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No Limitations

 màn lán
 man ran
No Limitations Scroll

漫瀾 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for “Having no boundaries or limitations.”

This literally talks of the vastness of an ocean or river.

Character breakdown:
漫 = free; unrestrained; to inundate; overflowing; boundless.
澜 = swelling water; large wave.

Endless / Without Limit

 wú jìn
 mu jin
Endless / Without Limit Scroll

無盡 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for endless; inexhaustible; without limits; infinite.

In the Buddhist context, this can refer to the infinitude of living beings, of worlds, of space, of the dharmadhātu, of nirvāṇa, etc.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your no limitations search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
fèn wài
    fen4 wai4
fen wai
exceptionally; not one's responsibility or job
(noun or adjectival noun) not within proper limits; excessive; unmerited; special
to be beyond one's limitations



see styles
zài chán
    zai4 chan2
tsai ch`an
    tsai chan
In bonds, i. e. the '在眞如 the bhūtatathatā in limitations, e. g. relative, v. 起信論 Awakening of Faith.


see styles
 jikou / jiko
(1) statute of limitations; lapse of rights after a period of time; prescription (including acquisitive and extinctive prescription); (2) becoming invalid or void after a set time; (3) {chem} (See 時効硬化) ageing; aging


see styles
jiè wài
    jie4 wai4
chieh wai
(place-name, surname) Kaige
The pure realms, or illimitable 'spiritual' regions of the Buddhas outside the three limitations of desire, form, and formlessness.


see styles
sān zhēn rú
    san1 zhen1 ru2
san chen ju
 san shinnyo
Three aspects of the bhūtatathatā, implying that it is above the limitations of form, creation, or a soul. (1) (a) 無相眞如 without form; (b) 無生眞如 without creation; (c) 無性眞如 without anything that can be called a nature for comparison; e.g. chaos, or primal matter. (2) (a) 善法眞如 The bhūtatathatā as good; (b) 不善法眞如 as evil; (c) 無記法眞如 as neutral, or neither good nor evil.


see styles
wǔ pú tí
    wu3 pu2 ti2
wu p`u t`i
    wu pu ti
 go bodai
The five bodhi, or stages of enlightenment: (1) 發心菩提 resolve on supreme bodhi; (2) 伏心菩提 mind control, i. e. of the passions and observance of the pāramitās: (3) 明心菩提 mental enlightenment, study, and increase in knowledge and in the prajñāpāramitā: (4) 出到菩提 mental expansion, freedom from the limitations of reincarnation and attainment of complete knowledge; (5) 無上菩提 attainment of a passionless condition and of supreme perfect enlightenment;.


see styles
(adverb) (1) (kana only) in itself; as it is; in its own way; as suits the occasion; (2) (kana only) within its capacity; within limitations


see styles
rú yì shēn
    ru2 yi4 shen1
ju i shen
ṛddhi, magic power exempting the body from physical limitations, v. 大教 and 神足.


see styles
jú xiàn xìng
    ju2 xian4 xing4
chü hsien hsing
limitations; (medicine) localized



see styles
shí xiào fǎ
    shi2 xiao4 fa3
shih hsiao fa
(law) statute of limitations



see styles
wú ài rén
    wu2 ai4 ren2
wu ai jen
 muge nin
The unhindered one, the Buddha, who unbarred the way to nirvāṇa, which releases from all limitations; the omnipresent one; the one who realizes nirvāṇa-truth.



see styles
xū wú shēn
    xu1 wu2 shen1
hsü wu shen
 komu shin
The immaterial Buddha-body, the spirit free from all limitations.



see styles
jué wù zhì
    jue2 wu4 zhi4
chüeh wu chih
Enlightened wisdom; wisdom that extends beyond the limitations of time and sense; omniscience.



see styles
tōng xí qì
    tong1 xi2 qi4
t`ung hsi ch`i
    tung hsi chi
 tsū jikke
karmic impressions that function without specific limitations


see styles
yī fǎ jiè xīn
    yi1 fa3 jie4 xin1
i fa chieh hsin
 ippokkai shin
A mind universal, above limitations of existence or differentiation.


see styles
(adverb) (1) (kana only) in itself; as it is; in its own way; as suits the occasion; (2) (kana only) within its capacity; within limitations


see styles
yè láng zì dà
    ye4 lang2 zi4 da4
yeh lang tzu ta
 yaroujidai / yarojidai
lit. Yelang thinks highly of itself (idiom); fig. foolish conceit
(noun or adjectival noun) (yoji) throwing one's weight around without knowing one's limitations; Yelang thinks too highly of itself



see styles
jì shù suǒ xiàn
    ji4 shu4 suo3 xian4
chi shu so hsien
technical limitations


see styles
 jikoukikan / jikokikan
{law} period of prescription; period of statute of limitations


see styles
 shoumetsujikou / shometsujiko
{law} extinctive prescription; negative prescription; statute of limitations



see styles
kōng yī qiè chù
    kong1 yi1 qie4 chu4
k`ung i ch`ieh ch`u
    kung i chieh chu
 kū issai sho
Universal emptiness, or space; the samādhi which removes all limitations of space; also 空徧處.



see styles
xū kōng wú wéi
    xu1 kong1 wu2 wei2
hsü k`ung wu wei
    hsü kung wu wei
 kokū mui
ākāśa, one of the asaṃskṛta dharmas, passive void or space; two kinds of space, or the immaterial, are named, the active and passive, or phenomenal and non-phenomenal (i.e. noumenal). The phenomenal is differentiated and limited, and apprehended by sight; the noumenal is without bounds or limitations, and belongs entirely to mental conception.



see styles
zhuī sù shí xiào
    zhui1 su4 shi2 xiao4
chui su shih hsiao
(law) period during which one can prosecute or sue sb (as stipulated by a statute of limitations)


see styles
(time limit imposed by the) statute of limitations


see styles
 shussokigenhou / shussokigenho
statute of limitations


see styles
{comp} technical limitations; limits of technology



see styles
nà qié è là shùn à
    na4 qie2 e4 la4 shun4 a4
na ch`ieh o la shun a
    na chieh o la shun a
(or 那伽閼曷樹那) Nāgārjuna, 龍樹 the dragon-arjuna tree, or nāgakrośana, intp. probably wrongly as 龍猛 dragon-fierce. One of the 'four suns' and reputed founder of Mahāyāna (but see 阿 for Aśvaghoṣa), native of South India, the fourteenth patriarch; he is said to have cut off his head as an offering. 'He probably flourished in the latter half of the second century A. D.' Eliot, v. 龍樹. He founded the Mādhyamika or 中 School, generally considered as advocating doctrines of negation or nihilism, but his aim seems to have been a reality beyond the limitations of positive and negative, the identification of contraries in a higher synthesis, e. g. birth and death, existence and non-existence, eternal and non-eternal; v. 中論.


see styles
(adverb) (1) (kana only) (See 形・なり) in itself; as it is; in its own way; as suits the occasion; (adverb) (2) (kana only) within its capacity; within limitations

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
No Limitations漫瀾
man ran / manranmàn lán / man4 lan2 / man lan / manlan
Without Limit
mu jin / mujinwú jìn / wu2 jin4 / wu jin / wujinwu chin / wuchin
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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