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The Name Greece in Chinese / Japanese...

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xī là
Greece Scroll

希臘 is the Chinese name for the country of Greece.

See Also:  Europe


gi ri sha
Greece Scroll

ギリシャ is Greece in Japanese Katakana.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
xī là / xi1 la4 / xi la / xilahsi la / hsila
Greeceギリシャgi ri sha / girisha
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
xī là / xi1 la4
hsi la
 girisha / ぎりしゃ
Greece Scroll
(ateji / phonetic) (kana only) Greece (por:); (place-name) Greece


see styles
 girisha / ギリシャ
Greece Scroll
(place-name) Greece

see styles
/ xi1
 gi / ぎ
to hope; to admire; variant of 稀[xi1]
(n,n-pref) (abbreviation) (See 希臘) Greece; Greek; Greco-; (female given name) Megumi
Rare, seldom, few; to hope for; rare


see styles
 sere / セレ (place-name) Ceret (France); Serrai (Greece)



see styles
ài qín / ai4 qin2
ai ch`in / ai chin
 makoto / まこと
Aegean (sea between Greece and Turkey)
(female given name) Makoto



see styles
ōu zhū / ou1 zhu1
ou chu
(economics) (derog.) PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain); PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain)


see styles
yǎ diǎn / ya3 dian3
ya tien
 gaten / まさのり
Athens, capital of Greece
(given name) Masanori
a refined canon


see styles
 agora / アゴラ (1) agora (public open space in ancient Greece) (grc:); (2) {comp} Agora (programming language)


see styles
 aruta / アルタ (place-name) Arta (Greece)


see styles
 edesa / エデサ (place-name) Edhessa (Greece)


see styles
 kabara / カバラ kabbalah (Jewish mystic tradition) (heb: kabbālāh); qabalah; cabala; (place-name) Kabala (Siera Leone); Kavala (Greece); Kavalla; Cavara


see styles
 kozani / コザニ (place-name) Kozani (Greece)


see styles
 teebe / テーベ (place-name) Thebae; Thebae (Greece); Thebai; Thebes


see styles
 dorama / ドラマ (1) (abbreviation) (See テレビドラマ) (non-documentary) television series; TV drama; teledrama; play; (2) drama; dramatic incident; spectacle; tragedy; (place-name) Dhrama (Greece)


see styles
 hiosu / ヒオス (place-name) Khios (Greece)


see styles
 beria / ベリア (place-name) Veria; Veroia (Greece)


see styles
 borosu / ボロス (place-name) Volos (Greece)


see styles
 ramia / ラミア (place-name) Lamia (Greece)


see styles
 rarisa / ラリサ (place-name) Larisa (Greece); Larissa


see styles
 rodosu / ロドス (place-name) Rodhos (Greece)


see styles
 shichikenjin / しちけんじん (See 七賢・1) the Seven Wise Men (of Greece); the Seven Sages of Greece


see styles
yǐ fú suǒ / yi3 fu2 suo3
i fu so
Ephesus, city of ancient Greece



see styles
yī sà kǎ / yi1 sa4 ka3
i sa k`a / i sa ka
Ithaca, Island state of Greece, the home of Odysseus 奧迪修斯|奥迪修斯; Ithaca NY, location of Cornell University 康奈爾|康奈尔



see styles
gǔ xī là / gu3 xi1 la4
ku hsi la
ancient Greece


see styles
kē lín sī / ke1 lin2 si1
k`o lin ssu / ko lin ssu
Corinth (city of ancient Greece)



see styles
qǐ sè jiā / qi3 se4 jia1
ch`i se chia / chi se chia
Ithaca, Island state of Greece, the home of Odysseus 奧迪修斯|奥迪修斯[Ao4 di2 xiu1 si1]; Ithaca NY (but pronounced [Yi3 se4 jia1]), location of Cornell University 康奈爾|康奈尔[Kang1 nai4 er3]



see styles
luó dé dǎo / luo2 de2 dao3
lo te tao
Rhode Island, US state; Rhodes, an island of Greece



see styles
luó dé dǎo / luo2 de2 dao3
lo te tao
Rhode Island, US state; Rhodes, an island of Greece



see styles
ā kè lún / a1 ke4 lun2
a k`o lun / a ko lun
Acheron River in Epirus, northwest Greece


see styles
 aurisu / アウリス (place-name) Aulis (Greece)

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