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China gē jù
Japan kageki

歌劇 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for opera.

This term applies in almost all cases to western opera versus Asian operas or musical plays.

Beijing Opera

China jīng jù
Japan Kyougeki
Beijing Opera

京劇 is the title for "Beijing Opera."

Because it's the opera of the capital, this is seen as the national opera of China. Therefore, this title can also be translated as, "Classical Chinese Opera."

Monkey King

China hóu wáng
Monkey King

猴王 is the short title for "Monkey King." This can refer to the character made famous by the ancient novel, Journey to the West.

This literally reads "Monkey King." However, this title is open to interpretation, and could be used for someone who is the boss of the primate exhibit at the zoo, or certain characters in Chinese opera.

See Also:  Monkey Fist | Drunken Monkey

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin jìng / jing4
Taiwan ching
Japanese jou / jo じょう
 kiyoshi きよし
Chinese clean; completely; only; net (income, exports etc); (Chinese opera) painted face male role
Japanese (female given name) Jou; (personal name) Kiyoshi
vimala. Clean, pure; to cleanse, purify; chastity. In Buddhism it also has reference to the place of cleansing, the latrine, etc. Also 浄 and 净; clear
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Mandarin bái / bai2
Taiwan pai
Japanese yuki ゆき
 mashiro ましろ
 peku ぺく
 beku べく
 pai ぱい
 bai ばい
 haku はく
 tsukumo つくも
 shiroyanagi しろやなぎ
 shirotsuru しろつる
 shiroshi しろし
 shirayanagi しらやなぎ
 shirayagi しらやぎ
 shirahama しらはま
 shirazaki しらざき
 shirasaki しらさき
 shirai しらい
 shira しら
 kiyoshi きよし
 akira あきら
Chinese white; snowy; pure; bright; empty; blank; plain; clear; to make clear; in vain; gratuitous; free of charge; reactionary; anti-communist; funeral; to stare coldly; to write wrong character; to state; to explain; vernacular; spoken lines in opera; surname Bai
Japanese (1) white; (2) striped mullet fry (Mugil cephalus); (3) speech; one's lines; (4) (abbreviation) (archaism) white person; Caucasian; (n-pref,n-suf,n) (5) (abbreviation) (obscure) Belgium; (1) white; (2) innocence; innocent person; (3) blank space; (4) white go stone; (5) (mahj) white dragon tile; (6) (food term) skewered grilled pig intestine; (prefix) (1) white; (2) unseasoned; undyed; unaltered; (3) very much; precisely; (4) playing dumb; (noun or adjectival noun) (5) unfeigned; honest; diligent; (female given name) Yuki; (female given name) Mashiro; (surname) Peku; (surname) Beku; (surname) Pai; (surname) Bai; (surname, female given name) Haku; (surname) Tsukumo; (surname) Shiroyanagi; (surname) Shirotsuru; (given name) Shiroshi; (surname) Shirayanagi; (surname) Shirayagi; (surname) Shirahama; (surname) Shirazaki; (surname) Shirasaki; (personal name) Shirai; (personal name) Shira
White, pure, clear; make clear, inform.
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Mandarin jīng jù / jing1 ju4
Taiwan ching chü
Japanese keigeki / kegeki けいげき
 kyougeki / kyogeki きょうげき
Chinese Beijing opera; CL:場|场[chang3],出[chu1]
Japanese classical Chinese opera
More info / calligraphy:
Beijing Opera



see styles
Mandarin kǎ mén / ka3 men2
Taiwan k`a men / ka men
Chinese Carmen (name); Carmen, 1875 opera by Georges Bizet 比才 based on novel by Prosper Mérimée 梅里美[Mei2 li3 mei3]
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Mandarin wǔ shù / wu3 shu4
Taiwan wu shu
Japanese bujutsu ぶじゅつ
Chinese military skill or technique (in former times); all kinds of martial art sports (some claiming spiritual development); self-defense; tradition of choreographed fights from opera and film (recent usage); also called kungfu 功夫; CL:種|种[zhong3]
Japanese (1) (martial arts term) martial arts; military arts; (2) wushu; modern sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts
More info / calligraphy:
Martial Arts / Wu Shu



see styles
Mandarin gē jù / ge1 ju4
Taiwan ko chü
Japanese kageki かげき
Chinese Western opera; CL:場|场[chang3],出[chu1]
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) opera
More info / calligraphy:

see styles
Mandarin/ ju4
Taiwan chü
Japanese geki げき
Chinese theatrical work (play, opera, TV series etc); dramatic (change, increase etc); acute; severe
Japanese (1) drama; play; (2) (abbreviation) powerful drug
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition

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see styles
Mandarin/ mo4
Taiwan mo
Japanese matsu まつ
 hiroshi ひろし
 tome とめ
 suezaki すえざき
 suesaki すえさき
 sue すえ
Chinese tip; end; final stage; latter part; inessential detail; powder; dust; opera role of old man
Japanese (n-adv,n) (1) the end of; (2) powder; (1) tip; top; (temporal noun) (2) end; close (e.g. close of the month); (noun - becomes adjective with の) (3) youngest child; (4) descendants; offspring; posterity; (temporal noun) (5) future; (6) finally; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (7) trivialities; (archaism) new shoots; new growth (of a tree); (archaism) top end; tip; (surname, given name) Matsu; (given name) Hiroshi; (personal name) Tome; (surname) Suezaki; (surname) Suesaki; (surname, female given name) Sue
Branch, twig; end; dust; not; translit, ma, va, ba; cf. 摩.

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see styles
Mandarin dàn / dan4
Taiwan tan
Japanese hajimu はじむ
 noboru のぼる
 dan だん
 tan たん
 tadashi ただし
 iku いく
 ashita あした
 asake あさけ
 asa あさ
 akira あきら
 aki あき
Chinese dawn; morning; daybreak; day; dan, female roles in Chinese opera (traditionally played by specialized male actors)
Japanese (given name) Hajimu; (given name) Noboru; (surname) Dan; (surname, given name) Tan; (personal name) Tadashi; (personal name) Iku; (female given name) Ashita; (given name) Asake; (surname, female given name) Asa; (female given name) Aki

see styles
Mandarin piào / piao4
Taiwan p`iao / piao
Japanese hyou / hyo ひょう
Chinese ticket; ballot; banknote; CL:張|张[zhang1]; person held for ransom; amateur performance of Chinese opera; classifier for groups, batches, business transactions
Japanese (n,n-suf,ctr) (1) vote; ballot; (n-suf,n) (2) label; ticket; tag; stub

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Mandarin shì / shi4
Taiwan shih
Japanese kazari かざり
Chinese decoration; ornament; to decorate; to adorn; to hide; to conceal (a fault); excuse (to hide a fault); to play a role (in opera); to impersonate
Japanese (surname, female given name) Kazari
To adorn; gloss over; pretend. 裝飾; to decorate

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Mandarin shàng chǎng / shang4 chang3
Taiwan shang ch`ang / shang chang
Japanese kanba かんば
 ueba うえば
 ageba あげば
Chinese on stage; to go on stage; to take the field
Japanese (noun/participle) (1) listing (on the stock exchange, etc.); taking a company public; (2) presentation (e.g. of a play, opera); performance; (surname) Kanba; (surname) Ueba; (surname) Ageba

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see styles
Mandarin shàng yǎn / shang4 yan3
Taiwan shang yen
Japanese jouen / joen じょうえん
Chinese to screen (a movie); to stage (a play); a screening; a staging
Japanese (noun/participle) performance (e.g. music, theatre, opera); staging

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see styles
Mandarin chǒu jué / chou3 jue2
Taiwan ch`ou chüeh / chou chüeh
Chinese clown role in opera; clown; buffoon

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see styles
Mandarin sān xián / san1 xian2
Taiwan san hsien
Japanese sangen さんげん
Chinese sanxian, large family of 3-stringed plucked musical instruments, with snakeskin covered wooden soundbox and long neck, used in folk music, opera and Chinese orchestra
Japanese three-stringed instrument; samisen

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see styles
Mandarin qián dàn / qian2 dan4
Taiwan ch`ien tan / chien tan
Chinese male actor playing the female role (Chinese opera)

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see styles
Mandarin jīng xì / jing1 xi4
Taiwan ching hsi
Chinese Beijing opera; CL:出[chu1]

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see styles
Mandarin jīng hú / jing1 hu2
Taiwan ching hu
Japanese kyouko / kyoko きょうこ
Chinese jinghu, a smaller, higher-pitched erhu 二胡 (two-stringed fiddle) used to accompany Chinese opera; also called 京二胡
Japanese jinghu (2-stringed Chinese instrument played with a bow); (female given name) Kyouko

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see styles
Mandarin liàng xiàng / liang4 xiang4
Taiwan liang hsiang
Chinese to strike a pose (Chinese opera); (fig.) to make a public appearance; to come out in public (revealing one's true personality, opinions etc); (of a product) to appear on the market or at a trade show etc

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see styles
Mandarin èr huáng / er4 huang2
Taiwan erh huang
Chinese one of the two chief types of music in Chinese opera; Peking opera; also written 二簧[er4 huang2]; see also 西皮[xi1 pi2]

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see styles
Mandarin dòng jù / dong4 ju4
Taiwan tung chü
Chinese Dong opera

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see styles
Mandarin zuò gōng / zuo4 gong1
Taiwan tso kung
Chinese to act (in opera); stage business

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see styles
Mandarin zuò pài / zuo4 pai4
Taiwan tso p`ai / tso pai
Chinese way of doing something; behavior; to act in an affected manner; mannerism; gestures in opera

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see styles
Mandarin jiǎ sǎng / jia3 sang3
Taiwan chia sang
Chinese falsetto (in opera)

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see styles
Mandarin fǎn chuàn / fan3 chuan4
Taiwan fan ch`uan / fan chuan
Chinese (Chinese opera) to play a role outside of one's specialty; (modern) to play a transvestite role; to masquerade as an opponent

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see styles
Mandarin kǒu bái / kou3 bai2
Taiwan k`ou pai / kou pai
Chinese narrator; spoken parts in an opera

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see styles
Mandarin gǔ nuò / gu3 nuo4
Taiwan ku no
Chinese Gounod (name); Charles Gounod (1818-1893), French musician and opera composer

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see styles
Mandarin jiào bǎn / jiao4 ban3
Taiwan chiao pan
Chinese to signal the musicians (in Chinese opera, by prolonging a spoken word before attacking a song); (coll.) to challenge

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see styles
Mandarin míng líng / ming2 ling2
Taiwan ming ling
Chinese famous actor or actress (Chinese opera)

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see styles
Mandarin tǔ zì / tu3 zi4
Taiwan t`u tzu / tu tzu
Chinese diction; enunciation; to pronounce the words correctly (in opera)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Opera 歌劇
kagekigē jù / ge1 ju4 / ge ju / geju ko chü / kochü
Beijing Opera 京劇
Kyougeki / Kyogekijīng jù / jing1 ju4 / jing ju / jingju ching chü / chingchü
Monkey King 猴王hóu wáng / hou2 wang2 / hou wang / houwang
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Big Dream
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Miyamoto Musashi
Pursuit of Happiness
Shotokan Karate-Do

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There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

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A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

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