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The name Beautiful Woman in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Beauty / Beautiful / Handsome

  2. Beautiful Girl

  3. Beautiful Woman

  4. Beauty / Beautiful Princess

  5. Strong and Beautiful

  6. Beautiful Woman Proverb

Beauty / Beautiful / Handsome

Beauty / Beautiful / Handsome Scroll

美 is often used to describe the beauty of a woman.

However, when applied to a man, it can mean handsome. It's also the first character in the word for “beauty salon” which you will see all over China and Japan.

This can be used as the given name for a girl (spell it or say it as “Mei” or “May”).

For a bit of trivia: The title for the “USA” in Chinese is “Mei Guo” which literally means “Beautiful Country.” This name was bestowed at a time before Chairman Mao came to power and decided that China didn't like the USA anymore (even though we fought together against the Japanese in WWII). But these days, Chinese people love Americans (but have a distaste for American politics and policy). But I digress...

美 is also how “Beautiful” is written in Japanese Kanji and Korean Hanja. 美 can also mean: very satisfactory; good; to be pleased with oneself; abbreviation for the USA; fine; handsome; admirable; madhura; sweet; and/or pleasant.

See Also:  Beautiful Woman | Beautiful Girl

Beautiful Girl

 měi lì de gū niang
Beautiful Girl Scroll

美麗的姑娘 is the best way to express “beautiful girl” in Chinese.

See Also:  Beautiful Woman | Beauty

Beautiful Woman

 měi lì de nǚ rén
Beautiful Woman Scroll

美麗的女人 is the best and most polite way to express “beautiful woman” in Chinese.

Note: Some people may like the simple 2-character 美女 way to express this, but there are some bad connotations with that, so better to stay with this longer and more respectful title.

See Also:  Beautiful Girl | Beauty

Beauty / Beautiful Princess

 hime / haru
Beauty / Beautiful Princess Scroll

媛 means, a beauty; beautiful (woman); princess; a young lady of noble birth; girl; small & lovely.

媛 is used a bit more commonly in Chinese than in Japanese.

Note: This can be the female given name "Hime" in Japanese.

Strong and Beautiful

 jiàn měi
Strong and Beautiful Scroll

We don't really have a word like 健美 in English, but these two characters create a word that means “strong and beautiful.” It could also be translated as “healthy and beautiful.”

Note: 健美 is a word in Chinese and Korean, but it's also the family name Takemi in Japanese. The characters hold the same meaning in Japanese; however, it's like having the English name Stillwell when few people would perceive the meanings of still and well.

Beautiful Woman Proverb

 chén yú luò yàn
 chin gyo raku gan
Beautiful Woman Proverb Scroll

沈魚落雁 is an old proverb that literally means “fish sink, goose alights.”

...But this takes some explaining. This is a proverb from Zhuangzi (莊子), who lived in the late 4th century BC.

This figuratively refers to female beauty that is so captivating that even the birds and beasts take notice.

Perhaps a better and more accurate way to describe this is to say that it speaks of the charms of a uniquely beautiful woman who is so beautiful that fish stay on the bottom of the water and flying wild geese fall from the sky in shame.

This proverb is so famous that it is also known and used in Japan (same characters, different pronunciation).

Note: This can also be written 沉魚落雁 instead of 沈魚落雁 (just the first character varies slightly).

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Not the results for Beautiful Woman that you were looking for?

Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your Beautiful Woman search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

More info & calligraphy:

Beauty / Beautiful Princess
(bound form) beautiful woman
(out-dated kanji) (1) princess; young lady of noble birth; (n-suf,n) (2) girl; (prefix) (3) small; cute; lesser (in names of species); (4) (archaism) (kyb:) prostitute; (female given name) Hime


see styles
fěn sè
    fen3 se4
fen se

More info & calligraphy:

Pink Color
pink; white; erotic; beautiful woman; powdered (with make-up)



see styles
chén yú luò yàn
    chen2 yu2 luo4 yan4
ch`en yü lo yen
    chen yü lo yen

More info & calligraphy:

Beautiful Woman Proverb
variant of 沉魚落雁|沉鱼落雁[chen2 yu2 luo4 yan4]
(yoji) charms of a uniquely beautiful woman; (so beautiful that) fish stay on the bottom of water and flying wild geese fall from the sky in shame

see styles

lost; missing; forsaken; dissolute; (of a woman) beautiful; fault; offense; hermit; variant of 逸[yi4]
being comfortable; relaxing

see styles

(literary) beautiful woman; old variant of 魃[ba2]

see styles
 katsura(p); kazura; katsura
    かつら(P); かずら; カツラ
(of woman's hair) beautiful; flower garland worn as an ornament
(kana only) wig; hairpiece; toupee; (female given name) Katsura
A head-dress, coiffure; a chaplet, wreath, etc.; idem 末利.


see styles
 joudama; joutama / jodama; jotama
    じょうだま; じょうたま
(1) fine jewel; (2) article of excellent quality; (3) (colloquialism) beautiful woman; beauty; stunner; (surname) Uetama


see styles
jiā rén
    jia1 ren2
chia jen
beautiful woman
(female) beauty; beautiful woman; (given name) Yoshihito


see styles
qiàn yǐng
    qian4 ying3
ch`ien ying
    chien ying
beautiful image of a woman


see styles
 yasaonna; yasame; yuujo / yasaonna; yasame; yujo
    やさおんな; やさめ; ゆうじょ
(1) gentle woman; affectionate woman; (2) (ゆうじょ only) beautiful graceful woman; (female given name) Yume



see styles
lěng yàn
    leng3 yan4
leng yen
(of a woman) beautiful but aloof


see styles
(1) (kana only) beautiful woman; beauty; pretty girl; (2) high-quality goods; special article


see styles
(kana only) beautiful woman; beauty; pretty girl


see styles
 meika / meka
celebrated flower; beautiful woman; (surname) Meihana


see styles
tiān xiān
    tian1 xian1
t`ien hsien
    tien hsien
immortal (esp. female); deity; fairy; Goddess; fig. beautiful woman
(See 仙人・せんにん・1) heavenly immortal (in Taoism); (given name) Tensen
deva-ṛṣi, or devas and rsis, or immortals. Nāgārjuna gives ten classes of ṛṣis whose lifetime is 100, 000 years, then they are reincarnated. Another category is fivefold: 天仙 deva-ṛṣis in the mountains round Sumeru: 神仙 spirit-ṛṣis who roam the air: 人仙 humans who have attained the powers of immortals; 地仙 earth ṛṣis, subterranean; 鬼仙 pretas, or malevolent ṛṣis.


see styles
tiān nǚ
    tian1 nv3
t`ien nü
    tien nü
(1) heavenly nymph; celestial maiden; (2) beautiful and kind woman; (female given name) Tennyo
devakanyā; apsaras; goddesses in general; attendants on the regents of the sun and moon; wives of Gandharvas, the division of the sexes is maintained throughout the devalokas 六 天.


see styles
yāo nǚ
    yao1 nu:3
yao nü
 youjo / yojo
beautiful woman
enchantress; vamp


see styles
 youki / yoki
(1) ghostly, beautiful woman; (2) ghost of a beautiful woman


see styles
(archaism) beautiful woman


see styles
pīng tíng
    ping1 ting2
p`ing t`ing
    ping ting
(literary) (of a woman) to have a graceful demeanor; beautiful woman


see styles
ē nuó
    e1 nuo2
o no
(of a woman's bearing) graceful; elegant; lithe
(adj-na,adv-to) (1) (kana only) coquettish; charming; seductive; (adj-nari,adj-t) (2) (archaism) (orig. meaning) beautiful; graceful



see styles
chán juān
    chan2 juan1
ch`an chüan
    chan chüan
(literary) beautiful woman; (literary) lovely; graceful; (literary) the moon
(adj-t,adv-to) graceful; slim and beautiful



see styles
jiāo mèi
    jiao1 mei4
chiao mei
flirtatious; coquettish; sweet and charming; beautiful young woman (old)


see styles
yóu wù
    you2 wu4
yu wu
 yuubutsu / yubutsu
rarity; rare object; rare person; extraordinarily beautiful woman
(1) something superior; (2) beautiful woman



see styles
biāo zhi
    biao1 zhi5
piao chih
(of a woman) beautiful; pretty


see styles
zhèng mèi
    zheng4 mei4
cheng mei
(Tw) beautiful woman; sexy woman



see styles
qīng lì
    qing1 li4
ch`ing li
    ching li
 seirei / sere
(of writing, scenery, a woman etc) graceful; elegant; charming; beautiful
(noun or adjectival noun) (1) (form) clean; tidy; pure; untarnished; (2) {shogi} Seirei (one of the eight major professional female titles); (female given name) Seira


see styles
yù nǚ
    yu4 nu:3
yü nü
beautiful woman; fairy maiden attending the Daoist immortals; (polite) sb else's daughter; Chinese dodder (Cuscuta chinensis), plant whose seeds are used for TCM
(female given name) Tamame


see styles
yǎo tiǎo
    yao3 tiao3
yao t`iao
    yao tiao
 youchou / yocho
(literary) (of a woman) graceful and refined; comely; (esp.) slender; slim; (literary) (of a bower, a mountain stream or a boudoir within a palace etc) secluded
(adj-t,adv-to) graceful; slim and beautiful


see styles
fěn dài
    fen3 dai4
fen tai
face powder and eyebrow liner; cosmetics; (fig.) beautiful woman

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
biměi / mei3 / mei
Beautiful Girl美麗的姑娘
měi lì de gū niang
mei3 li4 de gu1 niang
mei li de gu niang
mei li te ku niang
Beautiful Woman美麗的女人
měi lì de nǚ rén
mei3 li4 de nv3 ren2
mei li de nv ren
mei li te nü jen
Beautiful Princess
hime / haruyuàn / yuan4 / yuanyüan
Strong and Beautiful健美takemijiàn měi / jian4 mei3 / jian mei / jianmeichien mei / chienmei
Beautiful Woman Proverb沈魚落雁
chin gyo raku gan
chén yú luò yàn
chen2 yu2 luo4 yan4
chen yu luo yan
ch`en yü lo yen
chen yü lo yen
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.


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