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see styles
 fujou / fujo
(adj-na,adj-no,n) (1) uncleanliness; dirtiness; impurity; filthiness; defilement; (adj-na,n,adj-no) (2) (archaism) menses; (adj-na,n,adj-no) (3) (archaism) feces (faeces); (adj-na,n,adj-no) (4) (See 御不浄) bathroom


see styles
biàn suǒ
    bian4 suo3
pien so
(dialect) toilet; privy
(See トイレ) toilet; lavatory; water closet; restroom; bathroom
a latrine



see styles
nǚ wèi
    nu:3 wei4
nü wei
women's bathroom (abbr. for 女衛生間|女卫生间)


see styles
(honorific or respectful language) (esp. on bathroom signs at ryokan and other trad. establishments) ladies; (place-name) Himekata



see styles
niào diǎn
    niao4 dian3
niao tien
the boring part of something (film, show, etc.) where a bathroom break can be taken



see styles
yùn chí
    yun4 chi2
yün ch`ih
    yün chih
to faint in the bathroom (from heat)


see styles
 tonogata; tonokata
    とのがた; とのかた
(1) (honorific or respectful language) (feminine speech) gentlemen; men; (2) (often 殿方用) the men's (sign on toilet, bathroom, etc. doors)



see styles
yù chǎng
    yu4 chang3
yü ch`ang
    yü chang
 yokujou / yokujo
bathing spot
(1) bathhouse; (public) bath; (2) bathroom


see styles
yù shì
    yu4 shi4
yü shih
bathroom (room used for bathing); CL:間|间[jian1]
A bath-house.



see styles
yù guì
    yu4 gui4
yü kuei
bathroom cabinet


see styles
(archaism) bathhouse; bathroom


see styles
yù bà
    yu4 ba4
yü pa
bathroom infrared heater, marketed as "bath master"


see styles
(1) room for boiling water; (2) bathroom; bath; (surname) Yumuro


see styles
(1) (See 風呂場) bathroom; (2) (archaism) bathing; (3) (archaism) bathing attendant (for a noble); (place-name, surname) Yudono



see styles
wēn shì
    wen1 shi4
wen shih
Bath-house; bathroom; bath-house



see styles
jié jù
    jie2 ju4
chieh chü
bathroom fittings (washbasin, bathtub, toilet etc)



see styles
nán wèi
    nan2 wei4
nan wei
men's bathroom (abbr. for 男衛生間|男卫生间)



see styles
wèi yù
    wei4 yu4
wei yü
sanitary (related to toilet and bathroom); bathroom



see styles
xián hù
    xian2 hu4
hsien hu
Bhadrapāla, a disciple who kept the faith at home at the time of the Buddha. Also, a bodhisattva who with 500 others slighted Śākyamuni in a previous existence, was converted and became a Buddha. An image of Bhadrapāla is kept in the monastic bathroom; cf. 楞嚴經5.



see styles
tà diàn
    ta4 dian4
t`a tien
    ta tien
floor mat; bathroom mat; car mat; doormat


see styles
yǎ fáng
    ya3 fang2
ya fang
(Tw) apartment (with shared bathroom and kitchen); bedsit
(personal name) Masafusa


see styles
(1) (See お風呂) bath; bathing; bathtub; bathroom; (2) bathhouse; public bath; (3) room for drying lacquerware; (4) base (wooden joint connecting the blade of a hoe, spade, etc., to the handle); (surname) Furo


see styles
 gofujou / gofujo
(polite language) bathroom


see styles
(abbreviation) (See トイレット) toilet; restroom; bathroom; lavatory


see styles
sān mò táng
    san1 mo4 tang2
san mo t`ang
    san mo tang
 san mokudō
Thee three halls of silence where talk and laughter are prohibited: the bathroom, the sleeping apartment, the privy; three rooms of silence



see styles
shàng yī hào
    shang4 yi1 hao4
shang i hao
(coll.) to go pee; to go to the bathroom


see styles
 taijuukei / taijuke
scale; bathroom scale; weighing machine


see styles
 keshoukagami / keshokagami
bathroom mirror; vanity mirror


see styles
 gofujou / gofujo
(polite language) bathroom


see styles
part of a building where water is circulated (kitchen, bathroom, etc.); wet area

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