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shuǐ xīng
sui shou
Mercury Scroll

水星 is title for the planet Mercury in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

The literal meaning is "water star". This title has been used to refer to Mercury in much of Asia for the past 2200 years or longer.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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shuǐ xīng
    shui3 xing1
shui hsing
 suisei / suise
Mercury Scroll
Mercury (planet)
{astron} Mercury (planet); (surname) Mizuboshi

see styles
mercury (chemistry)


see styles
(1) (See 九星) first of nine traditional astrological signs (corresponding to Mercury and north); (2) white patch on one foot of a horse; horse with such a patch; (3) surface (landscape) that is white all over; pure white; (given name) Kazushiro


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qī yào
    qi1 yao4
ch`i yao
    chi yao
 shichiyou / shichiyo
the seven planets of premodern astronomy (the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn)
(1) {astron} the seven luminaries (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn); (2) the seven days of the week
The seven brilliant ones — the sun and moon, together with the five planets which are connected with fire, water, wood, metal, and earth. Their essence shines in the sky, but their spirits are over men as judges of their good and evil, and as rulers over good and evil fortune. The following list shows their names in Chinese and Sanskrit:
Sun 日, 太陽; aditya 阿彌底耶
Moon月, 太陰; soma 蘇摩
Mars火星, 勢惑勞; aṅgāraka 盎哦囉迦
Mercury水星, 辰星; budha 部陀
Jupiter木星, 歳星; bṛhaspati 勿哩訶娑跛底
Venus金星, 太白; śukra 戌羯羅
Saturn土星, 鎭星; śanaiścara 賖乃以室折羅; seven celestial bodies


see styles
jiǔ yào
    jiu3 yao4
chiu yao
 kuyou / kuyo
(surname) Kuyou
九執 q.v. Navagraha. The nine luminaries: 日 Āditya, the sun; 月 Sōma, the moon; the five planets, i.e. 火星 Aṅgāraka, Mars; 水 Budha, Mercury; 木 Bṛhaspati, Jupiter; 金 Sukra, Venus; and 土 Śanaiścara, Saturn; also 羅睺 Rāhu, the spirit that causes eclipses; and 計都 Ketu, a comet. Each is associated with a region of the sky and also with a bodhisattva, etc., e.g. the sun with Guanyin, Venus with Amitābha, etc.


see styles
wǔ xīng
    wu3 xing1
wu hsing
 gosei / gose
the five visible planets, namely: Mercury 水星, Venus 金星, Mars 火星, Jupiter 木星, Saturn 土星
(1) (hist) the five planets (in ancient Chinese astronomy; Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury); (2) five stars; (personal name) Gosei
The five planets, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury; also 五執.



see styles
shēn chén
    shen1 chen2
shen ch`en
    shen chen
Orion and Mercury; Orion and Mercury



see styles
chà nǚ
    cha4 nu:3
ch`a nü
    cha nü
beautiful girl; mercury


see styles
 yamaai; yamai(ok); yamaai / yamai; yamai(ok); yamai
    やまあい; やまい(ok); ヤマアイ
(kana only) Mercurialis leiocarpa (species of mercury whose leaves can be used to produce an indigo dye); (surname) Yamaai


see styles
shān diàn
    shan1 dian4
shan tien


see styles
 shoukou / shoko
mercury chloride; corrosive sublimate


see styles
shuǐ yào
    shui3 yao4
shui yao
 suiyou / suiyo
(adv,n) Wednesday
The planet Mercury, one of the nine luminaries; it is shown south of the west door of the diamond court in the Garbhadhātu.



see styles
shuǐ yín
    shui3 yin2
shui yin
mercury; quicksilver
(noun - becomes adjective with の) mercury (Hg)



see styles
gǒng dēng
    gong3 deng1
kung teng
mercury-vapor lamp


see styles
hùn gǒng
    hun4 gong3
hun kung
mercury amalgam


see styles
gān gǒng
    gan1 gong3
kan kung
 kankou / kanko
calomel or mercurous chloride (Hg2Cl2)
calomel (mercury chloride)


see styles
chén xīng
    chen2 xing1
ch`en hsing
    chen hsing
 shinsei / shinse
Mercury in traditional Chinese astronomy; see also 水星[shui3 xing1]
(1) {astron} celestial bodies; stars; (2) {astron} bright star used for timekeeping (e.g. Sirius); (3) (hist) {astron} Mercury (in ancient Chinese astronomy); (4) {astron} Chinese "room" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)


see styles
 raikou / raiko
mercury fulminate


see styles
 shichiyousei / shichiyose
(1) {astron} (See 北斗七星) the Big Dipper (asterism); the Plough; the Plow; (2) {astron} (See 七曜・1) the seven luminaries (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn)


see styles
mò qiū lì
    mo4 qiu1 li4
mo ch`iu li
    mo chiu li
Mercury (Roman god)


see styles
(irregular okurigana usage) small western mirror with mercury added to the glass (Edo period)



see styles
shuǐ yǔ bìng
    shui3 yu3 bing4
shui yü ping
Minamata disease (mercury poisoning found in Southern Japan in 1956)
See: 水俣病


see styles
mercurials (drugs containing mercury)


see styles
 suiginchuu / suiginchu
column of mercury


see styles
 suigintou / suiginto
mercury lamp



see styles
shuǐ yín dēng
    shui3 yin2 deng1
shui yin teng
 suigintou / suiginto
mercury-vapor lamp
(female given name) Suigintou


see styles
(irregular okurigana usage) small western mirror with mercury added to the glass (Edo period)


see styles
bù yǐn tuó
    bu4 yin3 tuo2
pu yin t`o
    pu yin to
or 部引陁 The planet Mercury, i.e. Buddha.


see styles
bù yǐn tuó
    bu4 yin3 tuo2
pu yin t`o
    pu yin to


see styles
 raikou / raiko
mercury fulminate

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Mercury水星sui shou / suishou / sui shoshuǐ xīng
shui3 xing1
shui xing
shui hsing

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