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Sexy Voluptuous in Chinese / Japanese...

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Sexy / Voluptuous

China yāo yàn
Japan you en
Sexy / Voluptuous Vertical Wall Scroll

妖艶 means sexy, fascinating, voluptuous, or bewitching in Japanese Kanji. 妖艶 / 妖艷 is specifically in regards to women.

This has a dictionary meaning of flirtatious or bewitchingly pretty in Chinese. However, in practice, this would refer to a sexy but bitchy woman in modern China.

妖艶 is also a word in old Korean Hanja; however, I have not confirmed how it is perceived in Korean culture.

This may not be appropriate for a wall scroll unless your audience is Japanese only.

艷 Note: The second character can also be written in the alternate version shown to the right.

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