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bā lā
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巴拉 is the name Bara in Chinese (Mandarin).

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Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
Bara巴拉bā lā / ba1 la1  / ba la  / bala pa

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Simple Dictionary Definition



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jīng jí
    jing1 ji2
ching chi
 keikyoku; bara / kekyoku; bara
    けいきょく; ばら
thistles and thorns; brambles; thorny undergrowth
(1) wild rose; bramble; (2) briar patch; (3) (idiom) obstacle; source of difficulty; thorn



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qiáng wēi
    qiang2 wei1
ch`iang wei
    chiang wei
 bara(gikun)(p); shoubi; soubi; bara / bara(gikun)(p); shobi; sobi; bara
    ばら(gikun)(P); しょうび; そうび; バラ
Bara Scroll
Japanese rose (Rosa multiflora)
(kana only) rose; (female given name) Ro-zu

see styles
a class; a company; companion
(suffix noun) suffixed to words indicating a class of people to create a plural (esp. in impolite contexts); comrade; fellow

see styles
 bara; bara
    ばら; バラ
to scatter; to break up (a meeting etc); to disperse; to disseminate; to dispel; (coll.) to sack
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) (kana only) loose articles (not packaged with other things); bulk items; individual items; (2) (abbreviation) (kana only) (See ばら銭) coins; small change
viprakrī. Scatter, disperse, dismiss; scattered; broken, powder; translit. saṃ, san; to scatter

see styles
 bara; bara
    ばら; バラ
rib; Taiwan pr. [le4]
(kana only) (abbreviation) (See 肋肉) boneless rib (esp. of pork or beef); boned rib; (personal name) Hasunuma


see styles
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) (kana only) loose articles (not packaged with other things); bulk items; individual items; (2) (abbreviation) (kana only) coins; small change; (kana only) rose; (kana only) (abbreviation) boned rib (esp. of pork or beef); (female given name) Bara; Burra



see styles
pó luó
    po2 luo2
p`o lo
    po lo
pāla; keeper, guardian, warden; vihārapāla, warden of a monastery. bala; power, strength, especially the 五力 five powers, pañca bālani, i.e. 五根; also the 十力 daśabala, ten powers. Name of the sister of Ānanda who offered milk to Śākyamuni. bāla; 'young,' 'immature,' 'simpleton, fool,' 'hair' (M.W.); ignorant, unenlightened, see bālapṛthagjana, below; (Skt. pāla)


see styles
(female given name) Bara


see styles
(female given name) Bara


see styles
 baara / bara
(place-name) Barra (Brazil); Burra (Australia); Vara (Sweden)


see styles
(person) Hana Bara (1931.4.28-)


see styles
(person) Theda Bara



see styles
pó luó ā dié duō
    po2 luo2 a1 die2 duo1
p`o lo a tieh to
    po lo a tieh to
 Bara aitta


see styles
(suffix noun) suffixed to words indicating a class of people to create a plural (esp. in impolite contexts)


see styles
 bararachatouge / bararachatoge
(place-name) Bara Lacha (pass)


see styles
 baarabanki / barabanki
(place-name) Bara Banki (India)

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