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The name Soldiers in Chinese / Japanese...

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Soldiers Scroll

兵 can be used to express soldiers, troops, a force, an army, weapons, arms, military, warfare, tactics, strategy, or warlike.

The final meaning depends on context. It's also part of the Chinese title for the Terracotta soldiers. In fact, this character is usually used in compound words (words of more than one character). Sometimes this single character is the title used for the pawns in a chess game (in a related issue, this is also a nickname for soldiers with the rank of Private).

See Also:  Military | Warrior

Soldiers Adapt Actions to the Situation

 bīng lái jiàng dǎng shuǐ lái tǔ yǎn
Soldiers Adapt Actions to the Situation Scroll

This Chinese military proverb means, counter soldiers with arms and counter water with an earthen dam.

兵來將擋水來土掩 is about how different situations call for different actions. You must adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation.

To explain the actual proverb, one would not attack a flood of water with gunfire, nor would you counter-attack soldiers by building an earth weir. You must be adaptable and counter whatever threatens with relevant action.

Warriors Adapt and Overcome

Soldiers need a fluid plan

 bīng wú cháng shì shuǐ wú cháng xíng
Warriors Adapt and Overcome Scroll

This literally translates as: Troops/soldiers/warriors have no fixed [battlefield] strategy [just as] water has no constant shape [but adapts itself to whatever container it is in].

Figuratively, this means: One should seek to find whatever strategy or method is best suited to resolving each individual problem.

This proverb is about as close as you can get to the military idea of “adapt improvise overcome.” 兵無常勢水無常形 is the best way to express that idea in both an ancient way, and a very natural way in Chinese.

Sun Tzu: Regard Your Soldiers as Children

 shì cù rú yīng ér gù kě yǐ yú zhī fù shēn xī shì cù rú ài zǐ gù kě yú zhī jū sǐ
Sun Tzu: Regard Your Soldiers as Children Scroll

視卒如嬰兒故可以與之赴深溪視卒如愛子故可與之俱死 is an entry from the 10th section within the Earth/Terrain chapter of Sun Tzu's Art of War.

This is often translated as “Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys. Look upon them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.”

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your soldiers search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
 hei / he

More info & calligraphy:

soldiers; a force; an army; weapons; arms; military; warlike; CL:個|个[ge4]
(1) (common) soldier; rank and file; (2) army; troops; (3) warfare; strategy; (personal name) Minetoshi

see styles

squad of five soldiers; to associate with; five (banker's anti-fraud numeral)
(n,ctr) (1) company; group; class; (2) {mil} (See 隊伍) troop; rank; file; (male given name) Hitoshi
A rank of five.

see styles
classifier for coins, rings, badges, pearls, sporting medals, rockets, satellites etc; tree trunk; whip; wooden peg, used as a gag for marching soldiers (old)
(counter) (1) counter for thin, flat objects (e.g. sheets of paper, plates, coins); (counter) (2) counter for portions of gyōza or soba; (counter) (3) {sumo} counter for ranks; (counter) (4) {sumo} counter for wrestlers of a particular rank; (counter) (5) counter for fields or rice paddies; (counter) (6) counter for palanquin bearers; (surname, female given name) Mai

see styles
disposition of troops; wave; spate; burst; spell; short period of time; classifier for events or states of short duration
(1) (See 背水の陣) battle formation; (2) (See 陣を張る) camp; encampment; position; (n,n-suf) (3) (See 報道陣) group; gang; party; corps; (4) (See 大坂夏の陣) war; battle; campaign; (given name) Noburu
a file of soldiers


see styles
yī shǒu
    yi1 shou3
i shou
a skill; mastery of a trade; by oneself; without outside help
(1) one's own effort; doing single-handedly; (2) a game (of go, shogi, etc.); a match; (3) a dance; a (musical) composition; (4) a company (e.g. of soldiers); a group; a party; (5) one hand
one hand


see styles
host of soldiers; many soldiers


see styles
jiǔ zì
    jiu3 zi4
chiu tzu
{Buddh} (See 臨兵闘者皆陣裂在前) nine-character charm chanted with ritual gestures to ward off evil (esp. by mountain ascetics and adherents of Esoteric Buddhism)
The nine magical characters 臨兵鬪者皆陳列在前 implying that the armed forces are arrayed against the powers of evil. After reciting these words, four vertical and five horizontal lines, forming a grid, are drawn in the air to show that the forces are arrayed. It was used among Taoists and soldiers, and is still used in Japan, especially when going into the mountains.



see styles
yǐ jun
    yi3 jun1
i chün
Israeli soldiers


see styles
 gihei / gihe
(1) (rare) dummy supporters (e.g. for sports team); (2) (rare) {mil} dummy soldiers (e.g. left behind when evacuating)



see styles
shāng hào
    shang1 hao4
shang hao
casualties; wounded soldiers


see styles
the entire force (of soldiers)


see styles
 koubu / kobu
nobles and soldiers; imperial court; (personal name) Kimitake


see styles
bīng zú
    bing1 zu2
ping tsu
 heisotsu / hesotsu
soldiers; troops
private (soldier); (common) soldier; ranks; rank and file



see styles
bīng yuán
    bing1 yuan2
ping yüan
 heiin / hen
soldiers; troops
military strength; military personnel


see styles
 heisuu / hesu
number of soldiers


see styles
 heinou / heno
soldiers and farmers


see styles
 heigaku / hegaku
number of soldiers


see styles
 heishoku / heshoku
food for soldiers and noncommissioned officers



see styles
bīng xiǎng
    bing1 xiang3
ping hsiang
pay and provisions for soldiers



see styles
jìng zú
    jing4 zu2
ching tsu
 keisotsu / kesotsu
elite soldiers; a crack force
excellent soldier


see styles
(v5r,vi) (1) to become stronger; to grow in intensity; to grow violent; to become worse; (transitive verb) (2) to invite contributions, etc.; to solicit help, participation, etc.; to recruit (e.g. soldiers)


see styles
shì zú
    shi4 zu2
shih tsu
soldier; private (army)
officers and soldiers; soldiers


see styles
qí bīng
    qi2 bing1
ch`i ping
    chi ping
 kihei / kihe
troops appearing suddenly (in a raid or ambush)
(ant: 正兵) irregular soldiers; commandos



see styles
ān nàn
    an1 nan4
an nan
(classical) (of soldiers etc) resolute in the face of adversity


see styles
guān bīng
    guan1 bing1
kuan ping
 kanpei / kanpe
(military) officers and soldiers; officers and men; (old) government troops
(1) government soldier; (2) officers and other ranks; officers and enlisted



see styles
jiàng shì
    jiang4 shi4
chiang shih
officers and soldiers
See: 将士


see styles
(1) cabinetwork; joinery; (2) hair ornament; hairpin; (3) (archaism) colours; banner; small banner worn by soldiers during battle (for identification) from the Sengoku period to the end of the Edo period


see styles
 kitou / kito
(n,vs,vi) return to base (of soldiers, military aircraft, warships, etc.)



see styles
qiáng bīng
    qiang2 bing1
ch`iang ping
    chiang ping
 kyouhei / kyohe
strong soldiers; make the military powerful (political slogan)
powerful army; strengthening of the military; (personal name) Gouhei


see styles
(game pieces, soldiers, etc.) under one's control

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Soldiersheibīng / bing1 / bingping
Soldiers Adapt Actions to the Situation兵來將擋水來土掩
bīng lái jiàng dǎng shuǐ lái tǔ yǎn
bing1 lai2 jiang4 dang3 shui3 lai2 tu3 yan3
bing lai jiang dang shui lai tu yan
ping lai chiang tang shui lai t`u yen
ping lai chiang tang shui lai tu yen
Warriors Adapt and Overcome兵無常勢水無常形
bīng wú cháng shì shuǐ wú cháng xíng
bing1 wu2 chang2 shi4 shui3 wu2 chang2 xing2
bing wu chang shi shui wu chang xing
ping wu ch`ang shih shui wu ch`ang hsing
ping wu chang shih shui wu chang hsing
Sun Tzu: Regard Your Soldiers as Children視卒如嬰兒故可以與之赴深溪視卒如愛子故可與之俱死
shì cù rú yīng ér gù kě yǐ yú zhī fù shēn xī shì cù rú ài zǐ gù kě yú zhī jū sǐ
shi4 cu4 ru2 ying1 er2 gu4 ke3 yi3 yu2 zhi1 fu4 shen1 xi1 shi4 cu4 ru2 ai4 zi3 gu4 ke3 yu2 zhi1 ju1 si3
shi cu ru ying er gu ke yi yu zhi fu shen xi shi cu ru ai zi gu ke yu zhi ju si
shih ts`u ju ying erh ku k`o i yü chih fu shen hsi shih ts`u ju ai tzu ku k`o yü chih chü ssu
shih tsu ju ying erh ku ko i yü chih fu shen hsi shih tsu ju ai tzu ku ko yü chih chü ssu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.


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