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Shiho / Shio

Japan shiho / shio
Shiho / Shio Vertical Wall Scroll

This Kanji can be the female given name Shiho or Shio in Japan.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin/ ru4
Taiwan ju
Japanese shio / しお
Chinese to enter; to go into; to join; to become a member of; to confirm or agree with; abbr. for 入聲|入声[ru4 sheng1]
Japanese (suf,ctr) (archaism) counter for soakings (of fabric in a dye); (surname) Kaeru; (place-name, surname) Iri
To enter, entry, entrance; come, bring or take in; at home; awaken to the truth; begin to understand; to relate the mind to reality and thus evolve knowledge.

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Mandarin yán / yan2
Taiwan yen
Japanese shio(p);en / しお(P);えん
Chinese Japanese variant of 鹽|盐
Japanese (1) (esp. しお) salt (i.e. sodium chloride); common salt; table salt; (2) {chem} (esp. えん) salt (e.g. sodium chloride, calcium sulfate, etc.); (3) (しお only) hardship; toil; trouble; (4) (しお only) {food} saltiness; (surname, female given name) Shio; (surname) En

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Mandarin/ xi1
Taiwan hsi
Japanese ushio / うしお
Chinese night tides; evening ebbtide; Taiwan pr. [xi4]
Japanese (1) tide; current; (2) salt water; (3) opportunity; (surname) Seki; (personal name) Jaku; (surname) Shiozaki; (surname) Shiosaki; (surname, female given name) Shio; (female given name) Shi-ta; (female given name) Ushio

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Mandarin cháo / chao2
Taiwan ch`ao / chao
Japanese ushio / うしお
Chinese tide; current; damp; moist; humid
Japanese (1) tide; current; (2) salt water; (3) opportunity; (given name) Chou; (surname) Shou; (surname, female given name) Shiho; (surname) Shiori; (surname) Shiozaki; (surname) Shiosaki; (female given name) Shioi; (surname, female given name) Shio; (p,s,f) Ushio
The tide; tidal; damp; moisture


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Japanese shishou;shijou / shisho;shijo / ししょう;しじょう Japanese (See 主典・1) government official next in rank to the sakan (ritsuryo system); (given name) Fumio; (personal name) Shiho; (given name) Shisei; (female given name) Shio


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Mandarin sì wáng / si4 wang2
Taiwan ssu wang
Japanese shiou / shio / しおう
Japanese (place-name) Shiou
(四王天) catur-mahārāja-kāyikās, the four heavens of the four deva-kings, i. e. the lowest of the six heavens of desire; v. 四天王.


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Mandarin shì fū / shi4 fu1
Taiwan shih fu
Japanese shio / しお
Japanese (personal name) Shio
v. 補盧沙 puruṣa; human being


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Mandarin xīn shēng / xin1 sheng1
Taiwan hsin sheng
Japanese mio / みお    shio / しお
Japanese (female given name) Mio; (female given name) Shio
arising of mind


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Mandarin sǐ wáng / si3 wang2
Taiwan ssu wang
Japanese shiō
Yama, 焰魔 as lord of death and hell.



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Mandarin zī shēng / zi1 sheng1
Taiwan tzu sheng
Japanese yorio / よりお    motoo / もとお    sukeo / すけお    shio / しお
Japanese (given name) Yorio; (given name) Motoo; (given name) Sukeo; (female given name) Shio
Necessaries of life; necessities



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Mandarin cí huáng / ci2 huang2
Taiwan tz`u huang / tzu huang
Japanese shiō
Chinese orpiment; arsenic trisulfide As2S3; make changes in writing; malign; criticize without grounds
to critique


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Japanese shiou;kini / shio;kini / しおう;きに Japanese (1) (See 石黄) orpiment; (2) (See ガンボージ) gamboge; (3) falsification; alteration


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Mandarin sì wáng dāo lì / si4 wang2 dao1 li4
Taiwan ssu wang tao li
Japanese shiō tōri
The 四王天 and trāyastriṃśas, Indra's heaven; four kings and Indra's heaven



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Mandarin hù shì sì wáng / hu4 shi4 si4 wang2
Taiwan hu shih ssu wang
Japanese gose shiō
four guardian kings



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Mandarin shuāng jiǎo kuà shī wáng / shuang1 jiao3 kua4 shi1 wang2
Taiwan shuang chiao k`ua shih wang / shuang chiao kua shih wang
Japanese sōkyaku ko shiō
King Whose Two Legs Straddle a Lion


see styles
Japanese shio(p);ushio(潮) / しお(P);うしお(潮) Japanese (1) tide; current; (2) sea water; (3) (しお only) opportunity; chance; (4) (うしお only) (abbreviation) (See 潮汁・うしおじる) thin soup of fish or shellfish boiled in seawater

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志保shiho / shio

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