei4
ch`an san mei / chan san mei
 zen zanmai
dhyāna and samādhi, dhyāna considered as 思惟 meditating, samādhi as 定 abstraction; or meditation in the realms of 色 the visible, or known, and concentration on 無色 the invisible, or supramundane; v. 禪定; meditation and concentration


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kōng sān mèi / kong1 san1 mei4
k`ung san mei / kung san mei
 kū zanmai
The samādhi which regards the ego and things as unreal; one of the 三三昧; samādhi of emptiness


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dǐng sān mèi / ding3 san1 mei4
ting san mei
peak samādhi



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fēng sān mèi / feng1 san1 mei4
feng san mei
風奮三昧 A samādhi in which the whole body is conceived of as scattered; wind concentration


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yī xiàng sān mèi / yi1 xiang4 san1 mei4
i hsiang san mei
 ichisō zanmai
A state of samādhi in which are repressed hate and love, accepting and rejecting, etc., and in which the mind reaches an undivided state, being anchored in calm and quiet; meditative absorption of one characteristic


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yī xíng sān mèi / yi1 xing2 san1 mei4
i hsing san mei
 ichigyō zanmai
眞如三昧, 一相三昧 A samādhi for realizing that the nature of all Buddhas is the same; the 起信論 says all Buddhas and all beings. Another meaning is entire concentration of the mind on Buddha; one-practice absorption


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sān sān mèi dì / san1 san1 mei4 di4
san san mei ti
 san zanmaichi
three samādhis


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sān mèi zhī dìng / san1 mei4 zhi1 ding4
san mei chih ting
 zanmai nojō
samādhi, concentration



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sān mèi lè mén / san1 mei4 le4 men2
san mei le men
 zanmai rakumon
approach of indulgence in meditative absorption


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sān mèi zhèng qǔ / san1 mei4 zheng4 qu3
san mei cheng ch`ü / san mei cheng chü
great concentration


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sān mèi zhèng dìng / san1 mei4 zheng4 ding4
san mei cheng ting
 zanmai shōjō
samādhi, right concentration



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sān mèi wáng jīng / san1 mei4 wang2 jing1
san mei wang ching
 Zanmai ō kyō
King of Samādhi Sūtra

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