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Beyond / Exceed / Surpass

Beyond / Exceed / Surpass Scroll

逾 means: to exceed; to go beyond; to transcend; to cross over; to jump over.

You'll see this character used in Buddhism (same meaning).

Technically, this single character is a Japanese word but seldom-used as a single Kanji in modern Japanese.

Overcome / Surpass / Rise Above

chāo yuè
chou etsu
Overcome / Surpass / Rise Above Scroll

In Chinese, Japanese Kanji and old Korean Hanja, this means overcome, surpass, transcendence, excel, to exceed, go beyond, to rise above, or to transcend.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
chāo guò
    chao1 guo4
ch`ao kuo
    chao kuo
 chouka / choka
to surpass; to exceed; to outstrip
(n,vs,vi) excess; being more than
samatikram, to go beyond, cross over, transgress; to exceed


see styles
(v2g-k,vi) (1) (archaism) (See 過ぎる・1) to pass through; to pass by; to go beyond; (v2g-k,vi) (2) (archaism) (See 過ぎる・2) to pass (of time); to elapse; (v2g-k,vi) (3) (archaism) (See 過ぎる・3) to have expired; to have ended; to be over; (v2g-k,vi) (4) (archaism) (See 過ぎる・4) to exceed; to surpass; to be above


see styles
(v1,vi) (1) to pass through; to pass by; to go beyond; (v1,vi) (2) to pass (of time); to elapse; (v1,vi) (3) to have expired; to have ended; to be over; (v1,vi) (4) to exceed; to surpass; to be above; (v1,vi) (5) (as 〜に過ぎない, etc.) to be no more than ...; (v1,vi,suf) (6) (kana only) (often used after adj. stems or the -masu stems of verbs) to be excessive; to be too much; to be too ...


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) (esp. 越える) to cross over; to cross; to pass through; to pass over (out of); to go beyond; to go past; (transitive verb) (2) (esp. 超える) to exceed; to surpass; to be more (than)

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
yuyú / yu2 / yu
Rise Above
超越chou etsu / chouetsu / cho etsuchāo yuè / chao1 yue4 / chao yue / chaoyuech`ao yüeh / chaoyüeh / chao yüeh

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Overcome / Surpass / Rise Above Scroll
Overcome / Surpass / Rise Above Scroll
Overcome / Surpass / Rise Above Scroll
Overcome / Surpass / Rise Above Scroll

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Overcome / Surpass / Rise Above Vertical Portrait

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