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The name Chaos in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Chaos

  2. Chaos / Anarchy / Confusion / Mayhem

  3. Havoc

  4. Peaceful Chaos

  5. Stir the Chaos

  6. Order From Chaos

 hùn dùn
Chaos Scroll

混沌 is the Japanese, Korean and Chinese word that means absolute confusion, disorder, and chaos.

This more directly refers to primal chaos or primeval chaos.

When reading something about Chinese mythology, you may find this term used to describe the formless mass before creation.

Chinese scientists sometimes use this word to refer to the nebulous state before the universe was formed or nebulosity.

In some contexts, this could mean “a state of confusion.”

Chaos / Anarchy / Confusion / Mayhem

 hùn luàn
 kon ran
Chaos / Anarchy / Confusion / Mayhem Scroll

The first character means confused, dirty, muddy, or mixed.

The second character means confusion and disorder.

Together, these characters mean chaos and sometimes extended to mean a type of anarchy.

This term is often used in a less-than-literal term to describe anything in disarray. Someone might use this word in a sentence like, “My kitchen is in a state of chaos” or “my life is so chaotic.”

Japanese Chaos Please note that Japanese use an alternate/simplified version of the second character of chaos - it also happens to be the same simplification used in mainland China. Click on the character to the right if you want the Japanese/Simplified version of this two-character chaos calligraphy.

 dai kon ran
Havoc Scroll

大混亂 is a Japanese word that means havoc, as in chaos, turmoil, or pandemonium.

Peaceful Chaos

 píng jìng de hùn luàn
Peaceful Chaos Scroll

平靜的混亂 is NOT a typical Chinese phrase.

It was added to our calligraphy database at the request of a customer. These are two dynamically-opposed ideas, but this is the way to express them together.

Stir the Chaos

 jiǎo dòng hún dùn
Stir the Chaos Scroll

攪動混沌 means “stir the chaos” in Mandarin Chinese.

This was added to our database at the request of a customer.

It is proper grammar and meaning but is not an ancient Chinese phrase or title.

Order From Chaos

 luàn zhōng yǒu xù
Order From Chaos Scroll

亂中有序 more or less means “order from chaos” in Chinese.

This is a little ambiguous, so other ways to translate this include ordered chaos, organized mess, order within chaos, or order within disorder.

These search terms might be related to Chaos:


Chaos / Anarchy / Confusion / Mayhem

State of Anarchy

Not the results for chaos that you were looking for?

Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your chaos search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

Chaos / Anarchy / Confusion / Mayhem
(n,vs,vi) disorder; chaos; confusion; mayhem



see styles
hùn luàn
    hun4 luan4
hun luan

More info & calligraphy:

Chaos / Anarchy / Confusion / Mayhem
confusion; chaos; disorder
See: 混乱


see styles
hùn dùn
    hun4 dun4
hun tun

More info & calligraphy:

primal chaos (original state of the universe in Chinese mythology); (of a situation) confused; chaotic; (of a person) muddle-headed; simple-minded
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) confusion; chaos; disorder; (adj-t,adv-to) (2) chaotic; confused; uncertain; disarrayed; (given name) Konton
Mixed, confused, in disorder.


see styles
chaos; turmoil; pandemonium; havoc


see styles
(noun or adjectival noun) disorder; confusion; chaos


see styles
anarchy; chaos



see styles
luàn shì
    luan4 shi4
luan shih
the world in chaos; troubled times; (in Buddhism) the mortal world
See: 乱世



see styles
luàn xiàng
    luan4 xiang4
luan hsiang
chaos; madness



see styles
wǔ zhuó
    wu3 zhuo2
wu cho
the five impurities (Buddhism)
五滓; 五渾 The five kaṣāya periods of turbidity, impurity, or chaos, i. e. of decay; they are accredited to the 住 kalpa, see 四劫, and commence when human life begins to decrease below 20,000 years. (1) 劫濁 the kalpa in decay, when it suffers deterioration and gives rise to the ensuing form; (2) 見濁 deterioration of view, egoism, etc., arising; (3) 煩惱濁 the passions and delusions of desire, anger, stupidity, pride, and doubt prevail; (4) 衆生濁 in consequence human miseries increase and happiness decreases; (5) 命濁 human life time gradually diminishes to ten years. The second and third are described as the 濁 itself and the fourth and fifth its results.


see styles
chaos of war; war turmoil



see styles
zhàn luàn
    zhan4 luan4
chan luan
chaos of war


see styles
(expression) (whether at) peace or at war; in peacetime and at war; order and chaos


see styles
hùn yuán
    hun4 yuan2
hun yüan
time immemorial; origin of the universe; the world
primordial chaos



see styles
hùn zhuó
    hun4 zhuo2
hun cho
turbid; muddy; dirty
(n,vs,n-pref) (1) turbidity; cloudiness (of a liquid); opacity; muddiness (e.g. water, mind, consciousness); (noun/participle) (2) disorder; chaos
to be turbid


see styles
 konmei / konme
(n,vs,vi) turmoil; chaos; confusion



see styles
hún dùn
    hun2 dun4
hun tun
see 混沌[hun4dun4]
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) confusion; chaos; disorder; (adj-t,adv-to) (2) chaotic; confused; uncertain; disarrayed



see styles
hùn zhuó
    hun4 zhuo2
hun cho
variant of 混濁|混浊[hun4 zhuo2]
(n,vs,n-pref) (1) turbidity; cloudiness (of a liquid); opacity; muddiness (e.g. water, mind, consciousness); (noun/participle) (2) disorder; chaos


see styles
(noun or adjectival noun) in chaos; incoherent



see styles
zhuó shì
    zhuo2 shi4
cho shih
 dakuse; dakusei; jokuse / dakuse; dakuse; jokuse
    だくせ; だくせい; じょくせ
the world in chaos; troubled times; the mortal world (Buddhism)
{Buddh} this corrupt or degenerate world; this world or life; the world of mankind
An impure world in its five stages, v. 五濁.



see styles
huò luàn
    huo4 luan4
huo luan
calamity and chaos; devastating disorder; great turmoil



see styles
wěn luàn
    wen3 luan4
wen luan
disorder; chaos
See: 紊乱


see styles
 funkyuu / funkyu
(n,vs,vi) complication; confusion; disorder; chaos; dispute; conflict; trouble; quarrel


see styles
 ochiiru / ochiru
(v5r,vi) (1) to fall into (e.g. a hole); (2) to fall into (chaos, depression, dilemma, illness, etc.); (3) to fall into (a trap, etc.); (4) to fall; to surrender; to capitulate



see styles
hóng méng
    hong2 meng2
hung meng
(literary) primordial chaos (mythological void state preceding the creation of the universe)
(product) HarmonyOS (Huawei); (product name) HarmonyOS (Huawei)


see styles
chaos (gre: khaos); (personal name) Gaos



see styles
yī tuán zāo
    yi1 tuan2 zao1
i t`uan tsao
    i tuan tsao
chaos; bungle; complete mess; shambles


see styles
sān zhēn rú
    san1 zhen1 ru2
san chen ju
 san shinnyo
Three aspects of the bhūtatathatā, implying that it is above the limitations of form, creation, or a soul. (1) (a) 無相眞如 without form; (b) 無生眞如 without creation; (c) 無性眞如 without anything that can be called a nature for comparison; e.g. chaos, or primal matter. (2) (a) 善法眞如 The bhūtatathatā as good; (b) 不善法眞如 as evil; (c) 無記法眞如 as neutral, or neither good nor evil.


see styles
(v1,vi) (1) to be disordered; to be disarranged; to be disarrayed; to be disheveled; to be dishevelled; (2) to be discomposed; to be upset; to get confused; to be disturbed; (3) to lapse into chaos (due to war, etc.)



see styles
hùn dùn xué
    hun4 dun4 xue2
hun tun hsüeh
chaos theory (math.)



see styles
wú zhì xù
    wu2 zhi4 xu4
wu chih hsü
(noun or adjectival noun) disorder; chaos; confusion

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Chaos混沌kontonhùn dùn / hun4 dun4 / hun dun / hundunhun tun / huntun
kon ran / konranhùn luàn / hun4 luan4 / hun luan / hunluan
dai kon ran
Peaceful Chaos平靜的混亂
píng jìng de hùn luàn
ping2 jing4 de hun4 luan4
ping jing de hun luan
p`ing ching te hun luan
ping ching te hun luan
Stir the Chaos攪動混沌
jiǎo dòng hún dùn
jiao3 dong4 hun2 dun4
jiao dong hun dun
chiao tung hun tun
Order From Chaos亂中有序luàn zhōng yǒu xù
luan4 zhong1 you3 xu4
luan zhong you xu
luan chung yu hsü
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.


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