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Yen in Chinese / Japanese...

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Japanese Currency
China yuán
Japan yen
Yen Vertical Wall Scroll

円 / 圓 is Yen, the Japanese currency.

円 / 圓 is actually the Japanese variant of the original Chinese 圓 or 圆. It means circle, entirety, whole, full, or complete. It was actually the slang usage that became money, dough, or moola.

Occasionally, this is used as a given name, or other interesting uses. This version of the character is almost never used in Chinese, unless referring to Japanese money.

Unless you have a specific reason to request it, this is a strange selection for a wall scroll.

Eyeballs / Eyes

China yǎn
Japan gan
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll

眼 is the simplest way to write eyes or eyeballs in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

This can also mean eyesight, sight, vision, look, stare, glance, viewpoint, insight, perceptivity, the power of observation, or simply the eye.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin yán / yan2
Taiwan yen
Japanese gan / やん    iwayanagi / がん    iwabori / いわやなぎ    iwahori / いわぼり    iwahama / いわほり    iwanori / いわはま    iwazagi / いわのり    iwazaki / いわざぎ    iwagazaki / いわざき    iwao / いわがざき    iiwasaki / iwasaki / いわお
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese cliff; rock
Japanese (1) rock; boulder; (2) crag; cliff; (3) anchor; (personal name) Yan; (given name) Gan; (surname) Iwayanagi; (personal name) Iwabori; (personal name) Iwahori; (surname) Iwahama; (personal name) Iwanori; (surname) Iwazagi; (surname) Iwazaki; (surname) Iwasaki; (surname) Iwagazaki; (surname, given name) Iwao; (surname, female given name) Iwa; (surname) Iiwasaki

see styles
Mandarin yān / yan1
Taiwan yen
Japanese engan / えんがん
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese smoke; fumes; (given name) Engan
Smoke; also tobacco, opium.

see styles
Mandarin yàn // yān / yan4 // yan1
Taiwan yen
Japanese tsubame(p);tsubakurame(ok);tsubakura(ok);tsubakuro(ok);tsubame(p) / つばめ(P);つばくらめ(ok);つばくら(ok);つばくろ(ok);ツバメ(P)
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese swallow (family Hirundinidae); old variant of 宴[yan4]; Yan, a vassal state of Zhou in modern Hebei and Liaoning; north Hebei; the four Yan kingdoms of the Sixteen Kingdoms, namely: Former Yan 前燕 (337-370), Later Yan 後燕|后燕 (384-409), Southern Yan 南燕 (398-410), Northern Yan 北燕 (409-436); surname Yan
Japanese (1) (kana only) swallow (bird of the Hirundinidae family); martin; (2) barn swallow (Hirundo rustica); (3) (See 若い燕) younger man involved with an older woman; (given name) Yasushi; (p,s,f) Tsubame; (surname) En; (place-name) Yan (historical Chinese state)

see styles
Mandarin yǎn / yan3
Taiwan yen
Japanese manako / まなこ
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese eye; small hole; crux (of a matter); CL:隻|只[zhi1],雙|双[shuang1]; classifier for big hollow things (wells, stoves, pots etc)
Japanese (1) eye; eyeball; (2) (archaism) pupil and (dark) iris of the eye; (3) (archaism) insight; perceptivity; power of observation; (4) (archaism) look; field of vision; (5) (archaism) core; center; centre; essence; (surname) Mesaki; (female given name) Manako
cakṣuh, the eye.

see styles
Mandarin yàn / yan4
Taiwan yen
Japanese gan / がん    ikuma / いくま
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese wild goose
Japanese (kana only) wild goose; (1) call of a wild goose; (2) (kana only) wild goose (esp. a lesser white-fronted goose, Anser erythropus); (3) tea made from twigs of high-quality tea plants (esp. gyokuro); high-grade kukicha (esp. from gyokuro); (1) (kana only) wild goose; (2) (kana only) (abbreviation) (colloquialism) glans; head of a penis; (surname, given name) Gan; (wk) The Wild Geese (1913 novel by Mori Ōgai); (personal name) Ikuma
A hawk, also used for hamsa, a wild goose.


see styles
Mandarin fó yǎn / fo2 yan3
Taiwan fo yen
Japanese butsugen
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
The eye of Buddha, the enlightened one who sees all and is omniscient; Buddha-eye



see styles
Mandarin yán zhěng / yan2 zheng3
Taiwan yen cheng
Japanese gonsei
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese (of troops) in neat formation; (fig.) orderly
to make neat and tidy



see styles
Mandarin zūn yán / zun1 yan2
Taiwan tsun yen
Chinese dignity; sanctity; honor; majesty



see styles
Mandarin yán jiāng / yan2 jiang1
Taiwan yen chiang
Japanese ganshou / gansho / がんしょう
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese lava; magma
Japanese magma


see styles
Mandarin yǎn huà / yan3 hua4
Taiwan yen hua
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to evolve; evolution



see styles
Mandarin yán sè / yan2 se4
Taiwan yen se
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese color; countenance; appearance; facial expression; pigment; dyestuff


see styles
Mandarin qiān lǐ yǎn / qian1 li3 yan3
Taiwan ch`ien li yen / chien li yen
Japanese senrigan / せんりがん
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese clairvoyance
Japanese clairvoyance



see styles
Mandarin sūn yàn zī / sun1 yan4 zi1
Taiwan sun yen tzu
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Stefanie Sun (1978-), Singaporean singer-songwriter



see styles
Mandarin yǎn jìng shé / yan3 jing4 she2
Taiwan yen ching she
Japanese meganehebi / めがねへび
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese cobra
Japanese spectacled cobra; Indian cobra; Asian cobra (Naja naja)

see styles
Mandarin yán / yan2
Taiwan yen
Chinese variant of 沿[yan2]

see styles
Mandarin yǎn / yan3
Taiwan yen
Chinese archaic variant of 進|进[jin4]

see styles
Mandarin yǎn / yan3
Taiwan yen
Chinese to lie supine; to stop; to fall down; surname Yan

see styles
Mandarin yàn // yān / yan4 // yan1
Taiwan yen
Chinese fraudulent price; name of an immortal; ancient place name; surname Yan

see styles
Mandarin yǎn / yan3
Taiwan yen
Japanese gen / げん
Chinese majestic; dignified
Japanese (adj-t,adv-to) strict; stern

see styles
Mandarin yǎn / yan3
Taiwan yen
Chinese see 兗州|兖州[Yan3 zhou1]

see styles
Mandarin yǎn // shàn / yan3 // shan4
Taiwan yen // shan
Japanese en
Chinese sharp; river in Zhejiang
Pointed, sharp.

see styles
Mandarin yǎn / yan3
Taiwan yen
Chinese to hide, to secrete, to repress; to bend

see styles
Mandarin yàn / yan4
Taiwan yen
Japanese iya / いや
Chinese to loathe
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) disagreeable; detestable; unpleasant; reluctant
Satiated; weary of; disgusted with; to be wearied with

see styles
Mandarin yán / yan2
Taiwan yen
Japanese tsuyoshi / つよし    sachie / さちえ    gon / ごん    genji / げんじ    gen / げん    ken / けん    gan / がん    on / おん    oomiya / おおみや    iwanori / いわのり    iwao / いわお    imu / いむ    itsuki / いつき
Chinese Japanese variant of 嚴|严
Japanese (adj-t,adv-to) strict; stern; (male given name) Tsuyoshi; (personal name) Sachie; (female given name) Gon; (personal name) Genji; (surname, given name) Gen; (surname) Ken; (personal name) Gan; (surname) On; (surname) Oomiya; (personal name) Iwanori; (surname, given name) Iwao; (surname) Imu; (given name) Itsuki

see styles
Mandarin yǎn / yan3
Taiwan yen
Japanese heta / へた
Chinese operculum (Latin: little lid); a covering flap (in various branches of anatomy)
Japanese (kana only) {zool} operculum (of a shellfish)

see styles
Mandarin yè // yàn // yān / ye4 // yan4 // yan1
Taiwan yeh // yen
Japanese nondo / のんど    nomido / のみど    nomito / のみと    nodo / のど
Chinese to choke (in crying); variant of 嚥|咽[yan4]; narrow pass; throat; pharynx
Japanese (1) (kana only) throat; (2) singing voice

see styles
Mandarin yàn / yan4
Taiwan yen
Chinese to extend condolences

see styles
Mandarin yān / yan1
Taiwan yen
Chinese correct; suitable; to suit sb; just now (Cantonese)

see styles
Mandarin yàn / yan4
Taiwan yen
Chinese condole with

see styles
Mandarin yǎn / yan3
Taiwan yen
Chinese the movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of the water

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Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll
Eyeballs / Eyes Vertical Wall Scroll

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Yen円 / 圓
円 / 圆
yenyuán / yuan2 / yuanyüan
ganyǎn / yan3 / yanyen
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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A professional Chinese Calligrapher

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Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

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