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慈悲 in Chinese / Japanese...

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Mercy / Compassion
Buddhist Loving Kindness

China cí bēi
Japan ji hi
Mercy / Compassion / Buddhist Loving Kindness Vertical Wall Scroll

Besides the title above, 慈悲 can also be defined as clemency or lenience and sometimes the act of giving charity.

In Buddhist context, it can be defined as, "benevolence," "loving kindness and compassion," or "mercy and compassion."

This Buddhist virtue is perhaps the most important to employ in your life. All sentient beings that you encounter should be given your loving kindness. And trust me, however much you can give, it comes back. Make your life and the world a better place!

This Chinese/Japanese Buddhist term is the equivalent of Metta Karuna from Pali or Maitri Karuna from Sanskrit.

慈 can mean loving-kindness by itself.
悲 adds a component of sorrow, empathy, compassion, and sympathy for others.

See Also:  Benevolence

Benevolent Heart

Japan ji hi no kokoro
Benevolent Heart Vertical Wall Scroll

慈悲の心 means benevolent heart, compassionate heart, or merciful heart in Japanese.

慈悲の心 is a Japanese-only phrase, and should be ordered from our Japanese master calligrapher. 慈悲の心 is because the third character is special Hiragana.

Chances are you are into Inuyasha and are seeking the title of chapter 471 which is often translated as "Merciful Heart."

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Loving-Kindness Conquers All

China cí bēi zhēng fú yī qiè
Loving-Kindness Conquers All Vertical Wall Scroll

This is a way to express the idea that mercy, compassion, and loving-kindness can overcome all things.

This phrase is composed of 3 Chinese words:
慈悲 = loving-kindness; mercy; compassion; benevolence. It's used in Buddhism a lot to express the idea of how one should treat everyone else and all living beings.
征服 = to conquer; to subdue; to vanquish; to overcome.
一切 = all; everything; the whole; lock, stock, and barrel; without exception.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin cí bēi / ci2 bei1
Taiwan tz`u pei / tzu pei
Japanese jihi / じひ
Chinese mercy
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) mercy; compassion; clemency; pity; charity; benevolence; (2) (abbreviation) (See 慈悲心鳥) Hodgson's hawk-cuckoo (Cuculus fugax); Horsfield's hawk cuckoo
Compassion and pity, merciful, compassionate.


see styles
Mandarin jiǎ cí bēi / jia3 ci2 bei1
Taiwan chia tz`u pei / chia tzu pei
Chinese phoney mercy; sham benevolence; crocodile tears


see styles
Mandarin dà cí bēi / da4 ci2 bei1
Taiwan ta tz`u pei / ta tzu pei
Japanese dai jihi
great compassion


see styles
Mandarin cí bēi shì / ci2 bei1 shi4
Taiwan tz`u pei shih / tzu pei shih
Japanese jihi shitsu
The abode of compassion, the dwelling of Buddha, v. Lotus Sūtra.


see styles
Japanese jihishin / じひしん Japanese benevolence


see styles
Mandarin cí bēi gù / ci2 bei1 gu4
Taiwan tz`u pei ku / tzu pei ku
Japanese jihi ko
because of compassion


see styles
Japanese jihisatsu / じひさつ Japanese (See 安楽死) mercy killing (euthanasia performed to end someone's suffering, but without consent)


see styles
Mandarin cí bēi xíng / ci2 bei1 xing2
Taiwan tz`u pei hsing / tzu pei hsing
Japanese jihi gyō
practice of compassion


see styles
Mandarin cí bēi yī / ci2 bei1 yi1
Taiwan tz`u pei i / tzu pei i
Japanese jihi e
Compassionate garment, the monk's robe; robe of compassion



see styles
Mandarin cí bēi guān / ci2 bei1 guan1
Taiwan tz`u pei kuan / tzu pei kuan
Japanese jihi kan
The compassion-contemplation, in which pity destroys resentment; mindfulness of compassion



see styles
Mandarin cí bēi fēng / ci2 bei1 feng1
Taiwan tz`u pei feng / tzu pei feng
Japanese jihi fū
wind of compassion


see styles
Japanese mujihi / むじひ Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) merciless; ruthless



see styles
Mandarin sān zhǒng cí bēi / san1 zhong3 ci2 bei1
Taiwan san chung tz`u pei / san chung tzu pei
Japanese sanshu jihi
(or 三種緣慈) The three reasons of bodhisattva's pity — because all beings are like helpless infants; because of his knowledge of all laws and their consequences; without external cause, i.e. because of his own nature; three kinds of compassion



see styles
Mandarin sān yuán cí bēi / san1 yuan2 ci2 bei1
Taiwan san yüan tz`u pei / san yüan tzu pei
Japanese sanen (no) jihi
three objects of compassion



see styles
Mandarin tóng tǐ cí bēi / tong2 ti3 ci2 bei1
Taiwan t`ung t`i tz`u pei / tung ti tzu pei
Japanese dōtai no jihi
great compassion based on sameness in essence



see styles
Mandarin dà cí bēi shēng / da4 ci2 bei1 sheng1
Taiwan ta tz`u pei sheng / ta tzu pei sheng
Japanese dai jihi shō
sound of great compassion



see styles
Mandarin cí bēi xǐ shě / ci2 bei1 xi3 she3
Taiwan tz`u pei hsi she / tzu pei hsi she
Japanese ji hi ki sha
friendliness, compassion, joy, and equanimity


see styles
Japanese jihishinchou;jihishinchou / jihishincho;jihishincho / じひしんちょう;ジヒシンチョウ Japanese (kana only) (See 十一・じゅういち・3) Hodgson's hawk-cuckoo (Cuculus fugax); Horsfield's hawk cuckoo


see styles
Japanese jihibukai / じひぶかい Japanese (adjective) compassionate; merciful; benevolent; charitable; humane



see styles
Mandarin cí bēi wéi běn / ci2 bei1 wei2 ben3
Taiwan tz`u pei wei pen / tzu pei wei pen
Chinese mercy as the guiding principle (idiom); the Buddhist teaching that nothing is valid except compassion



see styles
Mandarin cí bēi wàn xíng / ci2 bei1 wan4 xing2
Taiwan tz`u pei wan hsing / tzu pei wan hsing
Japanese jihi mangyō
Tender compassion in all things, or with compassion all things succeed.


see styles
Mandarin cí bēi bó ruò / ci2 bei1 bo2 ruo4
Taiwan tz`u pei po jo / tzu pei po jo
Japanese jihi hakujaku
weak in compassion


see styles
Mandarin zhì huì cí bēi / zhi4 hui4 ci2 bei1
Taiwan chih hui tz`u pei / chih hui tzu pei
Japanese chie jihi
wisdom and compassion



see styles
Mandarin fǎ yuán cí bēi / fa3 yuan2 ci2 bei1
Taiwan fa yüan tz`u pei / fa yüan tzu pei
Japanese hōen jihi
compassion based on awareness of the true nature of phenomena



see styles
Mandarin wú yuán cí bēi / wu2 yuan2 ci2 bei1
Taiwan wu yüan tz`u pei / wu yüan tzu pei
Japanese muen (no) jihi
compassion lacking a specific object



see styles
Mandarin shēng yuán cí bēi / sheng1 yuan2 ci2 bei1
Taiwan sheng yüan tz`u pei / sheng yüan tzu pei
Japanese shōen jihi
compassion based on the awareness of [the suffering of] sentient beings


see styles
Mandarin qǐ cí bēi xīn / qi3 ci2 bei1 xin1
Taiwan ch`i tz`u pei hsin / chi tzu pei hsin
Japanese ki jihi shin
to resolve to save all beings


see styles
Mandarin yī xiàng cí bēi bó ruò / yi1 xiang4 ci2 bei1 bo2 ruo4
Taiwan i hsiang tz`u pei po jo / i hsiang tzu pei po jo
Japanese ikkō jihi hakujaku
uniformly deficient in compassion



see styles
Mandarin cí bēi dào chǎng chàn fǎ / ci2 bei1 dao4 chang3 chan4 fa3
Taiwan tz`u pei tao ch`ang ch`an fa / tzu pei tao chang chan fa
Japanese Jihi dōjō senbō
Cibei daochang chanfa

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Buddhist Loving Kindness
慈悲ji hi / jihicí bēi / ci2 bei1 / ci bei / cibeitz`u pei / tzupei / tzu pei
Benevolent Heart慈悲の心ji hi no kokoro
Loving-Kindness Conquers All慈悲征服一切cí bēi zhēng fú yī qiè
ci2 bei1 zheng1 fu2 yi1 qie4
ci bei zheng fu yi qie
tz`u pei cheng fu i ch`ieh
tzu pei cheng fu i chieh

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