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Initiative in Chinese / Japanese...

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Initiative / Leadership

jī jí
Initiative / Leadership Scroll

In Chinese, this word means "to take the initiative".

In Japanese and Korean, the meaning varies slightly to a meaning that leans more toward "leadership" (as in one who is leading a group or organization).

Initiative / Proactive / Positive

jī jí
Initiative / Proactive / Positive Scroll

積極 closely matches the way initiative is often used in English. 積極 can also mean active, energetic, vigorous, positive (outlook), or proactive in Chinese.

The meaning also includes positive and progressive in Japanese and Korean.

Consciousness of Self

zì jué
Consciousness of Self Scroll

自覺 is the idea of being conscious, self-aware and sometimes "on one's own initiative".

覚After WWII, they started using a simplified form of the second Kanji for this word in Japan. That version is shown to the right, and you can click on that Kanji if you want the modern Japanese form. Otherwise, the characters shown in the upper left are the correct ones for ancient/old/traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
shudou / shudojī jí / ji1 ji2 / ji ji / jijichi chi / chichi
sekkyoku / sekyokujī jí / ji1 ji2 / ji ji / jijichi chi / chichi
Consciousness of Self自覺
自觉 / 自覚
jikakuzì jué / zi4 jue2 / zi jue / zijuetzu chüeh / tzuchüeh
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
zhǔ dòng / zhu3 dong4
chu tung
 shudou / shudo / しゅどう
Consciousness of Self Scroll
to take the initiative; to do something of one's own accord; spontaneous; active; opposite: passive 被動|被动[bei4 dong4]; drive (of gears and shafts etc)



see styles
zì jué / zi4 jue2
tzu chüeh
 jikaku / じがく
Consciousness of Self Scroll
conscious; aware; on one's own initiative; conscientious
(surname) Jigaku
to realize for oneself



see styles
zhǔ dǎo / zhu3 dao3
chu tao
 shudou / shudo / しゅどう
leading; dominant; prevailing; to lead; to direct; to dominate
(noun/participle) leadership; initiative; spearhead



see styles
chàng yí / chang4 yi2
ch`ang i / chang i
initiative; to initiate; to propose (a new course of action)



see styles
chàng yì / chang4 yi4
ch`ang i / chang i
to suggest; to initiate; proposal; initiative


see styles
 sensei / sense / せんせい (n,vs,adj-no) head start; initiative; preemption


see styles
 sente / せんて (1) first move (in go, shogi, etc.); moving first; person with the first move; (2) (See 後手・1) forestalling; (seizing the) initiative


see styles
 sengi / せんぎ (noun/participle) initiative; prior consideration


see styles
xiān biān / xian1 bian1
hsien pien
 senben / せんべん
to take precedence; to make an early start; to lead the way
initiative; pioneering


see styles
gōng sī / gong1 si1
kung ssu
 koushi / koshi / こうし
public and private (interests, initiative etc)
(noun - becomes adjective with の) public and private; official and personal; government and people



see styles
chū tóu / chu1 tou2
ch`u t`ou / chu tou
 shuttou / shutto / しゅっとう
to get out of a predicament; to stick out; to take the initiative; remaining odd fraction after a division; a little more than
(noun/participle) (1) appearance; presence; attendance; (2) surrender (e.g. to the police); turning oneself in; (surname) Dedou
to appear


see styles
 sossen / そっせん (noun/participle) taking the initiative


see styles
 torikumi / とりくみ (1) bout (in sports, etc.); match; (2) effort; initiative; dealing with; grappling with; wrestling with; (place-name) Torikumi



see styles
zhuān shàn / zhuan1 shan4
chuan shan
without authorization; to act on one's own initiative


see styles
 sossen / そっせん (noun/participle) taking the initiative


see styles
 gote / ごて (1) (See 先手・せんて・2) losing initiative; being forestalled; (2) second move (in go or shogi); moving second; person with the second move; (3) (See 後詰め) rear guard


see styles
 tenuki / てぬき (noun/participle) (1) omitting crucial steps; cutting corners; skimping; (2) intentional negligence; (3) tenuki; taking the initiative by ignoring the opponent's last move and playing somewhere else (in go)


see styles
zhǎng wò / zhang3 wo4
chang wo
 shouaku / shoaku / しょうあく
to grasp (often fig.); to control; to seize (initiative, opportunity, destiny); to master; to know well; to understand something well and know how to use it; fluency
(noun/participle) grasping; seizing; holding; commanding; having control over


see styles
shuài xiān / shuai4 xian1
shuai hsien
 sossen / そっせん
to take the lead; to show initiative
(noun/participle) taking the initiative


see styles
 hatsugi;hotsugi / はつぎ;ほつぎ (noun/participle) proposal; suggestion; motion; initiative



see styles
fā xīn / fa1 xin1
fa hsin
Mental initiation or initiative, resolve, make up the mind to; to start out for bodhi, or perfect enlightenment; to show kindness of heart, give alms; arousal of mind



see styles
fā qǐ / fa1 qi3
fa ch`i / fa chi
to originate; to initiate; to launch (an attack, an initiative etc); to start; to propose something (for the first time)
To spring up, begin, develop, stimulate; to begin


see styles
 kokoromi / こころみ (1) attempt; trial; experiment; (2) endeavour (endeavor); effort; venture; initiative



see styles
jìn qǔ / jin4 qu3
chin ch`ü / chin chü
 shinshu / しんしゅ
to show initiative; to be a go-getter; to push forward with one's agenda
(adj-no,n) enterprising; go-ahead; progressive


see styles
 shutaisei / shutaise / しゅたいせい independence of will or action; self-direction; autonomy; initiative; identity


see styles
zhǔ dòng quán / zhu3 dong4 quan2
chu tung ch`üan / chu tung chüan
initiative (as in "seize the initiative"); advantageous position that allows one to call the shots


see styles
 shudouken / shudoken / しゅどうけん hegemony; leadership; initiative


see styles
 tadouteki / tadoteki / たどうてき (adjectival noun) passive; lacking initiative; lacking autonomy



see styles
chàng yì shū / chang4 yi4 shu1
ch`ang i shu / chang i shu
written proposal; document outlining an initiative


see styles
 torikumi / とりくみ (1) bout (in sports, etc.); match; (2) effort; initiative; dealing with; grappling with; wrestling with

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