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Tetsu / Penetrating

China chè
Japan tetsu
Tetsu / Penetrating Vertical Wall Scroll

徹 is commonly used in Japan as a given name, romanized as Tetsu.

The meaning of this Kanji is: thorough; penetrating; to pervade; to pass through; pervious; perspicacious; throughout; communal.

徹 can also be romanized as: Michi; Tooru; Touru; Tetsuji; Tsuyoshi; Choru; Osamu; Itaru; Akira.

Tetsu / Wise Sage

China zhé
Japan tetsu
Tetsu / Wise Sage Vertical Wall Scroll

哲 is a Japanese name that is often romanized as Tetsu.

The meaning of the character can be: philosophy; wise; sage; wise man; philosopher; disciple; sagacity; wisdom; intelligence.

哲 can also be romanized as: Yutaka; Masaru; Hiroshi; Tooru; Tetsuji; Choru; Satoru; Satoshi; Akira; Aki.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin zhé / zhe2
Taiwan che
Japanese tetsu / てつ
Tetsu / Wise Sage Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese philosophy; wise
Japanese (1) sage; wise man; philosopher; disciple; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) sagacity; wisdom; intelligence; (given name) Yutaka; (personal name) Masaru; (given name) Hiroshi; (given name) Tooru; (personal name) Tetsuji; (surname, female given name) Tetsu; (given name) Choru; (given name) Satoru; (male given name) Satoshi; (female given name) Akira; (given name) Aki

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Mandarin chè / che4
Taiwan ch`e / che
Japanese michi / みち    tooru / とおる    touru / toru / とうる    tetsuji / てつじ    tetsu / てつ    tsuyoshi / つよし    choru / ちょる    osamu / おさむ    itaru / いたる    akira / あきら
Chinese thorough; penetrating; to pervade; to pass through
Japanese (personal name) Michi; (m,f) Tooru; (m,f) Touru; (male given name) Tetsuji; (surname, given name) Tetsu; (male given name) Tsuyoshi; (given name) Choru; (given name) Osamu; (personal name) Itaru; (female given name) Akira
Penetrate, pervious, perspicacious; throughout; communal; penetrating

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Mandarin chè / che4
Taiwan ch`e / che
Japanese tetsu / てつ
Chinese to remove; to take away; to withdraw
Japanese (female given name) Tetsu

see styles
Mandarin zhé // chè / zhe2 // che4
Taiwan che // ch`e / che // che
Japanese wadachi;tetsu / わだち;てつ
Chinese rut; track; rhyme; (dialect) way; method; to remove; to withdraw
Japanese rut; wheel track; furrow; (surname, female given name) Wadachi; (given name) Tetsu

see styles
Mandarin zhì // tiě / zhi4 // tie3
Taiwan chih // t`ieh / chih // tieh
Japanese tetsu / てつ    kurogane / くろがね    kane / かね
Chinese old variant of 紩[zhi4]; old variant of 鐵|铁[tie3]
Japanese (1) iron (Fe); (adj-no,n) (2) strong and hard (as iron); (n,n-suf,n-pref) (3) (abbreviation) railway; (n,n-pref) (4) (colloquialism) railway enthusiast; iron; (out-dated kanji) (1) money; (2) metal; (given name) Magane; (personal name) Touma; (personal name) Tetsuji; (surname) Tetsusaki; (surname, female given name) Tetsu

see styles
Mandarin tiě / tie3
Taiwan t`ieh / tieh
Japanese tetsu / てつ    kurogane / くろがね
Chinese old variant of 鐵|铁[tie3]
Japanese (surname) Tetsu; (surname) Kurogane

see styles
Mandarin tiě / tie3
Taiwan t`ieh / tieh
Japanese tetsu / てつ    kurogane / くろがね
Chinese variant of 鐵|铁[tie3], iron
Japanese (surname) Tetsu; (surname) Kurogane

see styles
Mandarin tiě / tie3
Taiwan t`ieh / tieh
Japanese tetsu / てつ
Chinese iron (metal); arms; weapons; hard; strong; violent; unshakeable; determined; close; tight (slang); surname Tie
Japanese (out-dated kanji) (1) iron (Fe); (adj-no,n) (2) strong and hard (as iron); (n,n-suf,n-pref) (3) (abbreviation) railway; (n,n-pref) (4) (colloquialism) railway enthusiast; (surname, given name) Tetsu; (surname) Kurogane



see styles
Mandarin dà tiě wéi / da4 tie3 wei2
Taiwan ta t`ieh wei / ta tieh wei
Japanese dai tetsu i
great ring of iron



see styles
Mandarin nèi wài míng chè / nei4 wai4 ming2 che4
Taiwan nei wai ming ch`e / nei wai ming che
Japanese naige myō tetsu
clearly penetrating inside and out


see styles
Japanese tetsu / てつ Japanese (1) iron (Fe); (adj-no,n) (2) strong and hard (as iron); (n,n-suf,n-pref) (3) (abbreviation) (See 鉄道) railway; (n,n-pref) (4) (colloquialism) railway enthusiast

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese

tetsuchè / che4 / chech`e / che
Wise Sage
tetsuzhé / zhe2 / zheche
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