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Proud Pride Lofty-Minded in Chinese / Japanese...

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Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded

China ào shì
Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll

傲世 is a word used to describe someone that is very proud, and holds themselves above others but with a valid (earned) reason to do so. 傲世 is what you would use to describe the way a mighty general of ancient China like Cao Cao acted or a more modern person like General Patton carried himself.

If you hang this word on your wall it suggests that you hope to achieve that same level of pride from accomplishment.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin qiáo / qiao2
Taiwan ch`iao / chiao
Japanese tadashi / ただし    takashi / たかし    takai / たかい    kou / ko / こう    kiyou / kiyo / きよう    kyouji / kyoji / きょうじ    kyou / kyo / きょう
Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese tall; surname Qiao
Japanese (personal name) Tadashi; (male given name) Takashi; (surname) Takai; (given name) Kou; (surname) Kiyou; (personal name) Kyouji; (surname) Kyou
Lofty; high

see styles
Mandarin chóng / chong2
Taiwan ch`ung / chung
Japanese mitsuru / みつる    takamu / たかむ    takashi / たかし    taka / たか    sou / so / そう    suu / su / すう    shuu / shu / しゅう
Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese high; sublime; lofty; to esteem; to worship; surname Chong
Japanese (given name) Mitsuru; (given name) Takamu; (male given name) Takashi; (surname) Taka; (personal name) Sou; (surname) Suu; (given name) Shuu
Lofty, eminent, honourable; to reverence, adore; to venerate


see styles
Mandarin shí fǎ / shi2 fa3
Taiwan shih fa
Japanese jippō
Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll
The ten 成就 perfect or perfecting Mahāyāna rules; i.e. in (1) right belief; (2) conduct; (3) spirit; (4) the joy of the bodhi mind; (5) joy in the dharma; (6) joy in meditation in it; (7) pursuing the correct dharma; (8) obedience to, or accordance with it; (9) departing from pride, etc.; (10) comprehending the inner teaching of Buddha and taking no pleasure in that of the śrāvaka and pratyeka-buddha order; ten completions of the great vehicle standards


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Mandarin wǒ màn / wo3 man4
Taiwan wo man
Japanese gaman / がまん
Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (noun/participle) patience; endurance; perseverance; tolerance; self-control; self-denial; (surname) Gaman
abhimāna, ātma-mada. Egoism exalting self and depreciating others; self-intoxication, pride; identity


see styles
Japanese reppu / れっぷ
Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese chaste, strong-minded woman; virtuous woman; heroine


see styles
Mandarin zì zūn / zi4 zun1
Taiwan tzu tsun
Japanese jison / じそん
Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese self-respect; self-esteem; ego; pride
Japanese self-respect; esteem; self-importance; pride


see styles
Mandarin zì háo / zi4 hao2
Taiwan tzu hao
Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese proud (of one's achievements etc)



see styles
Mandarin huò dá / huo4 da2
Taiwan huo ta
Japanese katsudatsu / かつだつ    kattatsu / かったつ
Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese optimistic; sanguine; generous; magnanimous; open-minded
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) openhearted; frank; broad-minded


see styles
Mandarin xióng xīn / xiong2 xin1
Taiwan hsiung hsin
Japanese yuushin / yushin / ゆうしん
Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese great ambition; lofty aspiration
Japanese heroic spirit; aspiration; (surname) Yuushin


see styles
Mandarin zì zūn xīn / zi4 zun1 xin1
Taiwan tzu tsun hsin
Japanese jisonshin / じそんしん
Chinese self-respect; self-esteem; ego
Japanese self-esteem; self-respect; self-importance; conceit; pride


see styles
Japanese sarumokikaraochiru / さるもきからおちる
Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (expression) (proverb) even monkeys fall from trees; anyone can make a mistake; pride comes before a fall; even Homer sometimes nods


see styles
Mandarin shǐ / shi3
Taiwan shih
Japanese shi / し
Chinese to make; to cause; to enable; to use; to employ; to send; to instruct sb to do something; envoy; messenger
Japanese (1) messenger; (2) (abbreviation) (See 検非違使) police and judicial chief (Heian and Kamakura periods); (3) {Buddh} (See 煩悩・2) klesha (polluting thoughts such as greed, hatred and delusion, which result in suffering); (female given name) Tsukasa
To send; cause; a messenger; a pursuer, molester, lictor, disturber, troubler, intp. as 煩惱 kleśa, affliction, distress, worldly cares, vexations, and as consequent reincarnation. There are categories of 10, 16, 98, 112, and 128 such troublers, e. g. desire, hate, stupor, pride, doubt, erroneous views, etc., leading to painful results in future rebirths, for they are karma-messengers executing its purpose. Also 金剛童子 q. v; affliction, proclivities

see styles
Mandarin kǒng // kōng / kong3 // kong1
Taiwan k`ung / kung
Chinese urgent; pressed; ignorant; blank-minded

see styles
Mandarin ào / ao4
Taiwan ao
Japanese gō
Chinese proud; arrogant; to despise; unyielding; to defy

see styles
Mandarin zhuó / zhuo2
Taiwan cho
Japanese taku(p);shoku / たく(P);しょく
Chinese outstanding; surname Zhuo
Japanese (1) table; desk; (counter) (2) (たく only) counter for tables, desks, etc.; (3) (しょく only) {Buddh} offering table before an altar (sometimes used in tea ceremony); (4) (しょく only) (abbreviation) (See 卓香炉) tabletop incense burner; (given name) Masaru; (personal name) Makoto; (personal name) Tou; (personal name) Takuji; (surname, given name) Taku; (male given name) Takashi; (female given name) Suguru; (given name) Akira
Lofty, tall erect; high

see styles
Mandarin gòu / gou4
Taiwan kou
Japanese ku / く    aka / あか
Chinese dirt; disgrace
Japanese {Buddh} (See 煩悩・2) klesha (polluting thoughts such as greed, hatred and delusion, which result in suffering); (1) dirt; filth; grime; (2) (垢 is ateji) (See アカ) account (e.g. online service); (personal name) Yoshimi; (personal name) Yoshitsugu; (personal name) Yoshi; (personal name) Konomi; (personal name) Kou
mala. Dust, impurity, dregs; moral impurity; mental impurity. Whatever misleads or deludes the mind; illusion; defilement; the six forms are vexation, malevolence, hatred, flattery, wild talk, pride; the seven are desire, false views, doubt, presumption, arrogance, inertia, and meanness.

see styles
Mandarin/ ji2
Taiwan chi
Chinese lofty peak; perilous

see styles
Mandarin tiáo / tiao2
Taiwan t`iao / tiao
Chinese lofty peak

see styles
Mandarin é / e2
Taiwan o
Japanese ga
Chinese lofty; name of a mountain
High, commanding.

see styles
Mandarin zú // cuì / zu2 // cui4
Taiwan tsu // ts`ui / tsu // tsui
Chinese jagged mountain peaks (poetic); rocky peaks; lofty and dangerous

see styles
Mandarin léng / leng2
Taiwan leng
Japanese ryou / ryo / りょう
Chinese lofty (as of mountain)
Japanese (personal name) Ryou

see styles
Mandarin jué / jue2
Taiwan chüeh
Japanese kutsu
Chinese towering as a peak
Lofty, distinguished.

see styles
Mandarin zhēng / zheng1
Taiwan cheng
Japanese zen / ぜん
Chinese excel; lofty
Japanese (personal name) Zen

see styles
Mandarin/ ze2
Taiwan tse
Chinese lofty

see styles
Mandarin wēi // wǎi / wei1 // wai3
Taiwan wei // wai
Chinese high, lofty; precipitous; to sprain (one's ankle); see 崴子[wai3 zi5]

see styles
Mandarin sōng / song1
Taiwan sung
Japanese kasa / かさ
Chinese lofty; Mt Song in Henan
Japanese bulk; volume; quantity; (place-name, surname) Dake; (given name) Takabu; (male given name) Takashi; (surname) Suu; (personal name) Kousou; (personal name) Kouji; (personal name) Koushou; (given name) Kou; (g,p) Kasami

see styles
Mandarin cuó / cuo2
Taiwan ts`o / tso
Japanese ja
Chinese lofty (as of mountain)
Irregular, uneven; translit. jha.

see styles
Mandarin céng / ceng2
Taiwan ts`eng / tseng
Chinese lofty; precipitous

see styles
Mandarin è / e4
Taiwan o
Chinese elevated; lofty

see styles
Mandarin róng / rong2
Taiwan jung
Chinese lofty

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Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll
Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll
Proud / Pride / Lofty-Minded Vertical Wall Scroll

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Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
傲世ào shì / ao4 shi4 / ao shi / aoshiao shih / aoshih

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