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Pine in Chinese / Japanese...

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Pine or Fir Trees
China sōng
Japan matsu
Pine Vertical Wall Scroll

If you love pine trees or pine forests, this character is for you. Also used to refer to fir trees.

鬆Sometimes you'll see a complex alternate version of this character. The meaning is still primarily pine but it can also have other meanings. If you want this special version, click on the character to the right instead of the button above.

枩There's another rare alternate version of this character as shown to the right. In this case, the character's radicals are arranged vertically instead of horizontally.

Pine Forest / Matsubayashi

China sōng lín
Japan matsubayashi
Pine Forest / Matsubayashi Vertical Wall Scroll

This Japanese, Chinese, and Korean word means pine forest.

Also a Japanese surname that romanizes as Matsubayashi or Shourin.

Pursuit of Happiness

China zhuī xún xìng fú
Pursuit of Happiness Vertical Wall Scroll

追尋幸福 is the best way to translate the English phrase "pursuit of happiness" into Chinese.

The first two characters mean "to pursue," "to track down," or "to search for."

The last two mean happiness, happy, or blessed.

See Also:  Follow Your Dreams

Pursuit of Happiness

Japan koufuku o motome te
Pursuit of Happiness Vertical Wall Scroll

幸福を求めて is "Pursuit of Happiness" or "In Search of Happiness" in Japanese.

Here's how the characters break down:
幸福 (koufuku) happiness; blessedness; joy; well-being.
を (o) particle
求め (motome) to want; to seek; to pursue; to request
て (te) particle

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

See Also:  Follow Your Dreams

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your pine search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin sōng / song1
Taiwan sung
Japanese matsu(p);matsu / まつ(P);マツ
Pursuit of Happiness Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese pine; CL:棵[ke1]; surname Song
Japanese (1) pine tree (Pinus spp.); (2) (See 梅・うめ・2,竹・たけ・2) highest (of a three-tier ranking system); (personal name) Yoshiaki; (surname) Matsuyanagi; (personal name) Matsumune; (personal name) Matsumine; (surname) Matsutaka; (personal name) Matsusue; (surname) Matsuzaki; (surname) Matsusaki; (surname, female given name) Matsu; (personal name) Shousuke; (personal name) Katsumasa; (personal name) Katsuhisa; (personal name) Katsuhata; (personal name) Katsunuma; (personal name) Katsusuke; (personal name) Katsushiro; (personal name) Katsuaki


see styles
Japanese matsubayashi / まつばやし
Pursuit of Happiness Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese pine forest; (place-name, surname) Matsubayashi; (surname) Matsuhayashi; (place-name) Songnim (North Korea); Songrim



see styles
Mandarin cāng lóng / cang1 long2
Taiwan ts`ang lung / tsang lung
Japanese souryuu / soryu / そうりゅう
Pursuit of Happiness Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Blue Dragon, other name of the Azure Dragon 青龍|青龙 (the seven mansions of the east sky)
Japanese (1) blue dragon; (2) Azure Dragon (god said to rule over the eastern heavens); (3) (astron) seven mansions (Chinese constellations) of the eastern heavens; (4) large horse with a bluish-leaden coat; (5) shape of an old pine tree; (given name) Souryuu


see styles
Japanese adan / アダン
Pursuit of Happiness Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (kana only) screw pine (Pandanus fascicularis); pandanus palm; pandanus fruit

see styles
Japanese maki / まき    kozue / こずえ Japanese (out-dated kanji) (kana only) yew plum pine (Podocarpus macrophyllus); (surname, female given name) Maki; (female given name) Kozue

see styles
Japanese maki / まき    ten / てん    shin / しん    kozue / こずえ Japanese (kana only) yew plum pine (Podocarpus macrophyllus); (surname, female given name) Maki; (personal name) Ten; (personal name) Shin; (female given name) Kozue

see styles
Mandarin qiú / qiu2
Taiwan ch`iu / chiu
Japanese mari / まり
Chinese ball
Japanese (1) ball (for sport, games, etc.); (2) kemari; type of football played by courtiers in ancient Japan; (bot) (kana only) cone (e.g. pine, hemlock); (bot) (kana only) burr (e.g. chestnut); bur; cupule; case; (female given name) Mari

see styles
Mandarin/ ju4
Taiwan chü
Japanese taimatsu / たいまつ    kyo / きょ
Chinese torch
Japanese (pine) torch; flambeau; torchlight

see styles
Mandarin/ ye4
Taiwan yeh
Japanese you / yo / よう    ha / は
Chinese leaf; page; lobe; (historical) period; classifier for small boats; surname Ye
Japanese (suf,ctr) (1) counter for leaves, pieces of paper, etc.; (2) (archaism) counter for boats; leaf; blade (of grass); (pine) needle; (surname, female given name) You; (female given name) Midori; (female given name) Haruka; (surname) Tsuruba; (surname, female given name) Shou
pattra; parṇa; leaf, leaves.

see styles
Mandarin luó / luo2
Taiwan lo
Japanese kage / かげ
Chinese radish
Japanese (archaism) (See 日陰鬘) running ground pine (species of club moss, Lycopodium clavatum); (surname) Tsuta
Creeping or climbing plants.


see styles
Japanese maki / マキ Japanese (kana only) yew plum pine (Podocarpus macrophyllus)


see styles
Japanese matsu / マツ Japanese (1) pine tree (Pinus spp.); (2) highest (of a three-tier ranking system)


see styles
Mandarin wǔ guǒ / wu3 guo3
Taiwan wu kuo
Japanese goka / ごか
Japanese (1) five fruits (peach, Japanese plum, apricot, jujube, Japanese chestnut); (2) (Buddhist term) five types of effect in cause-and-effect relationships; (3) (Buddhist term) five effects of ignorance and formations on one's current life
The five fruits, or effects; there are various groups, e. g. I. (1) 異熟果 fruit ripening divergently, e. g. pleasure and goodness are in different categories; present organs accord in pain or pleasure with their past good or evil deeds; (2) 等流果 fruit of the same order, e. g. goodness reborn from previous goodness; (3) 土用果 present position and function fruit, the rewards of moral merit in previous lives; (4) 增上果 superior fruit, or position arising from previous earnest endeavor and superior capacity: (5) 離繋果 fruit of freedom from all bonds, nirvana fruit. II. Fruit, or rebirth: (1) 識 conception (viewed psychologically); (2) 名色 formation mental and physical; (3) 六處 the six organs of perception complete; (4) 觸 their birth and contact with the world; (5) 受 consciousness. III. Five orders of fruit, with stones, pips, shells (as nuts), chaff-like (as pine seeds), and with pods; fivefold aspects of cause and effect



see styles
Mandarin wǔ shě / wu3 she3
Taiwan wu she
Japanese goyou / goyo / ごよう
Japanese (abbreviation) (See 五葉松) Japanese white pine (favored for gardens and bonsai); goyoumatsu; (given name) Goyou; (female given name) Itsuha
five petals


see styles
Japanese wabu / わぶ Japanese (v2b-k,vi) (archaism) (See 侘びる) to be worried; to be grieved; to pine for


see styles
Japanese koshou / kosho / こしょう Japanese (obscure) (See 老松) old pine; (surname) Furumatsu; (surname) Komatsu


see styles
Japanese neimi / nemi / ねいみ Japanese (obscure) collecting herbs and pulling out young pine trees by the roots (annual event held on the first Day of the Rat of the New Year)


see styles
Japanese komatsu / こまつ Japanese small pine; young pine; (surname) Hide; (surname) Komatsuzaki; (surname) Komatsusaki; (p,s,f) Komatsu; (surname) Komazaki; (surname) Komasa; (surname) Omatsuzaki


see styles
Japanese kyoshou / kyosho / きょしょう Japanese (obscure) big pine tree; (given name) Kyoshou


see styles
Japanese shitau / したう Japanese (transitive verb) (1) to yearn for; to long for; to pine for; to miss; to love dearly; to adore; (2) to follow (someone); (3) to idolize (for virtue, learning, status, etc.)


see styles
Mandarin sōng rén / song1 ren2
Taiwan sung jen
Japanese matsuni / まつに
Chinese pine nuts
Japanese (surname) Matsuni


see styles
Mandarin sōng yuán / song1 yuan2
Taiwan sung yüan
Japanese matsubara / まつばら
Chinese Songyuan prefecture level city in Jilin province 吉林省 in northeast China
Japanese pine grove; (place-name, surname) Matsuwara; (place-name, surname) Matsubara; (place-name, surname) Matsuhara; (surname) Machibara


see styles
Mandarin sōng zǐ / song1 zi3
Taiwan sung tzu
Japanese matsuko / まつこ    sonjiya / そんじや    shoushi / shoshi / しょうし    shouko / shoko / しょうこ
Chinese pine nut
Japanese (p,s,f) Matsuko; (personal name) Sonjiya; (female given name) Shoushi; (female given name) Shouko


see styles
Mandarin sōng míng / song1 ming2
Taiwan sung ming
Japanese matsumei / matsume / まつめい    taimatsu / たいまつ
Chinese pine torch
Japanese (pine) torch; flambeau; torchlight; (surname) Matsumei; (place-name) Taimatsu


see styles
Mandarin sōng mù / song1 mu4
Taiwan sung mu
Japanese matsunoki / まつのき    matsugi / まつぎ    matsuki / まつき
Chinese pine wood; deal; larch
Japanese (place-name) Matsunoki; (place-name, surname) Matsugi; (place-name, surname) Matsuki


see styles
Mandarin sōng guǒ / song1 guo3
Taiwan sung kuo
Chinese pine cone; strobile; strobilus


see styles
Mandarin sōng bǎi / song1 bai3
Taiwan sung pai
Japanese shouhaku;matsukae / shohaku;matsukae / しょうはく;まつかえ
Chinese pine and cypress; fig. chaste and undefiled; fig. tomb
Japanese (1) evergreen tree; conifer; coniferous tree; (2) pine and cypress; (3) duty; constancy; faithfulness; (place-name) Matsukaya; (given name) Shouhaku



see styles
Mandarin sōng shù / song1 shu4
Taiwan sung shu
Japanese shouju / shoju / しょうじゅ
Chinese pine; pine tree; CL:棵[ke1]
Japanese (obscure) pine tree; (surname, given name) Matsuki; (given name) Shouju


see styles
Japanese matsupokkuri / まつぽっくり    matsubokkuri / まつぼっくり    matsubokuri / まつぼくり    matsufuguri / まつふぐり    matsukasa / まつかさ Japanese pinecone; pine cone


see styles
Japanese matsunami / まつなみ    shoutou / shoto / しょうとう Japanese sound of wind rustling in the pine needles (like waves); (surname) Matsunami; (place-name) Shoutou

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Pursuit of Happiness Vertical Wall Scroll
Pursuit of Happiness Vertical Wall Scroll
Pursuit of Happiness Vertical Wall Scroll
Pursuit of Happiness Vertical Wall Scroll

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Pursuit of Happiness Vertical Portrait

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
matsusōng / song1 / songsung
Pine Forest
松林matsubayashisōng lín / song1 lin2 / song lin / songlinsung lin / sunglin
Pursuit of Happiness追尋幸福
zhuī xún xìng fú
zhui1 xun2 xing4 fu2
zhui xun xing fu
chui hsün hsing fu
Pursuit of Happiness幸福を求めてkoufuku o motome te
kofuku o motome te
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Three Kingdoms

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