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Eastern Europe

China dōng ōu
Japan tou ou
Eastern Europe Vertical Wall Scroll

東歐 is the Chinese, old Korean Hanja, and traditional Japanese name for Eastern Europe.

Japanese for EuropePlease note that Japanese use an alternate/simplified version of the character for Europe - it also happens to be the same simplification used in mainland China. Click on the character to the right if you want the Japanese/Simplified version of this two-character Eastern Europe calligraphy.


China ōu zhōu
Japan ou shuu
Europe Vertical Wall Scroll

歐洲 is the Chinese name for the continent of Europe.

Japanese for EuropePlease note that Japanese use an alternate/simplified version of the first character and an alternate form of the second character. Click on the characters to the right if you want the Japanese/Simplified version of this two-character Europe calligraphy.

Western Europe

China xī ōu
Japan sei ou
Western Europe Vertical Wall Scroll

西歐 is the Chinese, old Korean Hanja, and traditional Japanese name for Western Europe.

Japanese for EuropePlease note that Japanese use an alternate/simplified version of the character for Europe - it also happens to be the same simplification used in mainland China. Click on the character to the right if you want the Japanese/Simplified version of this two-character Western Europe calligraphy.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



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Mandarin dōng ōu / dong1 ou1
Taiwan tung ou
Chinese Eastern Europe



see styles
Mandarin ōu zhōu / ou1 zhou1
Taiwan ou chou
Chinese Europe; abbr. for 歐羅巴洲|欧罗巴洲[Ou1 luo2 ba1 Zhou1]


see styles
Mandarin tài xī / tai4 xi1
Taiwan t`ai hsi / tai hsi
Japanese taisei / taise / たいせい
Western Europe Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese "the Far West"; old term for Europe and America
Japanese the Occident; the West


see styles
Japanese seiou / seo / せいおう
Western Europe Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) Western Europe; (place-name) Seiou



see styles
Mandarin xī ōu / xi1 ou1
Taiwan hsi ou
Chinese Western Europe



see styles
Mandarin mǎ xiē ěr / ma3 xie1 er3
Taiwan ma hsieh erh
Chinese Marshall (name); George Catlett Marshall (1880-1959), US general in WWII and Secretary of State 1947-1949, author of the postwar Marshall plan for Europe and Nobel peace laureate

see styles
Mandarin ōu / ou1
Taiwan ou
Japanese ou / o / おう
Chinese (used for transliteration); old variant of 謳|讴[ou1]; Europe; abbr. for 歐洲|欧洲[Ou1 zhou1]; surname Ou
Japanese (surname) Ou


see styles
Japanese chuuou / chuo / ちゅうおう Japanese Central Europe



see styles
Mandarin zhōng ōu / zhong1 ou1
Taiwan chung ou
Chinese China-Europe (e.g. trading relations); Central Europe
Japanese See: 中欧


see styles
Japanese aou / ao / あおう Japanese Asia and Europe; Eurasia


see styles
Japanese zenou / zeno / ぜんおう Japanese all Europe


see styles
Japanese hokuou / hokuo / ほくおう Japanese Northern Europe; Nordic countries; Scandinavia; (place-name) Hokuou



see styles
Mandarin běi ōu / bei3 ou1
Taiwan pei ou
Chinese north Europe; Scandinavia
Japanese See: 北欧


see styles
Mandarin běi hǎi / bei3 hai3
Taiwan pei hai
Japanese hokkai / ほっかい
Chinese Beihai, park in Beijing to the northwest of the Forbidden City; the North Sea (Europe); Beihai prefecture-level city and seaport in Guangxi; Bohai Sea; Lake Baikal
Japanese (1) northern sea; (2) North Sea; (surname) Hokkai; (personal name) Hokukai; (female given name) Kitami; (surname) Kitaumi


see styles
Japanese nanou / nano / なんおう Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) Southern Europe; (female given name) Nao



see styles
Mandarin nán ōu / nan2 ou1
Taiwan nan ou
Chinese Southern Europe
Japanese See: 南欧


see styles
Japanese nanban / なんばん Japanese (1) (archaism) (derogatory term) southern barbarians (formerly used by the Chinese to refer to non-ethnic Chinese to the south); (2) (archaism) South-East Asia; (3) (archaism) (See 紅毛・2) Western Europe (esp. Spain and Portugal, their South-East Asian colonies, and their goods and people arriving in Japan via the colonies); (prefix) (4) exotic (esp. Western European or South-East Asian style); (5) (usu.ナンバ) (in dance, puppetry, etc.) thrusting the right foot and right arm forward at the same time (or left foot and left arm); (6) (abbreviation) (See 南蛮煮・なんばんに・2) food prepared using chili peppers or Welsh onions


see styles
Japanese inou / ino / いんおう Japanese (n,adj-f) India and Europe; Indo-European


see styles
Japanese wayou / wayo / わよう Japanese Japan and Europe; (given name) Kazuhiro; (given name) Kazunada



see styles
Mandarin dà lù / da4 lu4
Taiwan ta lu
Japanese tairiku / たいりく
Chinese continent; mainland; CL:個|个[ge4],塊|块[kuai4]; mainland China (reference to the PRC)
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) continent; (2) continental Asia (esp. mainland China); (3) continental Europe; (female given name) Riku; (given name) Dairoku; (given name) Tairiku


see styles
Japanese taiou / taio / たいおう Japanese (can be adjective with の) pertaining to Europe; towards Europe


see styles
Mandarin dǎ kǒu / da3 kou3
Taiwan ta k`ou / ta kou
Chinese (of CDs, videos etc) surplus (or "cut-out") stock from Western countries, sometimes marked with a notch in the disc or its case, sold cheaply in China (beginning in the 1990s), as well as Eastern Europe etc


see styles
Japanese nichiou / nichio / にちおう Japanese Japan and Europe; Japanese-European


see styles
Japanese touou / too / とうおう Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) Eastern Europe; (place-name) Touou



see styles
Mandarin jí xī / ji2 xi1
Taiwan chi hsi
Chinese "the Far West"; old term for Europe


see styles
Japanese oua / oa / おうあ Japanese Europe and Asia; (personal name) Oua


see styles
Japanese oushuu / oshu / おうしゅう Japanese Europe; (place-name) Europe


see styles
Japanese oushuu / oshu / おうしゅう Japanese Europe


see styles
Japanese oubei / obe / おうべい Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) Europe and America; the West; (place-name) Europe & America



see styles
Mandarin ōu yà / ou1 ya4
Taiwan ou ya
Chinese Europe and Asia; Eurasia

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Eastern Europe東歐
tou ou / touou / to o / toodōng ōu / dong1 ou1 / dong ou / dongoutung ou / tungou
欧洲 / 欧州
ou shuu / oushuu / o shu / oshuōu zhōu / ou1 zhou1 / ou zhou / ouzhouou chou / ouchou
Western Europe西歐
sei ou / seiou / sei o / seioxī ōu / xi1 ou1 / xi ou / xiouhsi ou / hsiou
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Mother and Son
Never Give Up
Om Mani Padme Hum
Peace and Happiness
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Serenity and Peace
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Zen Circle

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