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The World

China shì jiè
Japan sei kai
The World Vertical Wall Scroll

世界 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for world.

Beyond the world, this can refer to society, the universe, space, a sphere or circle.

In Buddhism, this would mean the realm governed by one Buddha.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin shì jiè / shi4 jie4
Taiwan shih chieh
Japanese sekai / せかい
The World Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese world; CL:個|个[ge4]
Japanese (1) the world; society; the universe; (2) sphere; circle; world; (can be adjective with の) (3) renowned; world-famous; well-known outside of Japan; (4) {Buddh} (original meaning) realm governed by one Buddha; space; (surname, female given name) Sekai
Loka 世間; the finite world, the world, a world, which is of two kinds: (1) 衆生世界 that of the living, who are receiving their 正報 correct recompense or karma; (2) 器世界 that of the material, or that on which karma depends for expression. By the living is meant 有情 the sentient.


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Mandarin zhèng jiè / zheng4 jie4
Taiwan cheng chieh
Japanese seikai / sekai / せいかい
Chinese political and government circles
Japanese political world


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Mandarin shī jiè / shi1 jie4
Taiwan shih chieh
Japanese sekai
generosity and morality


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Japanese seikai / sekai / せいかい Japanese star world (SF term)


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Mandarin zhèng jiě / zheng4 jie3
Taiwan cheng chieh
Japanese seikai / sekai / せいかい
Japanese (noun/participle) correct; right; correct interpretation (answer, solution)
to correct understanding


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Japanese seikai / sekai / せいかい Japanese successful meeting


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Mandarin xī hǎi / xi1 hai3
Taiwan hsi hai
Japanese nishimi / にしみ    nishigai / にしがい    nishikai / にしかい    nishiumi / にしうみ    seimi / semi / せいみ    seikai / sekai / せいかい    saimi / さいみ    saikai / さいかい    eshiumi / えしうみ
Chinese Yellow Sea (Korean term)
Japanese (surname, female given name) Nishimi; (surname) Nishigai; (surname) Nishikai; (place-name, surname) Nishiumi; (female given name) Seimi; (surname) Seikai; (female given name) Saimi; (place-name, surname) Saikai; (surname) Eshiumi


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Mandarin qīng hǎi / qing1 hai3
Taiwan ch`ing hai / ching hai
Japanese harumi / はるみ    seimi / semi / せいみ    seigai / segai / せいがい    seikai / sekai / せいかい    saomi / さおみ    oomi / おおみ    oumi / omi / あみ    ami / あおみ    aogai / あおがい    aoumi / aomi / あおうみ
Chinese Qinghai province (Tsinghai) in west China, abbr. 青, capital Xining 西寧|西宁
Japanese (personal name) Harumi; (surname) Seimi; (surname) Seigai; (surname, given name) Seikai; (place-name) Qinghai (China); Tsinghai; (female given name) Saomi; (female given name) Omi; (surname) Oomi; (p,s,f) Oumi; (female given name) Ami; (p,s,f) Aomi; (surname) Aogai; (surname) Aoumi


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Japanese sekai / せかい Japanese (female given name) Sekai


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Mandarin sān shì jiè / san1 shi4 jie4
Taiwan san shih chieh
Japanese san sekai
the triple universe


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Mandarin shì jiè zhǔ / shi4 jie4 zhu3
Taiwan shih chieh chu
Japanese sekai shu
The lord, or ruler over a world ordhyāna heaven, one for each of the fourdhyāna heavens; lord of a world



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Mandarin shì jiè yuán / shi4 jie4 yuan2
Taiwan shih chieh yüan
Japanese sekai en
the world as objective reference


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Mandarin fú shì jiè / fu2 shi4 jie4
Taiwan fu shih chieh
Japanese butsu sekai
A Buddha-realm, divided into two categories, the pure and the impure, i.e. the passionless and passion worlds.


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Mandarin qiān shì jiè / qian1 shi4 jie4
Taiwan ch`ien shih chieh / chien shih chieh
Japanese sen sekai
a world system consisting of (a triple-thousand great) one-thousand worlds



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Mandarin è shì jiè / e4 shi4 jie4
Taiwan o shih chieh
Japanese aku sekai
An evil world.


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Mandarin fàn shì jiè / fan4 shi4 jie4
Taiwan fan shih chieh
Japanese bon sekai
The brahmaloka of the realm of form; also 梵世天; brahma-realm of form



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Mandarin lè shì jiè / le4 shi4 jie4
Taiwan le shih chieh
Japanese raku sekai
the heavenly world


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Mandarin cǐ shì jiè / ci3 shi4 jie4
Taiwan tz`u shih chieh / tzu shih chieh
Japanese shi sekai
this world


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Mandarin yī fú shì jiè / yi1 fu2 shi4 jie4
Taiwan i fu shih chieh
Japanese ichibutsu sekai
A Buddha-cosmos; a world undergoing transformation by a Buddha; a single Buddha-realm


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Mandarin yī qiè shì jiè / yi1 qie4 shi4 jie4
Taiwan i ch`ieh shih chieh / i chieh shih chieh
Japanese issai sekai
all worlds



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Mandarin sān lún shì jiè / san1 lun2 shi4 jie4
Taiwan san lun shih chieh
Japanese sanrin sekai
The three-wheel world, i.e. 風, 水, and 金輪. Every world is founded on a wheel of whirling wind; above this is one of water; above this is one of metal, on which its nine mountains and eight seas are formed.


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Mandarin shì jiè xī tán / shi4 jie4 xi1 tan2
Taiwan shih chieh hsi t`an / shih chieh hsi tan
Japanese sekai shitsudan
One of the foursiddhāntas: the Buddha's line of reasoning in earthly or common terms to draw men to the higher truth; worldly truth



see styles
Mandarin shì jiè wú liáng / shi4 jie4 wu2 liang2
Taiwan shih chieh wu liang
Japanese sekai muryō
worlds (realms) are countless


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Mandarin zhōng qiān shì jiè / zhong1 qian1 shi4 jie4
Taiwan chung ch`ien shih chieh / chung chien shih chieh
Japanese chūsen sekai
medium-length chiliocosm


see styles
Mandarin wǔ zhòng shì jiè / wu3 zhong4 shi4 jie4
Taiwan wu chung shih chieh
Japanese gojū sekai
The five graduated series of universes: (1) 三千大千世界 tri-sahasra-mahā-sahasra-loka-dhātu; a universe, or chiliocosm; (2) such chiliocosms, numerous as the sands of Ganges, form one Buddha-universe; (3) an aggregation of these forms a Buddha-universe ocean; (4) an aggregation of these latter forms a Buddha-realm seed; (5) an infinite aggregation of these seeds forms a great Buddha-universe, 智度論 50. Another division is (1) a world, or universe; (2) a Buddha-nature universe, with a different interpretation; and the remaining three areas above, the sea, the seed, and the whole Buddha-universe.


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Mandarin jiā chí shì jiè / jia1 chi2 shi4 jie4
Taiwan chia ch`ih shih chieh / chia chih shih chieh
Japanese kaji sekai
supported world


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Mandarin shì jiè / shi4 jie4
Taiwan shih chieh
Japanese kannin sekai
The sahā world of endurance of suffering; any world of transmigration; world that must be endured


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Mandarin wài qì shì jiè / wai4 qi4 shi4 jie4
Taiwan wai ch`i shih chieh / wai chi shih chieh
Japanese geki sekai
the external natural world


see styles
Mandarin dà qiān shì jiè / da4 qian1 shi4 jie4
Taiwan ta ch`ien shih chieh / ta chien shih chieh
Japanese daisen sekai
Chinese great wide world; marvelously diverse world; (Buddhism) cosmos (abbr. for 三千大千世界[san1 qian1 da4 qian1 shi4 jie4])
A major chiliocosm, or universe, of 3,000 great chiliocosms, v. 三千大千.


see styles
Mandarin miào xǐ shì jiè / miao4 xi3 shi4 jie4
Taiwan miao hsi shih chieh
Japanese myōki sekai
The realm of profound joy, the country of Vimalakīrti 維摩居士, who is stated to have been a contemporary of Śākyamuni; v. 維摩詰經 12; the world of the abhirati

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The World世界sei kai / seikaishì jiè / shi4 jie4 / shi jie / shijieshih chieh / shihchieh

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