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tonbo / kagerou
Dragonfly Scroll

蜻蛉 is how to write dragonfly in Japanese Kanji.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)
Dragonfly蜻蛉tonbo / kagerou
tonbo / kagero
tonbo / kagero

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
qīng líng
    qing1 ling2
ch`ing ling
    ching ling
 kagerou / kagero
Dragonfly Scroll
damselfly; lacewing
(kana only) dragonfly; damselfly; (female given name) Kagerou


see styles
(kana only) broad-winged damselfly (of family Calopterygidae)


see styles
 mukashitonbo; mukashitonbo
    むかしとんぼ; ムカシトンボ
(kana only) Epiophlebia superstes (species of living-fossil dragonfly endemic to Japan)


see styles
 mizutonbo; mizutonbo
    みずとんぼ; ミズトンボ
(kana only) Habenaria sagittifera (species of bog orchid)


see styles
(kana only) broad-winged damselfly (of family Calopterygidae)


see styles
small wooden Japanese toy that flies when spun between the palms of one's hands


see styles
(kana only) damselfly (Zygoptera spp.); demoiselle


see styles
cǎo qīng líng
    cao3 qing1 ling2
ts`ao ch`ing ling
    tsao ching ling
 kusakagerou / kusakagero
green lacewing
(kana only) green lacewing (esp. species Chrysopa intima)


see styles
(1) crane fly; daddy longlegs (insect of family Tipulidae); (2) (derogatory term) a tall, gangly person; string bean; (given name) Katonbo


see styles
 hebitonbo; hebitonbo
    へびとんぼ; ヘビトンボ
(kana only) dobsonfly (esp. species Protohermes grandis)


see styles
 seireishi / sereshi
(given name) Seireishi


see styles
(place-name) Tonboike


see styles
glass bead


see styles
qīng líng mù
    qing1 ling2 mu4
ch`ing ling mu
    ching ling mu
Odonata, order consisting of about 6,000 species of dragonflies and damselflies


see styles
 seireikan / serekan
(surname) Seireikan


see styles
 tsunotonbo; tsunotonbo
    つのとんぼ; ツノトンボ
(kana only) owlfly (any insect of family Ascalaphidae); owl fly


see styles
(1) (kana only) (small) red dragonfly; (2) darter (dragonfly of genus Sympetrum, esp. the autumn darter, Sympetrum frequens)


see styles
 kitonbo; kitonbo
    きとんぼ; キトンボ
(kana only) yellow darter (Sympetrum croceolum) (dragonfly species of East Asia)


see styles
 iyotonbo; iyotonbo
    いよとんぼ; イヨトンボ
(kana only) whip-carrying habenaria (Habenaria iyoensis)



see styles
jiàn zǒu qīng líng
    jian4 zou3 qing1 ling2
chien tsou ch`ing ling
    chien tsou ching ling
the sword moves like a dragon-fly (modern idiom); fig. unexpected winning move; unconventional gambit


see styles
 shiokaratonbo; shiokaratonbo
    しおからとんぼ; シオカラトンボ
(kana only) Orthetrum albistylum speciosum (subspecies of white-tailed skimmer)


see styles
(yoji) happy-go-lucky fellow; an easygoing and indifferent person; a pococurante


see styles
happy-go-lucky fellow; easygoing and indifferent person; pococurante


see styles
 beniitotonbo; beniitotonbo / benitotonbo; benitotonbo
    べにいととんぼ; ベニイトトンボ
(kana only) Ceriagrion nipponicum (species of damselfly)


see styles
(kana only) Calopteryx atrata (species of damselfly)


see styles
 seireinotaki / serenotaki
(place-name) Seireinotaki


see styles
(noun/participle) (1) somersault; (2) returning from a destination right after arriving there; non-stop round trip; round trip without an overnight stop; (3) abrupt change of direction


see styles
(kana only) Calopteryx atrata (species of damselfly)


see styles


see styles
(place-name) Uchizatotonbojiri

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