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Whole Heart

China quán xīn
Japan zenshin
Whole Heart Vertical Wall Scroll

全心 is a short title that means "with heart and soul" or "one's whole heart."

It literally reads, "whole heart" or "complete mind."

The first character means all, whole, entire, or complete.

The second character means heart but can also refer to the mind or soul.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin quán xīn / quan2 xin1
Taiwan ch`üan hsin / chüan hsin
Japanese zenshin / ぜんしん
Whole Heart Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese with heart and soul
Japanese one's whole heart


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Mandarin shàn xīn / shan4 xin1
Taiwan shan hsin
Japanese zenshin / ぜんしん
Whole Heart Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese kindness; benevolence; philanthropy; virtuous intentions
Japanese virtue; moral sense; conscience; (given name) Yoshinaka
A good heart, or mind; good mind


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Mandarin quán shēn / quan2 shen1
Taiwan ch`üan shen / chüan shen
Japanese zenshin / ぜんしん
Chinese whole body; em (typography)
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) whole (body); full-length (e.g. portrait); (can act as adjective) (2) (See 全身性) systemic
whole body


see styles
Japanese zenshin / ぜんしん Japanese preliminary trials


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Mandarin qián xīn / qian2 xin1
Taiwan ch`ien hsin / chien hsin
Japanese zenshin
prior mental state


see styles
Mandarin qián shēn / qian2 shen1
Taiwan ch`ien shen / chien shen
Japanese zenshin / ぜんしん
Chinese forerunner; predecessor; precursor; previous incarnation (Buddhism); jacket front
Japanese antecedents; ancestor; previous position; previous existence; predecessor organization; predecessor organisation
The previous body, or incarnation; former life



see styles
Mandarin qián jìn / qian2 jin4
Taiwan ch`ien chin / chien chin
Japanese zenshin / ぜんしん
Chinese to go forward; to forge ahead; to advance; onward
Japanese (noun/participle) advance; moving forward; progress


see styles
Japanese zenshin / ぜんしん Japanese (See 余震) foreshock


see styles
Mandarin shàn shén / shan4 shen2
Taiwan shan shen
Japanese zenshin / ぜんしん
Japanese (1) (See 正法) good God; good deities; (2) {Buddh} true teachings of Buddha
The good devas, or spirits, who protect Buddhism, 8, 16, or 36 in number; the 8 are also called 善鬼神; good deities


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Mandarin rǎn xīn / ran3 xin1
Taiwan jan hsin
Japanese zenshin
A mind contaminated (with desire, or sexual passion); defiled mind



see styles
Mandarin jiàn jìn / jian4 jin4
Taiwan chien chin
Japanese zenshin / ぜんしん
Chinese progress step by step; gradual progress; to move forward (slowly)
Japanese (noun/participle) gradual progress; steady advance



see styles
Mandarin chán xīn / chan2 xin1
Taiwan ch`an hsin / chan hsin
Japanese zenshin
Chan (Seon, Zen) mind


see styles
Mandarin liù rǎn xīn / liu4 ran3 xin1
Taiwan liu jan hsin
Japanese roku zenshin
The six mental 'taints' of the Awakening of Faith 起心論. Though mind-essence is by nature pure and without stain, the condition of 無明 ignorance, or innocence, permits of taint or defilement corresponding to the following six phases: (1) 執相應染 the taint interrelated to attachment, or holding the seeming for the real; it is the state of 執取相 and 名字相 which is cut off in the final pratyeka and śrāvaka stage and the bodhisattva 十住 of faith; (2) 不斷相應染 the taint interrelated to the persisting attraction of the causes of pain and pleasure; it is the 相續相 finally eradicated in the bodhisattva 初地 stage of purity; (3) 分別智相應染 the taint interrelated to the 'particularizing intelligence' which discerns things within and without this world; it is the first 智相, cut off in the bodhisattva 七地 stage of spirituality; (4) 現色不相應染 the non-interrelated or primary taint, i. e. of the 'ignorant' mind as yet hardly discerning subject from object, of accepting an external world; the third 現相 cut of in the bodhisattva 八地 stage of emancipation from the material; (5) 能見心不相應染 the non-interrelated or primary taint of accepting a perceptive mind, the second 轉相, cut of in the bodhisattva 九地 of intuition, or emancipation from mental effort; (6) 根本業不相應染 the non-interrelated or primary taint of accepting the idea of primal action or activity in the absolute; it is the first 業相, and cut of in the 十地 highest bodhisattva stage, entering on Buddhahood. See Suzuki's translation, 80-1; six kinds of defiled mind



see styles
Mandarin rǎn xīn yì / ran3 xin1 yi4
Taiwan jan hsin i
Japanese zenshin gi
the meaning of defilement


see styles
Mandarin qǐ shàn xīn / qi3 shan4 xin1
Taiwan ch`i shan hsin / chi shan hsin
Japanese ki zenshin
to give rise to wholesome states of mind


see styles
Mandarin quán shēn shè lì / quan2 shen1 she4 li4
Taiwan ch`üan shen she li / chüan shen she li
Japanese zenshin shari
whole-body relic



see styles
Mandarin liù zhǒng rǎn xīn / liu4 zhong3 ran3 xin1
Taiwan liu chung jan hsin
Japanese rokushu zenshin
six kinds of defiled thought



see styles
Mandarin shàn xīn wú jiān / shan4 xin1 wu2 jian1
Taiwan shan hsin wu chien
Japanese zenshin mugen
lack of interruption in wholesome states of mind



see styles
Mandarin rǎn xīn héng shā / ran3 xin1 heng2 sha1
Taiwan jan hsin heng sha
Japanese zenshin gōsha
defilements in the mind as numerous as the sands on the banks of the Ganges


see styles
Mandarin yù jiè shàn xīn / yu4 jie4 shan4 xin1
Taiwan yü chieh shan hsin
Japanese yokukai zenshin
wholesome mental states in the desire realm


see styles
Mandarin shàn xīn yī jìng xìng / shan4 xin1 yi1 jing4 xing4
Taiwan shan hsin i ching hsing
Japanese zenshin ikkyō shō
skillful single-pointedness of mind



see styles
Mandarin yī qiè rú lái xīn mì mì quán shēn shè lì bǎo qiè yìn tuó luó ní jīng / yi1 qie4 ru2 lai2 xin1 mi4 mi4 quan2 shen1 she4 li4 bao3 qie4 yin4 tuo2 luo2 ni2 jing1
Taiwan i ch`ieh ju lai hsin mi mi ch`üan shen she li pao ch`ieh yin t`o lo ni ching / i chieh ju lai hsin mi mi chüan shen she li pao chieh yin to lo ni ching
Japanese Issai nyorai shin himitsu zenshin shari hōkyōin darani kyō
Yiqie rulaixin mimi quanshen sheli baoqieyin tuoluoni jing

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Whole Heart全心zenshinquán xīn / quan2 xin1 / quan xin / quanxinch`üan hsin / chüanhsin / chüan hsin

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