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Jade Stone in Chinese / Japanese...

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(precious stone)
Japan tama / gyoku
Jade Vertical Wall Scroll

玉 is how to write jade in Chinese, Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji. This refers to the semi-precious stone that can be almost white or a vivid green.

Note: In Japanese, this character can mean jewel, ball, sphere or coin depending on context.

If your name is Jade, you may want to choose this to represent your name by meaning rather than pronunciation.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin/ yu4
Japanese hikaru ひかる
 tamazaki たまざき
 tamasaki たまさき
 tama たま
 giyoku ぎよく
 oku おく
Chinese jade
Japanese (1) ball; sphere; globe; orb; (2) bead (of sweat, dew, etc.); drop; droplet; (3) ball (in sports); (4) pile (of noodles, etc.); (5) bullet; (6) bulb (i.e. a light bulb); (7) lens (of glasses, etc.); (8) bead (of an abacus); (9) (slang) (abbreviation) ball (i.e. a testicle); (10) gem; jewel (esp. spherical; sometimes used figuratively); pearl; (11) female entertainer (e.g. a geisha); (12) (derogatory term) person (when commenting on their nature); character; (13) item, funds or person used as part of a plot; (n,n-suf) (14) egg; (suffix noun) (15) coin; (16) precious; beautiful; excellent; (1) precious stone (esp. jade); (2) (food term) egg (sometimes esp. as a sushi topping); (3) stock or security being traded; product being bought or sold; (4) position (in finance, the amount of a security either owned or owed by an investor or dealer); (5) geisha; (6) (abbreviation) time charge for a geisha; (7) (shogi) (abbreviation) king (of the junior player); (female given name) Hikaru; (surname) Tamazaki; (surname) Tamasaki; (female given name) Tama; (surname) Giyoku; (surname) Oku
Jade, a gem; jade-like, precious; you, your.
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Mandarin/ ke1
Taiwan k`o / ko
Japanese ka
Chinese jade-like stone
White jade shell; translit. k, khr; white jade shell

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Mandarin mín / min2
Taiwan min
Chinese alabaster, jade-like stone

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Mandarin láng / lang2
Taiwan lang
Japanese roukan / rokan ろうかん
Chinese jade-like stone; clean and white; tinkling of pendants
Japanese (given name) Roukan

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Mandarin tuó / tuo2
Taiwan t`o / to
Chinese steelyard weight; stone roller; to polish jade with an emery wheel

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Mandarin ruǎn / ruan3
Taiwan juan
Chinese jade-like stone

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Mandarin qìng / qing4
Taiwan ch`ing / ching
Japanese kei / ke けい
 kaoru かおる
 iwao いわお
Chinese chime stones, ancient percussion instrument made of stone or jade pieces hung in a row and struck as a xylophone
Japanese sounding stone; qing; ancient Chinese chime shaped like a chevron (inverted 'v'), orig. of stone, today often metal, in Japan primarily used at Buddhist temples; inverted copper or iron bell shaped like a bowl (sounded when reciting sutras); (given name) Kei; (m,f) Kaoru; (given name) Iwao
A piece of flat stone or metal, used as a gong, or for musical percussion; stone chime

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Mandarin xuán / xuan2
Taiwan hsüan
Chinese jadelike precious stone; jade-colored

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see styles
Mandarin wén // mín / wen2 // min2
Taiwan wen // min
Chinese veins in jade; jade-like stone

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Mandarin/ yu2
Chinese semiprecious stone; a kind of jade

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Mandarin yáo / yao2
Taiwan yao
Japanese you / yo よう
Chinese jade; precious stone; mother-of-pearl; nacre; precious; used a complementary honorific; Yao ethnic group of southwest China and southeast Asia; surname Yao
Japanese (female given name) You
Jasper (green), green crystal.

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see styles
Mandarin/ yi1
Taiwan i
Chinese a black stone like jade; jet

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see styles
Mandarin méi / mei2
Taiwan mei
Chinese (stone which resembles jade)

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see styles
Mandarin cōng / cong1
Taiwan ts`ung / tsung
Chinese stone similar to jade

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Mandarin jìn / jin4
Taiwan chin
Chinese jade-like stone

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Mandarin qióng // jué / qiong2 // jue2
Taiwan ch`iung // chüeh / chiung // chüeh
Chinese (red stone); half-circle jade ring

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Mandarin yù mín / yu4 min2
Taiwan yü min
Chinese jade and jade-like stone; impossible to distinguish the genuine from the fake (idiom)

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Mandarin yù shí / yu4 shi2
Taiwan yü shih
Japanese tamaishi たまいし
Chinese precious stones; jade and stone
Japanese pebble; round stone; boulder; gems and stones; wheat and chaff; wheat and tares; good and bad; (surname) Tamaishi

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see styles
Mandarin yù pú / yu4 pu2
Taiwan yü p`u / yü pu
Chinese stone containing jade; uncut jade

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see styles
Mandarin qióng yīng / qiong2 ying1
Taiwan ch`iung ying / chiung ying
Chinese jade-like stone

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see styles
Mandarin yù shí jù fén / yu4 shi2 ju4 fen2
Taiwan yü shih chü fen
Chinese to burn both jade and common stone; to destroy indiscriminately (idiom)

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Mandarin dǐng chēng yù shí / ding3 cheng1 yu4 shi2
Taiwan ting ch`eng yü shih / ting cheng yü shih
Chinese lit. to use a sacred tripod as cooking pot and jade as ordinary stone (idiom); fig. a waste of precious material; casting pearls before swine

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Mandarin tā shān zhī shí kě yǐ gōng yù / ta1 shan1 zhi1 shi2 ke3 yi3 gong1 yu4
Taiwan t`a shan chih shih k`o i kung yü / ta shan chih shih ko i kung yü
Chinese lit. the other mountain's stone can polish jade (idiom); to improve oneself by accepting criticism from outside; to borrow talent from abroad to develop the nation effectively

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