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Loving-Kindness Conquers All in Chinese / Japanese...

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Loving-Kindness Conquers All

cí bēi zhēng fú yī qiè
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll

This is a way to express the idea that mercy, compassion, and loving-kindness can overcome all things.

This phrase is composed of 3 Chinese words:
慈悲 = loving-kindness; mercy; compassion; benevolence. It's used in Buddhism a lot to express the idea of how one should treat everyone else and all living beings.
征服 = to conquer; to subdue; to vanquish; to overcome.
一切 = all; everything; the whole; lock, stock, and barrel; without exception.

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Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
Loving-Kindness Conquers All慈悲征服一切cí bēi zhēng fú yī qiè
ci2 bei1 zheng1 fu2 yi1 qie4
ci bei zheng fu yi qie
tz`u pei cheng fu i ch`ieh
tzu pei cheng fu i chieh

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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rén / ren2
 jin(p);nin / じん(P);にん
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
humane; kernel
(1) (じん only) benevolence (esp. as a virtue of Confucianism); consideration; compassion; humanity; charity; (2) (じん only) human; (3) kernel; (4) (じん only) (See 核小体) nucleolus; (given name) Yasushi
Kindness, benevolence, virtue; altruism

see styles
/ de2
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
virtue; goodness; morality; ethics; kindness; favor; character; kind
Virtue, moral excellence, moral power, power; also translates guṇa; translit. ta; attribute, merit

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ēn / en1
 on / おん
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
favor; grace; kindness
favour; favor; obligation; debt of gratitude; (given name) Megumu
Grace, favour; compassion


see styles
rén qíng / ren2 qing2
jen ch`ing / jen ching
 ninjou / ninjo / にんじょう
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
human emotions; social relationship; friendship; favor; a good turn
(1) humanity; empathy; kindness; sympathy; (2) human nature; common sense; customs and manners
human emotions


see styles
rén cí / ren2 ci2
jen tz`u / jen tzu
 jinji / じんじ
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
benevolent; charitable; kind; kindly; kindness; merciful
kind-hearted; benevolence; (given name) Hitoji


see styles
shàn xīn / shan4 xin1
shan hsin
 zenshin / ぜんしん
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
kindness; benevolence; philanthropy; virtuous intentions
virtue; moral sense; conscience; (given name) Yoshinaka
A good heart, or mind; good mind


see styles
shàn yì / shan4 yi4
shan i
 zeni / ぜんい
goodwill; benevolence; kindness
(1) virtuous mind; (2) good intentions; good will; (3) positive mindset; (4) {law} (See 悪意・3) bona fides; good faith; (personal name) Yoshii
good intentions


see styles
hǎo yì / hao3 yi4
hao i
 koui / koi / こうい
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
good intention; kindness
(1) kindness; favor; favour; friendliness; (2) goodwill; affection; liking (for someone); love



see styles
ài xīn / ai4 xin1
ai hsin
 aishin / らぶ
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
compassion; kindness; care for others; love; CL:片[pian4]; charity (bazaar, golf day etc); heart (the symbol ♥)
(female given name) Rabu
A loving heart; a mind full of desire; a mind dominated by desire; mental state of desire



see styles
ài yǔ / ai4 yu3
ai yü
 aigo / あいご
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
(female given name) Aigo
Loving speech; the words of a bodhisattva; loving words


see styles
 jifu / じふ
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
affectionate father; loving father



see styles
wú liàng / wu2 liang4
wu liang
 muryou / muryo / むりょう
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
measureless; immeasurable
(noun - becomes adjective with の) immeasurable; (given name) Muryou
apramāṇa; amita; ananta; immeasurable, unlimited, e.g. the 'four infinite' characteristics of a bodhisattva are 慈悲喜捨 kindness, pity, joy, and self-sacrifice; uncountable



see styles
qīn qiè / qin1 qie4
ch`in ch`ieh / chin chieh
 shinsetsu / しんせつ
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
amiable; cordial; close and dear; familiar
(noun or adjectival noun) kindness; gentleness



see styles
yī shì tóng rén / yi1 shi4 tong2 ren2
i shih t`ung jen / i shih tung jen
 isshidoujin / isshidojin / いっしどうじん
to treat everyone equally favorably (idiom); not to discriminate between people
(yoji) loving every human being with impartiality; universal brotherhood; universal benevolence


see styles
 omoiyari / おもいやり
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
consideration; thoughtfulness; sympathy; compassion; feeling; kindness; understanding; regard; kindheartedness



see styles
ài qíng zhēng fú yī qiè / ai4 qing2 zheng1 fu2 yi1 qie4
ai ch`ing cheng fu i ch`ieh / ai ching cheng fu i chieh
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Scroll
love conquers all; omnia vincit amor

see styles
zhì / zhi4
 kokorozashi / こころざし
aspiration; ambition; the will
(1) will; resolution; intention; ambition; aim; goal; (2) kindness; goodwill; kind offer; (3) gift (as a token of gratitude); (female given name) Yuki
Will, resolve, 志意; 心志; also data, records; resolution

see styles
qiǎn / qian3
ch`ien / chien
attached to; loving

see styles
lín / lin2
 rin / りん
to face; to overlook; to arrive; to be (just) about to; just before
(female given name) Rin
To regard with kindness: approach, on the brink of, about to; whilst; to approach


see styles
 okokorozashi / おこころざし (honorific or respectful language) kindness; courtesy


see styles
 goon / ごおん (honorific or respectful language) (received) favor, kindness or blessing (favour)


see styles
sān bìng / san1 bing4
san ping
The three ailments: (1) (a) 貪 lust, for which the 不淨觀 meditation on uncleanness is the remedy; (b) 瞋 anger, or hate, remedy 慈悲觀 meditation on kindness and pity; (c) 癡 stupidity, or ignorance, remedy 因緣觀 meditation on causality. (2) (a) 謗 Slander of Mahāyāna; (b) 五逆罪 the five gross sins; (c) to be a "heathen" or outsider; the forms recorded seem to be icchantika, ecchantika, and aicchantika. Cf. 三毒; three diseases


see styles
rén xīn / ren2 xin1
jen hsin
 jinshin(p);hitogokoro / じんしん(P);ひとごころ
popular feeling; the will of the people
human nature; human heart; human spirit; kindness; sympathy; (given name) Jinshin
minds of men



see styles
rén shù / ren2 shu4
jen shu
 jinjutsu / じんじゅつ
kindness; benevolence; to govern in humanitarian way
benevolent act; healing act


see styles
 yakkai / やっかい (noun or adjectival noun) (1) trouble; burden; nuisance; bother; worry; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) care; dependence; support; kindness; obligation; staying (with a person)


see styles
 koujou / kojo / こうじょう kindness; favour; favor; hospitality


see styles
 koui / koi / こうい kindness; favor; favour


see styles
sì xīn / si4 xin1
ssu hsin
The hearts of kindness, pity, joy, and indifference, idem 四無量心; four thoughts


see styles
sì děng / si4 deng3
ssu teng
The four virtues which a Buddha out of his infinite heart manifests equally to all; also called 四無量 q. w. They are: 慈悲喜捨 maitrī, karuṇā, muditā, upekṣā, i. e. kindness, pity, joy and indifference, or 護 protection. Another group is 字語法身, i. e. 字 that all Buddhas have the same title or titles; 語 speak the same language; 法 proclaim the same truth; and 身 have each the threefold body, or trikāya. A third group is 諸法 all things are equally included in the bhūtatathatā; 發心 the mind-nature being universal, its field of action is universal; 道等 the way or method is also universal; therefore 慈悲 the mercy (of the Buddhas) is universal for all.


see styles
 houtoku / hotoku / ほうとく repayment of someone's kindness; showing one's gratitude; moral requital; (place-name) Houtoku

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