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  1. Serenity / Tranquility
  2. Inner Peace / Silence / Serenity
  3. Tranquil / Tranquility / Serenity
  4. A Life of Serenity Yields Understanding
  5. Life of Serenity
  6. Calm / Cool-Headed
  7. Inner Peace
  8. Tranquility Yields Transcendence
  9. Peaceful Heart / Peace of Mind / Calm Mind
10. Peace and Tranquility
11. Keep Calm, Be Not Impatient
12. Calm / Cool
13. Keep Calm in Face of Adversity
14. Calm and Collected
15. Calm / Tranquility
16. Peacefulness / Tranquility...
17. Reach Peace and Calm by Meditation
18. Safe and Sound
19. Silent / Solitary
20. Stability / Calm and Orderly / Equilibrium
21. Stillness / Quiet / Calm
22. Open and Calm Mind
23. Peaceful / Tranquil / Calm...

Serenity / Tranquility

China píng jìng
Japan heisei
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is one of several ways to express as "serenity" or "tranquility" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

It can also be translated as calm, serenity, tranquil, undisturbed or serene.

See Also:  Peace

Serenity / Tranquility

Japan seion
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is a Japanese-specific way to express "serenity" or "tranquility."

Notes: The second Kanji is not a Chinese character - it was morphed or developed in Japan after Chinese characters were absorbed into the Japanese language during the 5th century.
The first character is slightly-simplified from the original Chinese form but still recognizable.

See Also:  Peace

Inner Peace / Silence / Serenity

China jìng
Japan shizu / sei
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is the simplest way to convey the meaning of inner peace and serenity.

This character is often translated as "serenity." It can also be used to express the ideas of still, calm, serene, quiet, silent, stillness, not moving or tranquility.

In the old days, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean people might hang a wall scroll with this character in their reading room to bring about a sense of peace in the room.

静While they once used the same character form in Japan, they now use a slightly-simplified version in modern Japan (after WWII). This version is shown to the right, and can be selected for your wall scroll by clicking on that Kanji instead of the button above.

See Also:  Peace

Tranquil / Tranquility / Serenity

China níng jìng
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This word expresses the idea of tranquility and serenity in Chinese.

See Also:  Peace | Inner Peace | Harmony | Calm

A Life of Serenity Yields Understanding

China dàn bó yǐ míng zhì, níng jìng ér zhì yuǎn
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is a kind of complex ten-character proverb composed by Zhuge Liang about 1800 years ago.

This Chinese proverb means "Leading a simple life will yield a clear mind, and having inner peace will help you see far (into the world)."

What I have translated as "simple life" means NOT being materialistic and NOT competing in the rat race.

The last word means "far" but the deeper meaning is that you will surpass what you can currently see or understand. Perhaps even the idea of opening up vast knowledge and understanding of complex ideas.

The whole phrase has a theme that suggests if you are NOT an aggressive cut-throat person who fights his way to the top no matter how many people he crushes on the way, and instead seek inner peace, you will have a happier existence and be more likely to understand the meaning of life.

Life of Serenity

Japan yuu yuu kan kan
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This means, "life of serenity" in Japanese.
However, it can also have these meanings depending on how it's read: "composed and unhurried," "easygoing and leisurely," "in indolence," or "life of idleness."

Calm / Cool-Headed

China lěng jìng
Japan rei sei
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

These characters mean calm and cool-headed in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Other translations: calmness, composure, coolness, serenity, tranquility.

This is a good wall scroll for someone that wants to remind themselves to stay calm and level-headed.

See Also:  Sober Calm

Inner Peace

China nèi xīn píng jìng
Japan naishin heizyou
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This Chinese and Japanese phrase is a direct translation for the western idea of inner peace.

The first two characters contain the idea of "heart," "innermost being," or "deep in the/your inner mind."

The last two characters mean "tranquil" and "serene."

I have seen this phrase used as "inner peace" for art prints and even on the side of coffee cups. But I think the translation is too literal. It feels like a direct translation from English rather than a nicely composed Chinese or Japanese phrase. See my other entries for "inner peace."

See Also:   Simplicity | Peace

Tranquility Yields Transcendence

China níng jìng zhì yuǎn
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is an ancient Chinese idiom which means "tranquility yields transcendence."

This suggests pursuing a quiet life of profound study.

The first two characters mean tranquility. The last two characters mean "go far" which suggests achieving much in your life or expanding beyond normal limits. The direct translation would read something like, "[With] tranquility [in your life, you'll] go far."

Compare this to the English idiom: Still waters run deep.

Peaceful Heart / Peace of Mind / Calm Mind

China ān xīn
Japan an shin
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is a nice word that encompasses great meanings within just two characters. This can be defined as relief, peace of mind, feeling at ease, to be relieved, set one's mind at rest. easiness. To put it another way, it's the idea of feeling a sense of security, safety, and confidence in your state of well-being.

Peace and Tranquility

China tài píng
Japan tai hei
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This means "peace and tranquility" or "peace and security" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

The literal translation would be "very balanced" or "very peaceful."

The first character means very, much, too much, or extremely.
The second character means balanced, peaceful, calm, equal, even, level, or smooth.

Peace and Tranquility

Japan taihei
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This means peace and/or tranquility in Japanese and Korean (also understood but not as common in Chinese).

Keep Calm, Be Not Impatient

China shǎo ān wú zào
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is a short Chinese phrase that means keep calm, don't get excited, and don't be impatient or hot-tempered.

Calm / Cool

China zhèn jìng
Japan chin sei
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

These two characters represent the idea of being calm or cool in Chinese, Japanese Kanji and old Korean Hanja.

My Korean dictionary further defines this as quiet, calm, tranquility, pacification.
From my Japanese dictionary: calm, quiet, tranquility, appeasement, pacification.

Note: This term is also used in Korean Hanja but there is a slight deviation in the way they write the second character in Korean. Still, a Korean person who can read Hanja, will be able to read this word. We can write it in the Korean form if you wish (just let us know when you place your order). In Korean, this is the word you might use to tell someone to "calm down" or "take it easy."

Keep Calm in Face of Adversity

Japan shitsuitaizen
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is a very old Japanese proverb. It suggests, "keeping calm and collected at times of disappointment," or "maintaining a serene state of mind when faced with adversity."

It's hard to relate individual character meanings into the overall meaning unless you also understand Japanese grammar. The word order is very different than English. That being said, here's the character meaning breakdown:
失 To miss, lose or fail.
意 Feelings, thoughts, meaning.
泰 Safe, peaceful.
然 Like that, in that way, however, although.

Using these definitions in English, we might say, "Although you may fail or lose, have a feeling of peace and calm."

Calm and Collected

China chén zhuó
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

These two characters mean calm and collected, or simply not nervous.

Calm / Tranquility

China ān
Japan an
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This character is used in a lot of compound words in the CJK world. Alone, this character has a broad span of possible meanings. These meanings include relaxed, quiet, rested, contented, calm, still, to pacify, peaceful, at peace, soothing or soothed.

This character and even the pronunciation was borrowed from Chinese and absorbed into both Japanese Kanji and Korean Hanja. In all these languages, this character is pronounced like "an."

Peacefulness / Tranquility
Perfectly Quiet

China jìng mì
Japan seihitsu
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

The first and second character both mean quiet. Together, they reinforce the meanings almost creating a word that means "double quiet" or "perfect quiet."

A good wall scroll for a library, reading room, or other quiet place.

See Also:  Peace | Harmony

Reach Peace and Calm by Meditation

China ān chán
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

These two Chinese characters create a title that means to reach peace and calm through meditation. This is an excellent wall scroll for your relaxation or meditation room.

This is also a Buddhist-related term that encompasses the idea of entering into dhyana meditation.

Safe and Sound

China píng ān
Japan heian
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This word means "safe and sound" in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Can also be translated as well-being, peace, tranquility, quietness, and calmness.

Note: There is also a longer four-character version in our calligraphy database.

See Also:  Tranquility | Peace

Silent / Solitary

Japan jaku
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This character means silent, solitary, quiet, calm, still, rest, or tranquil.

This also has a strong Buddhist association where it can mean "entering into Nirvana." In that context, this is sometimes used to refer to the passing of a Buddhist monk (he is silent, as he has entered Nirvana). For the living, this is about tranquility (especially of mind).

Some will also use this to mean "elegant simplicity."

From Sanskrit, this can represent praśama, vivikta, śānti, or nibbāna (nirvāṇa).

Stability / Calm and Orderly / Equilibrium

China ān dìng
Japan an tei
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This word means: quiet; settled; maintain; calm and orderly; stability; equilibrium.

Stillness / Quiet / Calm

China jì jìng
Japan sekisei / jakujou
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is the Chinese and old Japanese word for calmness, stillness, and tranquility.

In Buddhist context, this can refer to the calmness of the heart, enlightenment, or the state of being calm and quiet - free from temptation and distress. Basically a state of earthly nirvāṇa.

Note: The second character is written just slightly differently in modern Japanese (静 instead of 靜). Expect a slight variation if you order this from the Japanese master calligrapher. The version shown here is considered the ancient Japanese and original Chinese form.

Open and Calm Mind

Japan kyoshintankai
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is a Japanese proverb that means, "with an open and calm mind," "with no preconceived notions," or "without reservations." In some context it can mean frank or candid.

Peaceful / Tranquil / Calm
Free From Worry

China ān níng
Japan an nei
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is a nice word that means peaceful, tranquil, calm, composed, "free from worry," "public peace," tranquility, good health, well-being, or welfare in Chinese and Korean.

Note: The definition in Japanese is not so broad but still means peaceful or "public peace."

Check dictionary for serenity

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Serenity / Tranquility 平靜
heiseipíng jìng
ping2 jing4
ping jing
p`ing ching
ping ching
Serenity / Tranquility 靜穏
Inner Peace / Silence / Serenity
shizu / seijìng / jing4 / jing ching
Tranquil / Tranquility / Serenity 寧靜
níng jìng
ning2 jing4
ning jing
ning ching
A Life of Serenity Yields Understanding 淡泊以明志寧靜而致遠
dàn bó yǐ míng zhì, níng jìng ér zhì yuǎn
dan4 bo2 yi3 ming2 zhi4, ning2 jing4 er2 zhi4 yuan3
dan bo yi ming zhi, ning jing er zhi yuan
tan po i ming chih, ning ching erh chih yüan
Life of Serenity 悠悠閑閑yuu yuu kan kan
yu yu kan kan
Calm / Cool-Headed 冷靜
rei sei / reiseilěng jìng
leng3 jing4
leng jing
leng ching
Inner Peace 內心平靜
naishin heizyou
naishin heizyo
nèi xīn píng jìng
nei4 xin1 ping2 jing4
nei xin ping jing
nei hsin p`ing ching
nei hsin ping ching
Tranquility Yields Transcendence 寧靜致遠
níng jìng zhì yuǎn
ning2 jing4 zhi4 yuan3
ning jing zhi yuan
ning ching chih yüan
Peaceful Heart / Peace of Mind / Calm Mind 安心an shin / anshinān xīn / an1 xin1 / an xin / anxin an hsin / anhsin
Peace and Tranquility 太平tai hei / taiheitài píng / tai4 ping2 / tai ping / taiping t`ai p`ing / taiping / tai ping
Peace and Tranquility 泰平taihei
Keep Calm, Be Not Impatient 少安毋躁shǎo ān wú zào
shao3 an1 wu2 zao4
shao an wu zao
shao an wu tsao
Calm / Cool 鎮靜
chin sei / chinseizhèn jìng
zhen4 jing4
zhen jing
chen ching
Keep Calm in Face of Adversity 失意泰然shitsuitaizen
Calm and Collected 沉著
chén zhuó
chen2 zhuo2
chen zhuo
ch`en cho
chen cho
Calm / Tranquility anān / an1 / an
Peacefulness / Tranquility / Perfectly Quiet 靜謐
seihitsujìng mì / jing4 mi4 / jing mi / jingmi ching mi / chingmi
Reach Peace and Calm by Meditation 安禪
ān chán / an1 chan2 / an chan / anchan an ch`an / anchan / an chan
Safe and Sound 平安heianpíng ān / ping2 an1 / ping an / pingan p`ing an / pingan / ping an
Silent / Solitary jakujì / ji4 / ji chi
Stability / Calm and Orderly / Equilibrium 安定an tei / anteiān dìng / an1 ding4 / an ding / anding an ting / anting
Stillness / Quiet / Calm 寂靜
sekisei / jakujou
sekisei / jakujo
jì jìng / ji4 jing4 / ji jing / jijing chi ching / chiching
Open and Calm Mind 虛心坦懐
Peaceful / Tranquil / Calm / Free From Worry 安寧
an nei / anneiān níng / an1 ning2 / an ning / anning

In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line. In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

Some people may refer to this entry as Serenity Kanji, Serenity Characters, Serenity in Mandarin Chinese, Serenity Characters, Serenity in Chinese Writing, Serenity in Japanese Writing, Serenity in Asian Writing, Serenity Ideograms, Chinese Serenity symbols, Serenity Hieroglyphics, Serenity Glyphs, Serenity in Chinese Letters, Serenity Hanzi, Serenity in Japanese Kanji, Serenity Pictograms, Serenity in the Chinese Written-Language, or Serenity in the Japanese Written-Language.

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