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Thunder Bolt in Chinese / Japanese...

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Bolt of Lightning / Lightning Attack

Japan tokkan
Bolt of Lightning / Lightning Attack Vertical Wall Scroll

This Japanese word can be translated as "lightning attack," "charge," or "rush." Basically it's about a fast run or attack at the speed of lightning.


China shǎn diàn
Lightning Vertical Wall Scroll

閃電 is the title for lightning in Chinese.

The first character means, flash, or to dodge / get out of the way. In this case, it's the "flash" meaning. Sometimes this character can be used to mean lightning by itself.

The second character means electricity.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
Mandarin bù dòng míng wáng / bu4 dong4 ming2 wang2
Taiwan pu tung ming wang
Japanese fudoumyouou / fudomyoo / ふどうみょうおう
Japanese {Buddh} Acala (Wisdom King); Acalanatha; Fudō Myōō (Myō-ō); fierce Buddhist deity; (place-name) Fudoumyouou
不動尊 Aryacalanatha 阿奢羅曩 tr. 不動尊 and 無動尊 and Acalaceta, 阿奢囉逝吒 tr. 不動使者. The mouthpiece or messenger, e. g. the Mercury, of the Buddhas; and the chief of the five Ming Wang. He is regarded as the third person in the Vairocana trinity. He has a fierce mien overawing all evil spirits. He is said to have attained to Buddhahood, but also still to retain his position with Vairocana. He has many descriptive titles, e. g. 無量力神通無動者; 不動忿怒王, etc. Five different verbal signs are given to him. He carries a sharp wisdom-sword, a noose, a thunder-bolt. The colour of his images is various—black, blue, purple. He has a youthful appearance; his hair falls over his left shoulder; he stands or sits on a rock; left eye closed; mouth shut, teeth gripping upper lip, wrinkled forehead, seven locks of hair, full-bodied, A second representation is with four faces and four arms, angry mien, protruding teeth, with fames around him. A third with necklaces. A fourth, red, seated on a rock, fames, trident, etc. There are other forms. He has fourteen distinguishing symbols, and many dharanis associated with the realm of fire, of saving those in distress, and of wisdom. He has two messengers 二童子 Kimkara 矜羯羅 and Cetaka 制吒迦, and, including these, a group of eight messengers 八大童子 each with image, symbol, word-sign, etc. Cf. 不動佛.



see styles
Mandarin qíng tiān pī lì / qing2 tian1 pi1 li4
Taiwan ch`ing t`ien p`i li / ching tien pi li
Chinese thunder from a clear sky (idiom); a bolt from the blue



see styles
Mandarin qīng tiān pī lì / qing1 tian1 pi1 li4
Taiwan ch`ing t`ien p`i li / ching tien pi li
Chinese thunder from a clear sky (idiom); a bolt from the blue



see styles
Mandarin zhuó jiā luō fá là dǐ / zhuo2 jia1 luo1 fa2 la4 di3
Taiwan cho chia lo fa la ti
Japanese shakarabaratei*
遮迦越羅; 轉輪王 Cakravartī-rāja, sovereign ruler, whose chariot wheels roll everywhere without hindrance: the extent of his realm and power are indicated by the quality of the metal, iron, copper, silver, or, for universality, gold. The highest cakravartī uses the wheel or thunder-bolt as a weapon and 'hurls his Tchakra into the midst of his enemies', but the Buddha 'meekly turns the wheel of doctrine and conquers every universe by his teaching'.

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Bolt of Lightning
Lightning Attack
突貫tokkan / tokan
shǎn diàn
shan3 dian4
shan dian
shan tien
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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