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Clever / Superb / Wonderful

China miào
Japan myou
Clever / Superb / Wonderful Vertical Wall Scroll

This single character can mean a lot of things (a bit ambiguous). The meanings include: clever; wonderful; strange; unusual; superb; excellent; beautiful; mystic; supernatural; profound; mysterious; good; surpassing; fine, lovely, charming; special; outstanding; incomparable.

Adorable / Cute / Lovely

Japan ka wai i
Adorable / Cute / Lovely Vertical Wall Scroll

This Japanese word means cute, adorable, charming, lovely, or pretty.

Depending on context, it can also mean dear, precious, darling, pet, cute little, or tiny.

Charisma / Charm

China mèi lì
Japan miryoku
Charisma / Charm Vertical Wall Scroll

魅力 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for charm, fascination, glamor/glamour, charisma, attraction, appeal.

The literal meaning of these two characters roughly translates as, "charming power."

魅力 is also a Japanese female given name, Miryoku.

Charm / Grace

China shén yùn
Japan shi nin
Charm / Grace Vertical Wall Scroll

神韻 is the Chinese and Japanese word for charm or grace (in poetry or art) or exceptional artistry.

Sweet / Sweetness / Charm

China gān wèi
Japan kanmi / amami / umami
Sweet / Sweetness / Charm Vertical Wall Scroll

甘味 is sweet or sweetness in Chinese characters, Japanese Kanji and old Korean Hanja. This refers to a sweet taste, sugary taste, or sweet flavor. It can also be a noun meaning sweets, dessert, or cake.

This can also refer to charm or appeal (of a woman or lovely thing).

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