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神道 in Chinese / Japanese...

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shén dào
shin tou / shin dou
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神道 is how to write Shinto, a Japanese national religion.

The meaning is "Way of the Gods."

This term also has meaning for Chinese Buddhists where it means the spirit world of devas, asuras, and pretas. It can also be understood as doctrines concerning the soul.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Shinto神道shin tou / shin dou
shintou / shindou
shin to / shin do
shinto / shindo
shén dào / shen2 dao4 / shen dao / shendaoshen tao / shentao

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
shén dào / shen2 dao4
shen tao
 shintou(p);shindou / shinto(p);shindo / しんとう(P);しんどう
Shinto Vertical Wall Scroll
Shinto (Japanese religion)
Shinto; Shintoism; (surname) Jindou
The spirit world of devas, asuras, and pretas. Psychology, or the doctrines concerning the soul. The teaching of Buddha. Shinto, the Way of the Gods, a Japanese national religion; the spiritual path


see styles
 zokushintou / zokushinto / ぞくしんとう (See 復古神道) Folk Shinto (term used by Reform Shintoists to refer to sects of syncretized Shinto)


see styles
 koshintou / koshinto / こしんとう ancient Shinto (as practiced prior to the Introduction of Confucianism and Buddhism to Japan)


see styles
 myoujindou / myojindo / みょうじんどう (place-name) Myoujindou


see styles
 tachibanashintou / tachibanashinto / たちばなしんとう (See 垂加神道) Tachibana Shinto (Edo-period sect of Suika Shinto popularized by Mitsuyoshi Tachibana)


see styles
 kandouji / kandoji / かんどうじ (place-name) Kandouji


see styles
 jindousan / jindosan / じんどうさん (place-name) Jindousan


see styles
 shintoushuu / shintoshu / しんとうしゅう (wk) Shintoshu (14th century Japanese Shinto text)


see styles
 ichijitsushintou / ichijitsushinto / いちじつしんとう (abbreviation) (obscure) (See 山王一実神道) Ichijitsu Shinto (alt. name for Hie Shinto: a form of Shinto heavily influenced by Tendai)


see styles
 miwashintou / miwashinto / みわしんとう (See 両部神道) Miwa Shinto (sect of amalgamated Shinto developed in the Muromachi Period)


see styles
 ryoubushintou / ryobushinto / りょうぶしんとう Shinto-Buddhist amalgamation; dual-aspect Shinto


see styles
 iseshintou / iseshinto / いせしんとう Ise Shinto (school of Shinto established the Watarai family priests of Ise Jingu's Outer Shrine)


see styles
 hakkeshintou;hakukeshintou / hakkeshinto;hakukeshinto / はっけしんとう;はくけしんとう Hakke Shinto (Shinto tradition transmitted by the House of Hakuo Shirakawa); Hakuke Shinto


see styles
 shitoorijindou / shitoorijindo / しとおりじんどう (place-name) Shitoorijindou


see styles
 jukashintou / jukashinto / じゅかしんとう Confucian Shinto


see styles
 yoshikawashintou / yoshikawashinto / よしかわしんとう Yoshikawa Shinto (Confucianist form of Shinto, stripped of Buddhist influence)


see styles
 yoshidashintou / yoshidashinto / よしだしんとう Yoshida Shinto; fusion of Shinto, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism stressing traditional Japanese elements


see styles
 kokkashintou / kokkashinto / こっかしんとう State Shintō; nationalistic form of Shinto, formerly the official religion of Japan


see styles
 suikashintou;shidemasushintou / suikashinto;shidemasushinto / すいかしんとう;しでますしんとう Suika Shinto (fusion of Shinto with Chinese elements, esp. neo-Confucianism); Shidemasu Shinto


see styles
 tendaishintou / tendaishinto / てんだいしんとう (obscure) (See 日吉神道) Tendai Shinto (alt. name for Hie Shinto: a form of Shinto heavily influenced by Tendai)


see styles
 sannoushintou / sannoshinto / さんのうしんとう Sanno Shinto (branch of Shinto formed in the Tendai school of Buddhism)


see styles
 yumiyashintou / yumiyashinto / ゆみやしんとう (See 吉田神道) Yumiya Shinto (Edo-period sect of Yoshida Shinto)


see styles
 goryuushintou / goryushinto / ごりゅうしんとう (See 両部神道) Goryu Shinto (sect of amalgamated Shinto)


see styles
 fukkoshintou / fukkoshinto / ふっこしんとう Fukko Shinto; Restoration Shinto; Reform Shinto (prominent 18th century form of Shinto, based on the classics, and free from Confucian and Buddhist influences)


see styles
 kyouhashintou / kyohashinto / きょうはしんとう Sect Shintō; group of folk religious sects, as opposed to State Shintō and later Shrine Shintō


see styles
 hieshintou / hieshinto / ひえしんとう (obscure) (See 山王一実神道) Hie Shinto (form of Shinto heavily influenced by Tendai)


see styles
 yokoyamashintou / yokoyamashinto / よこやましんとう Yokoyama Shinto (Edo-period Shinto sect promoted by Masae Yokoyama)


see styles
 hokkeshintou / hokkeshinto / ほっけしんとう (See 法華宗・1) Hokke Shinto (Shinto doctrines based on Nichiren Buddhism)


see styles
 udenshintou / udenshinto / うでんしんとう Uden Shinto (Shinto doctrines enunciated by Kamo no Norikiyo of Kamigamo Shrine)


see styles
 koushitsushintou / koshitsushinto / こうしつしんとう Imperial Household Shinto

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