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光明 in Chinese / Japanese...

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Light / Bright and Promising Future

China guāng míng
Japan kou mei / mitsu haru
Light / Bright and Promising Future Vertical Wall Scroll

光明 is a nice way to say "light" in Chinese, and old Korean Hanja. 光明 is because the word also suggests a bright future or refers so someone who is very promising (great future potential).

The first character means light or bright.

The second character means bright and clear (in this context).

光明 appears in most Japanese dictionaries but it not the most common Japanese Kanji word for light (more commonly used for the name Mitsuharu).

In old Korean Hanja, this can have a meaning of brightness or brilliancy.

In the context of Buddhism, this means, "Light emanating from a Buddha or Bodhisattva, symbolizing their wisdom and compassion"

Reiki - Master Symbol

China dà guāng míng
Japan dai kou myou
Reiki - Master Symbol Vertical Wall Scroll

大光明 is the master symbol "Daikomyo," which is usually associated with the healing practice of Reiki.

This title can be translated as "Great Bright Light." This symbol, as used in Reiki, alludes to "Enlightened Nature" or the radiance of a purified soul or deity.

Pronunciations in Chinese and Korean are included above but this title has no meaning except when used by a Reiki practitioner. In fact, this title is not that well known by those outside the Reiki community in Japan.

In Chinese, this would be interpreted as "Great Bright Future" (the second two characters alone create a word that means "bright future" in Chinese).

Shiken Haramitsu Daikomyo

Japan shi ken ha ra mitsu dai kou myou
Shiken Haramitsu Daikomyo Vertical Wall Scroll

This is "shiken haramitsu daikōmyō," a famous Japanese Buddhist mantra.

四拳 = shi-ken = four fist (many translate this as "four hearts").
波羅蜜 = ha-ra-mitsu = A loanword representing pāramitā, or entrance into Nirvana. Awkwardly, it also means jackfruit.
大光明 = dai-kou-myo = big/great light bright (great bright light).

Shiken represents four hearts:
1. The Merciful Heart - Love and caring for all living things.
2. The Sincere Heart - Pursues righteousness, or the right path - sincerely trying to do what is right.
3. The Attuned Heart - Knows that nature and fate have their ways, and thus stays in tune with the universe.
4. The Dedicated Heart - Steadfast on the chosen path to the end.

Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo

Japan shi kin ha ra mitsu dai kou myo
Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo Vertical Wall Scroll

These are the Japanese Kanji characters that romanize as "Shikin Haramitsu Daikōmyō."

This is a complicated proverb. I'm actually going to forgo writing any translation information here. You can figure it out via Google search and at sites like Paramita and the Perfection of Wisdom or Haramitsu Daikōmyō

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark

China xìn niǎn shì zài lí míng qián de hēi àn zhōng néng gǎn dào guāng míng de niǎo
Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark Vertical Wall Scroll

Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore, 1915

This is a philosophical poem/quote from Indian Poet and Philosopher, Rabindranath Tagore.

This quote is not sourced, and therefore several variations exist in English. Some suggest the original was in the Bengali language.

This, of course, is the Chinese translation which has the meaning of, "Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark."

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your 光明 search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin guāng míng / guang1 ming2
Taiwan kuang ming
Japanese koumyou(p);koumei / komyo(p);kome / こうみょう(P);こうめい
Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese light; radiance; (fig.) bright (prospects etc); openhearted
Japanese (1) bright light; (2) hope; bright future; (3) {Buddh} light emanating from a buddha or bodhisattva, symbolizing their wisdom and compassion; (personal name) Mitsuharu; (given name) Mitsuaki; (given name) Teruaki; (g,p) Koumei; (p,s,g) Koumyou
v. last entry; radiance


see styles
Mandarin dà guāng míng / da4 guang1 ming2
Taiwan ta kuang ming
Japanese oomiya / おおみや
Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (surname) Oomiya


see styles
Mandarin shì guāng míng / shi4 guang1 ming2
Taiwan shih kuang ming
Japanese sekōmyō
light of the world


see styles
Mandarin guāng míng tǔ / guang1 ming2 tu3
Taiwan kuang ming t`u / kuang ming tu
Japanese kōmyō do
The glory land, or Paradise of Amitābha; brightly shining land



see styles
Mandarin guāng míng tán / guang1 ming2 tan2
Taiwan kuang ming t`an / kuang ming tan
Japanese kōmyō dan
The fire altar.


see styles
Mandarin guāng míng sì / guang1 ming2 si4
Taiwan kuang ming ssu
Japanese koumiyouji / komiyoji / こうみようじ    koumyouji / komyoji / こうみょうじ
Japanese (personal name) Koumiyouji; (place-name, surname) Koumyouji
光明大師 (or 光明和尚). Guangming si, temple and title of 善導 Shandao, a noted monk of the Tang dynasty under Gaozong.


see styles
Mandarin guāng míng shān / guang1 ming2 shan1
Taiwan kuang ming shan
Japanese koumyouzan / komyozan / こうみょうざん    koumyousan / komyosan / こうみょうさん
Japanese (personal name) Koumyouzan; (personal name) Koumyousan
The shining hill, or monastery, a name for the abode of Guanyin, said to be in India, and called Potala.


see styles
Mandarin guāng míng xiǎng / guang1 ming2 xiang3
Taiwan kuang ming hsiang
Japanese kōmyō sō
illuminating conception


see styles
Mandarin guāng míng xīng / guang1 ming2 xing1
Taiwan kuang ming hsing
Chinese bright star; name of North Korean space satellite


see styles
Mandarin guāng míng wáng / guang1 ming2 wang2
Taiwan kuang ming wang
Japanese Kōmyō ō
One of the twenty-five bodhisattvas who, with Amitābha, welcomes to Paradise the dying who call on Buddha; Jvalanâdhipati



see styles
Mandarin guāng míng jié / guang1 ming2 jie2
Taiwan kuang ming chieh
Chinese Hanukkah (Chanukah), 8 day Jewish holiday starting on the 25th day of Kislev (can occur from late Nov up to late Dec on Gregorian calendar); also called 哈努卡節|哈努卡节 and simply 哈努卡



see styles
Mandarin guāng míng jīng / guang1 ming2 jing1
Taiwan kuang ming ching
Japanese Kōmyō kyō


see styles
Mandarin guāng míng zàng / guang1 ming2 zang4
Taiwan kuang ming tsang
Japanese kōmyō zō
storehouse of brilliance



see styles
Mandarin bǎo guāng míng / bao3 guang1 ming2
Taiwan pao kuang ming
Japanese hō kōmyō
radiance of a jewel


see styles
Mandarin xīn guāng míng / xin1 guang1 ming2
Taiwan hsin kuang ming
Japanese shin kōmyō
mental light


see styles
Mandarin fàng guāng míng / fang4 guang1 ming2
Taiwan fang kuang ming
Japanese hō kōmyō
to shine


see styles
Mandarin zhì guāng míng / zhi4 guang1 ming2
Taiwan chih kuang ming
Japanese chi kōmyō


see styles
Mandarin fǎ guāng míng / fa3 guang1 ming2
Taiwan fa kuang ming
Japanese hō kōmyō
illumination of the teaching


see styles
Mandarin jìng guāng míng / jing4 guang1 ming2
Taiwan ching kuang ming
Japanese jōkōmyō



see styles
Mandarin fā guāng míng / fa1 guang1 ming2
Taiwan fa kuang ming
Japanese hotsukōmyō
shining brightly


see styles
Mandarin sè guāng míng / se4 guang1 ming2
Taiwan se kuang ming
Japanese shiki kōmyō
physical light


see styles
Mandarin jīn guāng míng / jin1 guang1 ming2
Taiwan chin kuang ming
Japanese konkō myō
golden light



see styles
Mandarin kāi guāng míng / kai1 guang1 ming2
Taiwan k`ai kuang ming / kai kuang ming
Japanese kai kōmyō
opening the glint of the eye



see styles
Mandarin sān zhǒng guāng míng / san1 zhong3 guang1 ming2
Taiwan san chung kuang ming
Japanese sanshu kōmyō
The three kinds of light: (a) extemal— sun, moon, stars, lamps, etc.; (b) dharma, or the light of right teaching and conduct; (c) the effulgence or bodily halo emitted by Buddhas, bodhisattvas, devas.



see styles
Mandarin èr zhǒng guāng míng / er4 zhong3 guang1 ming2
Taiwan erh chung kuang ming
Japanese nishu kōmyō
The two kinds of light: (1) (a) 色光明 physical light; (b) 智慧光明 or 心光明 wisdom or mental light. (2) (a) 魔光 Māra's delusive light; (b) 佛光 the true light of the Buddha. (3) (a) 常光The constant or eternal light; (b) 現起光 the light in temporary manifestations.


see styles
Mandarin wǔ fēng guāng míng / wu3 feng1 guang1 ming2
Taiwan wu feng kuang ming
Japanese gohō kōmyō
five pronged vajra


see styles
Mandarin wǔ fēng guāng míng / wu3 feng1 guang1 ming2
Taiwan wu feng kuang ming
Japanese gohō kōmyō
five pronged vajra


see styles
Mandarin guāng míng dà fàn / guang1 ming2 da4 fan4
Taiwan kuang ming ta fan
Japanese Kōmyō daibon
Jyotiṣprabhā, the great illustrious Brahman, whose Buddha-realm 'is to contribute some Bodhisattvas for that of Amitābha'. Eitel.


see styles
Mandarin guāng míng wēi xiàng / guang1 ming2 wei1 xiang4
Taiwan kuang ming wei hsiang
Japanese kōmyō isō
radiant and awe-inspiring



see styles
Mandarin guāng míng chè zhào / guang1 ming2 che4 zhao4
Taiwan kuang ming ch`e chao / kuang ming che chao
Japanese kōmyō tesshō
luminosity penetrating forth

Search for 光明 in my Japanese & Chinese Dictionary

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Bright and Promising Future
光明kou mei / mitsu haru
koumei / mitsuharu
ko mei / mitsu haru
guāng míng
guang1 ming2
guang ming
kuang ming
Reiki - Master Symbol大光明dai kou myou
dai ko myo
dà guāng míng
da4 guang1 ming2
da guang ming
ta kuang ming
Shiken Haramitsu Daikomyo四拳波羅蜜大光明shi ken ha ra mitsu dai kou myou
shi ken ha ra mitsu dai ko myo
Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo詞韻波羅蜜大光明
shi kin ha ra mitsu dai kou myo
shi kin ha ra mitsu dai ko myo
Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark信唸是在黎明前的黑闇中能感到光明的鳥
xìn niǎn shì zài lí míng qián de hēi àn zhōng néng gǎn dào guāng míng de niǎo
xin4 nian3 shi4 zai4 li2 ming2 qian2 de hei1 an4 zhong1 neng2 gan3 dao4 guang1 ming2 de niao3
xin nian shi zai li ming qian de hei an zhong neng gan dao guang ming de niao
hsin nien shih tsai li ming ch`ien te hei an chung neng kan tao kuang ming te niao
hsin nien shih tsai li ming chien te hei an chung neng kan tao kuang ming te niao
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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