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Ronin / Masterless Samurai

làng rén
rou nin
Ronin / Masterless Samurai Scroll

The Ronin have no master - The most famous are the 47 ronin created after their Lord committed suicide. This term was not exactly a positive title for the Samurai of ancient Japan. However, in recent years, movies and video games have glorified the term Ronin.

In Chinese, this term has the original meaning of a hobo, vagabond or ruffian.
In Korean Hanja, these characters would be read as adventurer, wanderer, someone without a steady job, or someone who is wasting away time.

In modern Japan, this term is used as a nickname for a high school student who has failed a college entry exam (and is trying again).

In Chinese and Korean, the Japanese definition of "Masterless Samurai" is known because of the historical context, even in Japanese, the literal translation is closer to the Chinese and Korean definitions shown above.

This will make a fine wall scroll if you are a fan of the Ronin, or see yourself as a Ronin of sorts. However, please think twice before getting a Ronin tattoo!

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Masterless Samurai
浪人rou nin / rounin / ro nin / roninlàng rén / lang4 ren2 / lang ren / langrenlang jen / langjen

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
làng rén / lang4 ren2
lang jen
 rounin / ronin / ろうにん
Ronin / Masterless Samurai Scroll
vagrant; unemployed person; rōnin (wandering masterless samurai)
(n,vs,adj-no) (1) ronin; wandering samurai without a master to serve; (2) out of work; (3) waiting for another chance to enter a university; (given name) Rounin


see styles
 rurounin / ruronin / るろうにん wanderer


see styles
 rouninzaka / roninzaka / ろうにんざか (place-name) Rouninzaka


see styles
 rouninsei / roninse / ろうにんせい (See 浪人・2) student waiting for another chance to enter university after having failed the yearly entrance examination


see styles
 rouningoe / roningoe / ろうにんごえ (place-name) Rouningoe


see styles
 rouninaji;rouninaji / roninaji;roninaji / ろうにんあじ;ロウニンアジ (kana only) giant trevally (Caranx ignobilis)


see styles
 furounin / furonin / ふろうにん (See 浮浪者) vagrant


see styles
 surounin / suronin / すろうにん poor or lowly masterless samurai


see styles
 kamenrounin / kamenronin / かめんろうにん (colloquialism) (See 浪人・2) student who is trying to get into their preferred college while already enrolled at another college


see styles
 daigakurounin / daigakuronin / だいがくろうにん student preparing to re-take initially failed university entrance examinations


see styles
 tairikurounin / tairikuronin / たいりくろうにん (yoji) prewar Japanese adventurer (political activist) in mainland China


see styles
 tenjikurounin / tenjikuronin / てんじくろうにん wandering lordless samurai


see styles
 shuushokurounin / shushokuronin / しゅうしょくろうにん jobless university graduate


see styles
 rounin / ronin / ろうにん (noun/participle) (1) rōnin; ronin; masterless samurai; (2) (浪人 only) high school graduate waiting for another chance to enter university after having failed the yearly entrance examination; (3) (浪人 only) person out of work; jobless person; (4) (浪人 only) (archaism) (orig. meaning) wanderer; drifter

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Ronin / Masterless Samurai Scroll
Ronin / Masterless Samurai Scroll
Ronin / Masterless Samurai Scroll
Ronin / Masterless Samurai Scroll

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