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bā lí
Paris Scroll

巴黎 is the Chinese name for the capital of France.


(Paris, France)
pa ri
Paris Scroll

巴里 is the Japanese name for the capital of France.


pà lǐ sī
Paris Scroll

帕里斯 is the transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Paris.

It sounds like Paris but it does not mean Paris (as in France).

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Paris巴黎bā lí / ba1 li2 / ba li / balipa li / pali
Paris巴里pa ri / pari
Paris帕里斯pà lǐ sī
pa4 li3 si1
pa li si
p`a li ssu
pa li ssu

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
bā lǐ / ba1 li3
pa li
 misato / みさと
Paris Scroll
Bari (Puglia, Italy)
(ateji / phonetic) (noun - becomes adjective with の) (kana only) Paris (France); (female given name) Misato


see styles
bā lí / ba1 li2
pa li
Paris Scroll
Paris, capital of France


see styles
 pari / パリ (place-name) Paris (France)


see styles
zuǒ àn / zuo3 an4
tso an
 sagan / さがん
Left Bank (in Paris)
left bank (of a river)


see styles
 gibusu / ギブス (1) (abbreviation) plaster cast; cast; (2) gypsum (ger: Gips); plaster-of-paris; (personal name) Gibusu


see styles
 gipusu / ギプス (1) (abbreviation) plaster cast; cast; (2) gypsum (ger: Gips); plaster-of-paris; (personal name) Gipps


see styles
 parisu / パリス (personal name) Paris; Parris



see styles
fán ěr sài / fan2 er3 sai4
fan erh sai
Versailles (near Paris)


see styles
bā shì dǐ / ba1 shi4 di3
pa shih ti
the Bastille (Paris)



see styles
bā lí lǜ / ba1 li2 lu:4
pa li lü
Paris green; copper(II) acetoarsenite Cu(C2H3O2)2·3Cu(AsO2)2


see styles
duàn shí gāo / duan4 shi2 gao1
tuan shih kao
plaster of Paris; calcined gypsum


see styles
shú shí gāo / shu2 shi2 gao1
shu shih kao
plaster of Paris; calcined gypsum



see styles
lú fú gōng / lu2 fu2 gong1
lu fu kung
the Louvre, museum in Paris



see styles
luó fú gōng / luo2 fu2 gong1
lo fu kung
the Louvre, museum in Paris (Tw)


see styles
 hanarokushou / hanarokusho / はなろくしょう Paris green; emerald green


see styles
 kinugasasou;kinugasasou / kinugasaso;kinugasaso / きぬがさそう;キヌガサソウ (kana only) Japanese canopy plant (Paris japonica)


see styles
 doparisu / ドパリス (surname) De Paris


see styles
 parikore / パリコレ (abbreviation) (See パリコレクション) Paris Fashion Week; major fashion show, held twice yearly in Paris


see styles
 parikyoutei / parikyote / パリきょうてい Paris Agreement (on climate change)


see styles
 pariesujii / pariesuji / パリエスジー (o) Paris Saint-Germain (football club)


see styles
 monpari / モンパリ my Paris (fre: mon Paris)


see styles
 ratenku / ラテンく (place-name) Quartier latin (Latin Quarter of Paris)


see styles
 ronpari / ロンパリ (colloquialism) walleyes (from London-Paris, i.e. "One eye looks at London, one eye looks at Paris"); squint; divergent strabismus


see styles
 fusenjouyaku / fusenjoyaku / ふせんじょうやく Kellogg-Briand Pact (1928); Pact of Paris



see styles
xǐ gē jù yuàn / xi3 ge1 ju4 yuan4
hsi ko chü yüan
musical theater; Opéra Comique, Paris


see styles
bā lí gōng shè / ba1 li2 gong1 she4
pa li kung she
Paris Commune 1871, an unsuccessful proletarian uprising against the French Third Republic



see styles
bā lí dà xué / ba1 li2 da4 xue2
pa li ta hsüeh
University of Paris



see styles
suǒ bāng dà xué / suo3 bang1 da4 xue2
so pang ta hsüeh
Université Paris IV; the Sorbonne



see styles
měng pà nà sī / meng3 pa4 na4 si1
meng p`a na ssu / meng pa na ssu
Montparnasse (southeast Paris, 14ème arrondissement)


see styles
 tsukubanesou;tsukubanesou / tsukubaneso;tsukubaneso / つくばねそう;ツクバネソウ (kana only) Paris tetraphylla (flowering plant closely related to herb Paris)

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