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The Name North Korea in Chinese / Japanese...

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North Korea

China běi cháo xiǎn
Japan kita chousen
North Korea Vertical Wall Scroll

北朝鮮 is the Chinese and Japanese name for the country of North Korea.

The official English name being Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

See Also:  South Korea | Asia

North Korea

Japan hokusen
North Korea Vertical Wall Scroll

This short Japanese name for the country of North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea).

There is a 3-character name, 北朝鮮 that is a lot more common.

See Also:  South Korea | Asia

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Japanese hokusen / ほくせん
North Korea Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (sensitive word) North Korea


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Japanese matsubayashi / まつばやし
North Korea Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese pine forest; (place-name, surname) Matsubayashi; (surname) Matsuhayashi; (place-name) Songnim (North Korea); Songrim



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Mandarin běi cháo xiǎn / bei3 chao2 xian3
Taiwan pei ch`ao hsien / pei chao hsien
Japanese kitachousen / kitachosen / きたちょうせん
North Korea Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese North Korea
Japanese North Korea; (place-name) Kitachousen

see styles
Mandarin běi / bei3
Taiwan pei
Japanese pee / ペー    kita / きた
Chinese north; to be defeated (classical)
Japanese (1) {mahj} north wind tile; (2) {mahj} winning hand with a pung (or kong) of north wind tiles; (1) north; (2) the North; northern territories; (3) (abbreviation) North Korea; (4) (archaism) north wind; (personal name) Matsuki; (personal name) Hoku; (personal name) Sueyasu; (personal name) Sueshige; (personal name) Sueki; (place-name) Kira; (surname) Kitabashiri; (place-name) Kitagata; (place-name) Kitaichi; (p,s,f) Kita
uttara, North.

see styles
Mandarin zhāo // cháo / zhao1 // chao2
Taiwan chao // ch`ao / chao // chao
Japanese chou / cho / ちょう    asa(p);ashita / あさ(P);あした
Chinese morning; imperial or royal court; government; dynasty; reign of a sovereign or emperor; court or assembly held by a sovereign or emperor; to make a pilgrimage to; facing; towards; abbr. for 朝鮮|朝鲜[Chao2 xian3] Korea
Japanese (n,n-suf) (1) dynasty; (2) reign; (3) period; epoch; age; (4) court; (n,n-pref,n-suf) (5) (abbreviation) (See 北朝鮮) North Korea; (n-adv,n-t) morning; (personal name) Hajime; (m,f) Tomo; (personal name) Toki; (surname, female given name) Chou; (female given name) Ashita; (personal name) Asayuki; (personal name) Asaji; (surname) Asazaki; (surname, female given name) Asa
Morning. Court, dynasty; towards.

see styles
Mandarin mò // hé / mo4 // he2
Taiwan mo // ho
Japanese mujina / むじな
Chinese old term for northern peoples; silent; raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides); raccoon of North China, Korea and Japan (Japanese: tanuki); also pr. [hao2]
Japanese (out-dated kanji) (1) (kana only) badger; (2) (kana only) raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides)


see styles
Mandarin zhōng cháo / zhong1 chao2
Taiwan chung ch`ao / chung chao
Japanese chuuchou / chucho / ちゅうちょう
Chinese Sino-Korean; China and North Korea
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) China and North Korea; Chinese-North Korean; (2) imperial court; (3) Imperial Court (of Japan); (4) middle ages


see styles
Japanese kuson / クソン    kijou / kijo / きじょう    kameshiro / かめしろ    kamegi / かめぎ    kameki / かめき Japanese (place-name) Kusong (North Korea); (place-name) Kameshiro; (surname) Kamegi; (given name) Kameki


see styles
Japanese kechon / ケチョン    kaisen / かいせん Japanese (place-name) Kaechon (North Korea)


see styles
Japanese heryon / ホェリョン    feryon / フェリョン    kainei / kaine / かいねい Japanese (place-name) Hoeryong (North Korea)


see styles
Mandarin jiā yé / jia1 ye2
Taiwan chia yeh
Japanese kaya / かや
Japanese (female given name) Kaya; (place-name) Gaya (4th-6th century confederacy of chiefdoms in the Nakdong River valley of southern Korea)
伽邪; 伽闍 Gayā. (1) A city of Magadha, Buddhagayā (north-west of present Gaya), near which Śākyamuni became Buddha. (2) Gaja, an elephant. (3) 伽耶山 Gajaśirṣa, Elephant's Head Mountain; two are mentioned, one near "Vulture Peak", one near the Bo-tree. (4) kāya, the body.


see styles
Mandarin yuán shān / yuan2 shan1
Taiwan yüan shan
Japanese wonsan / ウォンサン    motoyama / もとやま    genzan / げんざん
Chinese Wonsan city in Kangweon province 江原道 of North Korea
Japanese (place-name, surname) Motoyama; (place-name) Wonsan (North Korea)



see styles
Mandarin běi hán / bei3 han2
Taiwan pei han
Japanese hokkan;bukkan / ほっかん;ブッカン
Chinese North Korea
Japanese (name used by South Korea) (See 北朝鮮) North Korea; (place-name) North Korea (name used in South Korea)


see styles
Mandarin nán běi / nan2 bei3
Taiwan nan pei
Japanese nanboku / なんぼく
Chinese north and south; north to south
Japanese (1) north and south; north to south; (2) (abbreviation) South Korea and North Korea; (surname) Minamikita; (given name) Nanboku
north and south; north and south


see styles
Mandarin nán pǔ / nan2 pu3
Taiwan nan p`u / nan pu
Japanese namupo / ナムポ    minamiura / みなみうら    nanpo / なんぽ
Japanese (place-name, surname) Minamiura; (surname) Nanpo; (place-name) Nampo (North Korea); Namp'o


see styles
Mandarin jí zhōu / ji2 zhou1
Taiwan chi chou
Japanese kitsushuu / kitsushu / きつしゅう    kisshuu / kisshu / きっしゅう    kichisu / きちす
Chinese Jizhou district of Ji'an city 吉安市, Jiangxi; Kilju county in North Hamgyeong province, North Korea
Japanese (surname) Kitsushuu; (surname) Kisshuu; (surname) Kichisu



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Mandarin xián xīng / xian2 xing1
Taiwan hsien hsing
Japanese hamun / ハムン    hamufun / ハムフン    kankou / kanko / かんこう
Chinese Hamhung, North Korea
Japanese (place-name) Hamhung (North Korea)



see styles
Mandarin xián jìng / xian2 jing4
Taiwan hsien ching
Chinese Hamgyeongdo Province of Joseon Korea, now divided into North Hamgyeong Province 咸鏡北道|咸镜北道[Xian2 jing4 bei3 dao4] and South Hamgyeong Province 咸鏡南道|咸镜南道[Xian2 jing4 nan2 dao4] of North Korea


see styles
Mandarin dà qiū / da4 qiu1
Taiwan ta ch`iu / ta chiu
Japanese tegu / テグ    taikyuu / taikyu / たいきゅう
Chinese Daegu Metropolitan City, capital of North Gyeongsang Province 慶尚北道|庆尚北道[Qing4 shang4 bei3 dao4] in east South Korea
Japanese (place-name) Daegu (South Korea); Taegu


see styles
Japanese anchu / アンチュ    anju / アンジュ    anshuu / anshu / あんしゅう Japanese (place-name) Anju (North Korea)


see styles
Mandarin dìng zhōu / ding4 zhou1
Taiwan ting chou
Japanese chonchu / チョンチュ    chonju / チョンジュ    teishuu / teshu / ていしゅう
Chinese Dingzhou county level city in Baoding 保定[Bao3 ding4], Hebei
Japanese (place-name) Chongju (North Korea); Jongju


see styles
Mandarin píng chéng / ping2 cheng2
Taiwan p`ing ch`eng / ping cheng
Japanese heijou;heizei / hejo;heze / へいじょう;へいぜい    hirajiro;hirajou / hirajiro;hirajo / ひらじろ;ひらじょう
Chinese Pyongsong (city in North Korea)
Japanese (See 平城京) Heijō-kyō (ancient name of Nara); (See 山城) castle on the plains; (surname) Heizei; (place-name, surname) Heijou; (place-name) Pyongsong (North Korea); P'yongsong; (surname) Hirajiro; (place-name, surname) Hirajou; (surname) Hirashiro; (surname) Hiragi; (surname) Hiraki; (place-name) Nara


see styles
Mandarin píng rǎng / ping2 rang3
Taiwan p`ing jang / ping jang
Chinese Pyongyang, capital of North Korea


see styles
Japanese tokuchon / トクチョン    tokusen / とくせん    tokugawa / とくがわ    tokugaha / とくがは    tokukawa / とくかわ Japanese (place-name) Tokchon (North Korea); (place-name, surname) Tokugawa; (surname) Tokugaha; (surname) Tokukawa


see styles
Mandarin zhōng qīng / zhong1 qing1
Taiwan chung ch`ing / chung ching
Japanese chuusei / chuse / ちゅうせい    tadakiyo / ただきよ
Chinese Chungcheong Province of Joseon Korea, now divided into North Chungcheong province 忠清北道[Zhong1 qing1 bei3 dao4] and South Chungcheong province 忠清南道[Zhong1 qing1 nan2 dao4] of South Korea
Japanese (given name) Chuusei; (given name) Tadakiyo


see styles
Japanese hesan / ヘサン    yoshitaka / よしたか    keizan / kezan / けいざん    eyama / えやま    esan / えさん Japanese (given name) Yoshitaka; (place-name) Hyesan (North Korea); (surname) Eyama; (place-name) Esan


see styles
Japanese fuyo / ふよ Japanese (place-name) Buyeo (ancient kingdom bordering China in the north of Korea)


see styles
Japanese munchon / ムンチョン    bunsen / ぶんせん    fumikawa / ふみかわ Japanese (place-name) Munchon (North Korea); (surname) Fumikawa


see styles
Mandarin xīn pǔ / xin1 pu3
Taiwan hsin p`u / hsin pu
Japanese niura / シンポ    shinpo / にうら
Chinese Xinpu district of Lianyungang city 連雲港市|连云港市[Lian2 yun2 gang3 shi4], Jiangsu
Japanese (surname) Niura; (place-name) Sinpo (North Korea); Sinp'o


see styles
Mandarin rì cháo / ri4 chao2
Taiwan jih ch`ao / jih chao
Japanese nicchou / niccho / にっちょう
Chinese Japan and Korea (esp. North Korea)
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) Japan and North Korea; Japanese-North Korean; (surname) Hiasa; (personal name) Nicchou

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
North Korea北朝鮮
kita chousen
kita chosen
běi cháo xiǎn
bei3 chao2 xian3
bei chao xian
pei ch`ao hsien
pei chao hsien
North Korea北鮮hokusen / hokusen
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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