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Frost in Chinese / Japanese...

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Ice / Frost

China bīng
Ice / Frost Vertical Wall Scroll

冰 is the Chinese character used to express "ice" or "frost."

The main part of the character on the right holds the meaning of "water" and on the left, is a radical (the two dots) that also means water. Together, they create the character that means "ice" (solid water).

This is similar to the character for frost in Japanese. However, Japanese drop the radical from the left side.

Ice / Frost

China bīng
Japan koori
Ice / Frost Vertical Wall Scroll

冰 is the Japanese Kanji for "ice" or "frost."

冰 is also the way to write "ice" in old Korean Hanja.

Note: This form is not commonly used anymore in Chinese - though still understood for the most part.

FYI: There was a time when Japan did not have a written language and simply absorbed Chinese characters into their language by meaning. When this occurred around the 5th century, the character shown here was a common but alternate way to write "ice" in Chinese, so it was the one that ended up being absorbed into the Japanese language. Not long after that, a similar thing happened in Korea - although Korea has replaced virtually all of the Chinese characters they once used with the new Hangul writing system.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin shuāng / shuang1
Taiwan shuang
Japanese shimo / しも
Chinese frost; white powder or cream spread over a surface; frosting; (skin) cream
Japanese frost; (personal name) Sou; (surname) Shimo


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Mandarin dōu shā / dou1 sha1
Taiwan tou sha
Japanese tosha


see styles
Mandarin bīng huā / bing1 hua1
Taiwan ping hua
Chinese ice crystal; frost (on windows)



see styles
Mandarin dòng hài / dong4 hai4
Taiwan tung hai
Japanese tougai / togai / とうがい
Chinese (agriculture) freezing injury
Japanese frost damage


see styles
Japanese toukan / tokan / とうかん Japanese frost; bitter cold


see styles
Japanese hatsushimo / はつしも Japanese first frost of the year


see styles
Japanese sasuru / さする Japanese (transitive verb) (1) to rub; to chafe; to strike (match); to file; to frost (glass); (2) to lose (e.g. a match); to forfeit; to squander one's money (e.g. through gambling, Pachinko, etc.); (transitive verb) (1) (kana only) to pat; to stroke; (2) (kana only) to rub off; to polish; to grind; to graze; to scrape; (3) (kana only) to be equal to; (4) (kana only) to be about to reach


see styles
Japanese suru / する Japanese (transitive verb) (1) to rub; to chafe; to strike (match); to file; to frost (glass); (2) to lose (e.g. a match); to forfeit; to squander one's money (e.g. through gambling, Pachinko, etc.)


see styles
Mandarin zǎo shuāng / zao3 shuang1
Taiwan tsao shuang
Japanese hayajimo / はやじも
Chinese early frost
Japanese early frost


see styles
Japanese shunjin / しゅんじん Japanese spring dust; frost and snow that's blown like dust in the air by the spring wind


see styles
Japanese shunsou;harushimo / shunso;harushimo / しゅんそう;はるしも Japanese spring frost


see styles
Japanese bansou / banso / ばんそう Japanese late frost


see styles
Japanese asashimo;asajimo / あさしも;あさじも Japanese morning frost


see styles
Japanese juhyou / juhyo / じゅひょう Japanese frost covered trees; (female given name) Juhyou


see styles
Japanese jusou / juso / じゅそう Japanese air hoar; air frost; soft rime


see styles
Mandarin bái shuāng / bai2 shuang1
Taiwan pai shuang
Chinese hoar frost


see styles
Japanese suru / する Japanese (transitive verb) (1) to rub; to chafe; to strike (match); to file; to frost (glass); (2) to lose (e.g. a match); to forfeit; to squander one's money (e.g. through gambling, Pachinko, etc.)


see styles
Mandarin qiū shuāng / qiu1 shuang1
Taiwan ch`iu shuang / chiu shuang
Japanese shuusou / shuso / しゅうそう
Chinese autumn frost; fig. white hair as sign of old age
Japanese autumn frost; fall frost; (surname) Akishimo


see styles
Japanese keppyou / keppyo / けっぴょう Japanese (noun/participle) freezing (over); ice; frost


see styles
Japanese osojimo / おそじも Japanese late spring frost


see styles
Japanese furu / ふる Japanese (v5r,vi) (1) to fall (of rain, snow, ash, etc.); to come down; (2) to form (of frost); (3) to beam down (of sunlight or moonlight); to pour in; (4) to visit (of luck, misfortune, etc.); to come; to arrive


see styles
Japanese kousou / koso / こうそう Japanese (fall of) frost


see styles
Mandarin yǔ sōng / yu3 song1
Taiwan yü sung
Chinese frost; a patina of ice from freezing rain or water vapor



see styles
Mandarin shuāng dòng / shuang1 dong4
Taiwan shuang tung
Japanese shimogoori / しもごおり    shimokoori / しもこおり
Chinese frost; frost damage (to crop)
Japanese (surname) Shimogoori; (surname) Shimokoori


see styles
Mandarin shuāng hài / shuang1 hai4
Taiwan shuang hai
Japanese sougai / sogai / そうがい
Chinese frostbite; frost damage (to crop)
Japanese frost damage


see styles
Japanese shimobashira / しもばしら Japanese frost columns; ice needles



see styles
Mandarin shuāng zāi / shuang1 zai1
Taiwan shuang tsai
Chinese frost damage (to crop)


see styles
Mandarin shuāng huā / shuang1 hua1
Taiwan shuang hua
Chinese frost forming a pattern on a surface; rime


see styles
Mandarin shuāng jiàng / shuang1 jiang4
Taiwan shuang chiang
Japanese soukou / soko / そうこう
Chinese Shuangjiang or Frost Descends, 18th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 23rd October-6th November
Japanese (See 二十四節気) "frost descent" solar term (approx. Oct. 23); (surname) Shimofuri


see styles
Mandarin shuāng xuě / shuang1 xue3
Taiwan shuang hsüeh
Japanese sousetsu / sosetsu / そうせつ
Chinese frost and snow; (fig.) snowy white (hair); adversity
Japanese frost and snow

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
bīng / bing1 / bingping

koori / koribīng / bing1 / bingping
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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