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ガーランド is the name Garland in Japanese.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

jiā lán
Garland Scroll

加蘭 is the name Garland in Chinese (Mandarin).

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Garlandガーランドgaarando / garando
jiā lán / jia1 lan2 / jia lan / jialanchia lan / chialan
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
 rei / re
Garland Scroll
(1) lei (garland of flowers) (haw:); (2) (See レウ) lei (plural of leu; currency of Rumania and Moldova) (rum:, mol:); (given name) Rei; Lai; Lay; Lei; Leigh; Ley; Rae; Raye; Reay; Rej; Wray; (place-name) Rey (Iran)


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 gaarando / garando
Garland Scroll
(place-name) Garland

see styles
 katsura(p); kazura; katsura
    かつら(P); かずら; カツラ
(of woman's hair) beautiful; flower garland worn as an ornament
(kana only) wig; hairpiece; toupee; (female given name) Katsura
A head-dress, coiffure; a chaplet, wreath, etc.; idem 末利; garland



see styles
guāng wǎng
    guang1 wang3
kuang wang
net or garland of rays; net or garland of rays



see styles
mó luó
    mo2 luo2
mo lo
(1) obstacle to Buddhist practice; (2) (vulgar) (kana only) penis
māla, a wreath, garland, chaplet, headdress; also tr. as Māra, a huge fish, cf. 摩竭羅 makara; (Skt. māra)



see styles
míng wǎng
    ming2 wang3
ming wang
net or garland of rays; net or garland of rays


see styles
 shungiku; shungiku
    しゅんぎく; シュンギク
edible chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum coronarium); crown daisy; garland chrysanthemum; (female given name) Harugiku


see styles
 eikan / ekan
laurels; garland


see styles
guì guān
    gui4 guan1
kuei kuan
 keikan / kekan
laurel; victory garland (in Greek and Western culture)
crown of laurel



see styles
wǎng guāng
    wang3 guang1
wang kuang
net or garland of rays; net or garland of rays


see styles
huā guān
    hua1 guan1
hua kuan
corolla (of flower); garland; wreath


see styles
huā quān
    hua1 quan1
hua ch`üan
    hua chüan
wreath; garland



see styles
huā huán
    hua1 huan2
hua huan
garland; floral hoop
wreath; garland


see styles
garland; festoon (of flowers)


see styles
garland; festoon (of flowers); (female given name) Kana


see styles
wreath; garland; (place-name, surname) Hanawa


see styles
huā mán
    hua1 man2
hua man
flower garland; flower garland


see styles
tóng hāo
    tong2 hao1
t`ung hao
    tung hao
crown daisy; garland chrysanthemum; Chrysanthemum coronarium



see styles
huá yán
    hua2 yan2
hua yen
avataṃsa, a garland, a ring-shaped ornament, M. W.; the flower-adorned, or a garland; the name of the Huayan sūtra, and the Huayan (Jap. Kegon) school; cf. 健; flower adornment


see styles
(1) (obsolete) bridle made from knotted rope or leather; (2) multi-coloured rope ceremonial garland, placed on cattle, large rocks, etc.


see styles
chǐ mán
    chi3 man2
ch`ih man
    chih man
a garland of teeth; a garland of teeth



see styles
xiū duō luó
    xiu1 duo1 luo2
hsiu to lo
(place-name) Sutara
Sutra; from siv, to sew, to thread, to string together, intp. as 綖, i.e. 線 thread, string; strung together as a garland of flowers. Sutras or addresses attributed to the Buddha, usually introduced by 如是我聞 thus have I heard, Evam mayā śrutam It is intp. by 經 a warp, i.e. the threads on which a piece is woven; it is the sūtra-piṭaka, or first portion of the Tripiṭaka; but is sometimes applied to the whole canon. It is also intp. 契 or契經 scriptures. Also 修單羅; 修妬路; 修多闌; 修單蘭多; 素呾纜 (or 素怛纜); 蘇多羅 (or 蘇呾羅). A clasp on the seven-piece robe of the 眞宗 Shin sect.


see styles
yuè guì guān
    yue4 gui4 guan1
yüeh kuei kuan
 gekkeikan / gekkekan
laurel crown; victory garland (in Greek and Western culture)
laurel wreath; (c) Gekkeikan (sake manufacturer)


see styles
zhū huā mán
    zhu1 hua1 man2
chu hua man
garland made of beads and flowers; garland made of beads and flowers


see styles
garland; festoon (of flowers)



see styles
huá yán zōng
    hua2 yan2 zong1
hua yen tsung
 Kegon Shū
Chinese Buddhist school founded on the Buddhavatamsaka-mahavaipulya Sutra (Garland sutra)
The Huayan (Kegon) school, whose foundation work is the Avataṃsaka-sūtra; founded in China by 帝心杜順 Dixin Dushun; he died A.D. 640 and was followed by 雲華智嚴 Yunhua Zhiyan; 賢首法藏 Xianshou Fazang; 淸涼澄觀 Qingliang Chengguan; 圭峯宗密 Guifeng Zongmi, and other noted patriarchs of the sect; its chief patron is Mañjuśrī. The school was imported into Japan early in the Tang dynasty and flourished there. It held the doctrine of the 法性 Dharma-nature, by which name it was also called; Flower Ornament School



see styles
huá yán jīng
    hua2 yan2 jing1
hua yen ching
 Kegon kyō
Avatamsaka sutra of the Huayan school; also called Buddhavatamsaka-mahavaipulya Sutra, the Flower adornment sutra or the Garland sutra
Avataṃsaka-sūtra, also 大方廣佛華嚴經. Three tr. have been made: (1) by Buddhabhadra, who arrived in China A.D. 406, in 60 juan, known also as the 晉經 Jin sūtra and 舊經 the old sūtra; (2) by Śikṣānanda, about A.D. 700, in 80 juan, known also as the 唐經 Tang sūtra and 新經 the new sūtra; (3) by Prajñā about A.D. 800, in 40 juan. The treatises on this sūtra are very numerous, and the whole are known as the 華嚴部; they include the 華嚴音義 dictionary of the Classic by 慧苑 Huiyuan, about A.D. 700; Flower Ornament Sūtra


see styles
bù shòu sān mèi
    bu4 shou4 san1 mei4
pu shou san mei
 fuju zanmai
In the Lotus Sutra, cap. 25, the bodhisattva 無盡意 obeying the Buddha's command, offered Guanyin a jewel-garland, which the latter refused saying he had not received the Buddha's command to accept it. This attitude is attributed to his 不受 samādhi, the samādhi of 畢竟空 utter 'voidness', or spirituality; samādhi of no sensation


see styles
edible chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum coronarium); crown daisy; garland chrysanthemum



see styles
fó huā yán sān mèi
    fo2 hua1 yan2 san1 mei4
fo hua yen san mei
 butsu kegon zanmai
buddha garland samādhi; buddha garland samādhi

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