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Loyalty in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Loyalty
  2. Loyalty to Duty or Master
  3. Loyalty / Devotion
  4. Loyalty / Faithful / Devoted
  5. Faithful / Honorable...
  6. Ultimate Loyalty to Your Country
  7. Respect and Loyalty
  8. Semper Fidelis / Always Faithful
  9. Dependable
10. Pillars of Marriage
11. Honesty / Fidelity


Japanese Chinese Korean
China zhōng chéng
Japan chuu sei
ribbon top

Loyalty is staying true to someone. It is standing up for something you believe in without wavering. It is being faithful to your family, country, school, friends or ideals, when the going gets tough as well as when things are good. With loyalty, you build relationships that last forever.

1. This written form of loyalty is universal in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

2. There is also a Japanese version that is part of the Bushido Code which may be more desirable depending on whether your intended audience is Japanese or Chinese.

3. This version of loyalty is sometimes translated as devotion, sincerity, fidelity, or allegiance.

See Also...  Honor | Trust | Integrity | Sincerity

Loyalty to Duty or Master

China zhōng
Japan chuu
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<mark>Loyalty</mark> to Duty or Master

This is the simplest way to write the word loyalty in Chinese and Japanese.

A single character like this leaves the meaning open. But alone, a Chinese or Japanese person would think of loyalty to duty or loyalty to one's master (in ancient times). I suppose that it could be loyalty to your boss or company in this day in age.

This character can also mean fidelity or faithfulness.

This can also be romanised as "chung".

Loyalty / Devotion

Chinese, Korean, and Japanese
China zhōng yì
Japan chuu gi
ribbon top
<mark>Loyalty</mark> / Devotion

This is another form of loyalty or devotion.

In Chinese, this is more specifically about being loyal and devoted to your friends.

In Japanese, this is more often used to mean loyalty to your country or nation.

Except for the slight difference noted above between Japanese and Chinese, this word is understood universally in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja. It can also be used to describe devotion or fidelity.

It should be noted that this Kanji combination is being used less and less in modern Japan (this is a better choice if your audience is Chinese, though any Japanese person will clearly understand it).

Loyalty / Faithful / Devoted

Japan chuujitsu
ribbon top
<mark>Loyalty</mark> / Faithful / Devoted

This is a Japanese way to write "Loyalty" - it also contains the ideas of being faithful, devoted, true, and obedient.

The second character is a modified form only used in the Japanese lexicon, however, Chinese speakers can easily guess the meaning.

This is also a virtue of the Samurai Warrior
See our page with just Code of the Samurai / Bushido here

Faithful / Honorable
Trustworthy / Fidelity / Loyalty

China xìn yì
Japan shingi
ribbon top
Faithful / Honorable<br>Trustworthy / Fidelity / <mark>Loyalty</mark>

This is a word that is often used to describe a person with an honest and loyal reputation. To put it simply, this applies to somebody you can trust (with your life).

In Chinese, this is often defined as good faith, honor, trust and justice.
In Korean, this word means fidelity, truthfulness, or faithfulness.
In Japanese: faith, fidelity and loyalty. It's also a Japanese male given name when pronounced "Nobuyoshi".

Ultimate Loyalty to Your Country

The most famous tattoo in Chinese history
China jìn zhōng bào guó
ribbon top
Ultimate <mark>Loyalty</mark> to Your Country

This proverb is the tattoo worn on the back of Yue Fei, a famous Chinese warrior who lived until 1142 A.D.

The tattoo can be translated as "Serve the country with the utmost loyalty". More literally, it means, "[The] Ultimate Loyalty [is too] Duty [of] Country".

Legend has it that this tattoo once saved his life when he was accused of treason.

The first two characters have come to create a word that means "serve the country faithfully" or "die for the country". Note: It's more a willingness to die for one's country than the actual act of dying.

The last two characters have come to mean, "Dedicate oneself to the service of one's country".

Both of these words are probably only in the Chinese lexicon because of this famous tattoo.

If you break it down, character-by-character, here is what you get:
1. To the utmost, to the limit of something, the ultimate.
2. Loyalty or duty (a sense of duty to one's master, lord, country, job).
3. Report, recompense, give back to (in this case, you are giving yourself to your country as payback).
4. Country, state, nation, kingdom.

More about the famous warrior and army general, Yue Fei

Respect and Loyalty

China zūn jìng zhōng chéng
Japan son kei chu sei
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Respect and <mark>Loyalty</mark>

This is a custom word list scroll created at the special request of a customer.
This is a word list (not a normal Chinese or Japanese phrase).
Please contact me before deciding to purchase this phrase.

Semper Fidelis / Always Faithful

U.S. Marines Slogan
China yǒng yuǎn zhōng chéng
ribbon top
Semper Fidelis / Always Faithful

This is the clearest and most natural way to translate "Semper Fidelis" or "Always Faithful" into Mandarin Chinese. This is specifically meant for U.S. Marines who often use the shortened term "Semper Fi".

The first two characters are a word that means always, forever, and/or eternally.
The last two characters are a word that means fidelity, loyal, and/or devoted.

I spent 10 years in the Marines, so it was a no-brainer to add this to our calligraphy database.

Semper Fidelis / Always Faithful

Japan tsune ni chuu sei wo
ribbon top
Semper Fidelis / Always Faithful

This is "Semper Fidelis" or "Always Faithful" in Japanese. This is specifically meant for U.S. Marines who often use the shortened term "Semper Fi".

The first two Kanji mean "always" or "constantly". The last three Kanji mean "faithful", "loyal", "devoted", and/or "diligent". It's most often read as "faithful".

Semper Fidelis / Always Faithful

Japan tsune ni chuu jitsu na
ribbon top
Semper Fidelis / Always Faithful

This is an alternate way to write "Semper Fidelis" or "Always Faithful" in Japanese.


China jiān yì kě kào
ribbon top

The first two characters mean resolute with firm determination.
The second two characters mean reliable.

Together, this creates a 4-character expression that clearly means dependable.

Pillars of Marriage

Respect / Loyalty / Honesty
China zūn zhòng zhōng chéng chéng shí
ribbon top
Pillars of Marriage

These are the pillars of marriage (at least they are for some - if you have a different set of pillars and want them on a wall scroll, just post a custom phrase request on our forum).

This is actually a "word list", consisting of "Respect/Loyalty/Honesty". Word lists are not as common in Chinese as they are in English, but leaving that concern behind, this has a good meaning.

If you want to customize it more, add an inscription with your wedding date or names (just a small extra fee for translation).

Note: Because these are three separate words, the calligrapher may be inclined to leave a small space between each two-character word. Let us know if you have any preference when you place your order.

Honesty / Fidelity

China xìn
Japan shin
ribbon top
Honesty / Fidelity

This is another character that expresses the idea of honesty. It can also mean truth, faith, believe in, fidelity, sincerity, trust and/or confidence.

Some have included this in the list for the Bushido, although "makoto" is probably more common/popular.

Note: In some context, this character can mean letter; news or envoy. However, alone, it will generally be read with the honesty-meaning.

See our page with just Code of the Samurai / Bushido here

Check dictionary for loyalty
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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
chuu sei
chu sei
zhōng chéng
zhong cheng
chung ch`eng
zhong1 cheng2
chung cheng
Loyalty to Duty or Master
Loyalty / Devotion忠义
chuu gi
chu gi
zhōng yì
zhong yi
chung i
zhong1 yi4
Loyalty / Faithful / Devoted忠実
Faithful / Honorable / Trustworthy / Fidelity / Loyalty信义
shingixìn yì
xin yi
hsin i
xin4 yi4
Ultimate Loyalty to Your Country尽忠报国
n/ajìn zhōng bào guó
jin zhong bao guo
chin chung pao kuo
jin4 zhong1 bao4 guo2
Respect and Loyalty尊敬忠诚
son kei chu sei
zūn jìng zhōng chéng
zun jing zhong cheng
tsun ching chung ch`eng
zun1 jing4 zhong1 cheng2
tsun ching chung cheng
Semper Fidelis / Always Faithful永远忠诚
n/ayǒng yuǎn zhōng chéng
yong yuan zhong cheng
yung yüan chung ch`eng
yong3 yuan3 zhong1 cheng2
yung yüan chung cheng
Semper Fidelis / Always Faithful常に忠誠を
tsune ni chuu sei wo
tsune ni chu sei wo
Semper Fidelis / Always Faithful常に忠実な
tsune ni chuu jitsu na
tsune ni chu jitsu na
n/ajiān yì kě kào
jian yi ke kao
chien i k`o k`ao
jian1 yi4 ke3 kao4
chien i ko kao
Pillars of Marriage尊重忠诚诚实
n/azūn zhòng zhōng chéng chéng shí
zun zhong zhong cheng cheng shi
tsun chung chung ch`eng ch`eng shih
zun1 zhong4 zhong1 cheng2 cheng2 shi2
tsun chung chung cheng cheng shih
Honesty / Fidelity

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