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Noriko in Chinese / Japanese...

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Riko / Yuriko / Noriko / Satoshi

Japan riko / yuriko / noriko / satoshi / satoko
Riko / Yuriko / Noriko / Satoshi Vertical Wall Scroll

This can be the Japanese female given names Riko, Yuriko, Noriko, or Satoshi.

A little awkwardly, when pronounced as Satoko, this means foster child.

Literally, the characters mean "village child."

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin jiào zǐ / jiao4 zi3
Taiwan chiao tzu
Japanese kyoushi / kyoshi / きょうし
Riko / Yuriko / Noriko / Satoshi Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to educate one's children; godson
Japanese godchild; (female given name) Yukiko; (personal name) Michiyo; (female given name) Michiko; (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Takako; (female given name) Kiyouko; (female given name) Kyouko


see styles
Japanese satogo / さとご
Riko / Yuriko / Noriko / Satoshi Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (See 里親) foster child; (female given name) Riko; (female given name) Yuriko; (female given name) Noriko; (given name) Satoshi; (surname, female given name) Satoko

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Mandarin máng / mang2
Taiwan mang
Japanese matsue / まつえ    houji / hoji / ほうじ    noriko / のりこ    sueyama / すえやま    suemochi / すえもち    suetoki / すえとき    suetsugu / すえつぐ    suezou / suezo / すえぞう    sueji / すえじ    sueko / すえこ    sueichi / suechi / すえいち
Chinese busy; hurriedly; to hurry; to rush
Japanese (personal name) Matsue; (personal name) Houji; (personal name) Noriko; (personal name) Sueyama; (personal name) Suemochi; (personal name) Suetoki; (personal name) Suetsugu; (personal name) Suezou; (personal name) Sueji; (personal name) Sueko; (personal name) Sueichi
Busy, bustling; hurried

see styles
Mandarin/ ju3
Taiwan chü
Japanese ku / く    kane / かね
Chinese carpenter's square; rule; regulation; pattern; to carve
Japanese quadrature; (1) (archaism) (See 矩尺) carpenter's square; (2) perpendicularity; straightness; (3) model; standard; (female given name) Noriko; (personal name) Nori; (given name) Tadasu; (given name) Tadashi; (surname) Sashigane; (personal name) Ku; (surname) Kanezashi; (surname, given name) Kane
A carpenter's square, a rule; translit. ku, cf. 姑, 拘, 鳩.


see styles
Mandarin xiān zǐ / xian1 zi3
Taiwan hsien tzu
Japanese hisako / ひさこ    noriko / のりこ    senko / せんこ    sanshi / さんし
Chinese fairy
Japanese (female given name) Hisako; (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Senko; (female given name) Sanshi


see styles
Japanese daishi / だいし Japanese (See 教子・きょうし) godchild; (female given name) Yoko; (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Daiko; (female given name) Taiko; (female given name) Shiroko


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Mandarin wèi zi / wei4 zi5
Taiwan wei tzu
Japanese noriko / のりこ    takako / たかこ    iko / いこ
Chinese place; seat
Japanese (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Takako; (female given name) Iko


see styles
Mandarin xiào zǐ / xiao4 zi3
Taiwan hsiao tzu
Japanese koushi / koshi / こうし
Chinese filial son
Japanese filial child; (female given name) Yoshiko; (female given name) Noriko; (personal name) Takashi; (surname, female given name) Takako; (surname) Koushi; (female given name) Kouko; (place-name) Kyoushi; (female given name) Kyouko; (female given name) Atsuko
A filial son.


see styles
Japanese jisshi / じっし Japanese biological child; one's own child; (female given name) Yoshiko; (female given name) Mitsuko; (female given name) Miko; (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Tomiko; (female given name) Chikako; (female given name) Jitsuko; (given name) Saneko



see styles
Mandarin shī zi / shi1 zi
Taiwan shih tzu
Japanese shishi / しし
Japanese (1) lion; (2) left-hand guardian dog at a Shinto shrine; (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Shiko
siṃha, a lion; also 枲伽; idem獅子 Buddha, likened to the lion, the king of animals, in respect of his fearlessness.


see styles
Mandarin shì zi / shi4 zi5
Taiwan shih tzu
Japanese noriko / のりこ    shokushi / しょくし    shikishi / しきし    shikiko / しきこ
Chinese formula; mathematical expression
Japanese (female given name) Noriko; (person) Shokushi (Poet of the Heian period, included in the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu); (female given name) Shikishi; (female given name) Shikiko


see styles
Mandarin fāng zi / fang1 zi5
Taiwan fang tzu
Japanese michiko / みちこ    masako / まさこ    houko / hoko / ほうこ    fusako / ふさこ    panja / ぱんじゃ    noriko / のりこ    katako / かたこ
Chinese prescription (of medicine)
Japanese (female given name) Michiko; (female given name) Masako; (female given name) Houko; (female given name) Fusako; (given name) Panja; (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Katako


see styles
Mandarin qǔ zi / qu3 zi5
Taiwan ch`ü tzu / chü tzu
Japanese mageshi / まげし    noriko / のりこ
Chinese poem for singing; tune; music; CL:支[zhi1]
Japanese (surname) Mageshi; (female given name) Noriko


see styles
Mandarin gé zi / ge2 zi5
Taiwan ko tzu
Japanese koushi / koshi / こうし
Chinese lattice; check (pattern of squares)
Japanese lattice; latticework; window bars; grid; grating; (female given name) Rakuko; (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Kakuko


see styles
Mandarin mú zi / mu2 zi5
Taiwan mu tzu
Japanese noriko / のりこ
Chinese mold; matrix; pattern or die
Japanese (female given name) Noriko


see styles
Mandarin fǎ zi / fa3 zi5
Taiwan fa tzu
Japanese houko / hoko / ほうこ    noriko / のりこ
Chinese way; method; Taiwan pr. [fa2 zi5]
Japanese (female given name) Houko; (female given name) Noriko
Child of the Dharma, one who makes his living by following Buddhism; dharma child


see styles
Mandarin huáng zǐ / huang2 zi3
Taiwan huang tzu
Japanese ouji / oji / おうじ
Chinese prince
Japanese imperial prince; (female given name) Miko; (female given name) Hiroko; (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Sumeko; (female given name) Kouko; (female given name) Kimiko; (personal name) Ooji; (surname) Ouji


see styles
Mandarin zhì zǐ / zhi4 zi3
Taiwan chih tzu
Japanese mizugo / みずご    mizuko / みずこ    chishi / ちし
Chinese young child
Japanese (1) aborted, stillborn or miscarried foetus (fetus); (2) (archaism) newborn baby; (archaism) newborn baby; (female given name) Wakako; (female given name) Yukako; (female given name) Masako; (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Chiko


see styles
Mandarin zhāng zi / zhang1 zi5
Taiwan chang tzu
Japanese yukiko / ゆきこ    fumiko / ふみこ    noriko / のりこ    takako / たかこ    shouko / shoko / しょうこ    ayako / あやこ    atsuko / あつこ    akirako / あきらこ    akiko / あきこ
Chinese seal; stamp
Japanese (female given name) Yukiko; (female given name) Fumiko; (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Takako; (female given name) Shouko; (female given name) Ayako; (female given name) Atsuko; (female given name) Akirako; (female given name) Akiko



see styles
Mandarin yì zǐ / yi4 zi3
Taiwan i tzu
Japanese gishi / ぎし
Chinese adopted son
Japanese adopted child; (female given name) Yoshiko; (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Tomoko; (female given name) Gishi



see styles
Mandarin shùn zi / shun4 zi5
Taiwan shun tzu
Japanese shuntsu;juntsu / シュンツ;じゅんツ
Chinese a straight (poker, mahjong)
Japanese {mahj} chow (chi:); three-in-a-row; (female given name) Yoriko; (female given name) Yoshiko; (female given name) Yukiko; (female given name) Michiko; (female given name) Masako; (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Nobuko; (female given name) Naoko; (female given name) Toshiko; (personal name) Junshi; (female given name) Junko; (female given name) Itoko; (female given name) Ayako


see styles
Japanese noriko / のりこ Japanese (female given name) Noriko


see styles
Japanese noriko / のりこ Japanese (female given name) Noriko

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)
里子riko / yuriko / noriko / satoshi / satoko

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