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China mǐn
Japan bin

敏 means quick, nimble, agile, clever, smart, ingenious, and/or witty.

Clever / Superb / Wonderful

China miào
Japan myou
Clever / Superb / Wonderful

This single character can mean a lot of things (a bit ambiguous). The meanings include: clever; wonderful; strange; unusual; superb; excellent; beautiful; mystic; supernatural; profound; mysterious; good; surpassing; fine, lovely, charming; special; outstanding; incomparable.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin miào / miao4
Taiwan miao
Japanese myou / myo みょう
 tae たえ
Chinese clever; wonderful
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (1) strange; unusual; (2) (something) superb; (something) excellent; (surname) Myou; (female given name) Tae
su, sat, mañju, sūkṣma. Wonderful, beautiful, mystic, supernatural, profound, subtle, mysterious. su means good, excellent, surpassing, beautiful, fine, easy. sat means existing, real, good. mañju means beautiful, lovely, charming. Intp. in Chinese as 不可思議 beyond thought or discussion; 絕待 special, outstanding; 無比 incomparable; 精微深遠 subtle and profound; marvelous
More info / calligraphy:
Clever / Superb / Wonderful

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Mandarin kuài / kuai4
Taiwan k`uai / kuai
Japanese yoshi よし
 hayashi はやし
 haya はや
 naoru なおる
 sayaka さやか
 kokoro こころ
 kai かい
Chinese rapid; quick; speed; rate; soon; almost; to make haste; clever; sharp (of knives or wits); forthright; plainspoken; gratified; pleased; pleasant
Japanese pleasure; delight; enjoyment; (female given name) Yoshi; (personal name) Hayashi; (female given name) Haya; (female given name) Naoru; (female given name) Sayaka; (female given name) Kokoro; (female given name) Kai
Glad, joyful; quick, sharp; pleasure
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Mandarin mǐn / min3
Taiwan min
Japanese min みん
 bin びん
 hayashi はやし
 haya はや
 toshitsugu としつぐ
 toshiji としじ
 toshikatsu としかつ
 tsutomu つとむ
 satoru さとる
 satoshi さとし
Chinese quick; nimble; agile; clever; smart
Japanese (personal name) Min; (given name) Bin; (given name) Hayashi; (given name) Haya; (personal name) Toshitsugu; (personal name) Toshiji; (personal name) Toshikatsu; (surname, female given name) Toshi; (male given name) Tsutomu; (female given name) Satoru; (surname, given name) Satoshi
Clever, active, ingenious, witty; sharp
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Mandarin líng / ling2
Taiwan ling
Japanese ryō
Chinese quick; alert; efficacious; effective; to come true; spirit; departed soul; coffin
Spirit, spiritual, energy, effective, clever; spirit (of the dead)
More info / calligraphy:
Spirit / Soul

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Mandarin guǐ / gui3
Taiwan kuei
Japanese miniwa みにわ
 kisaragi きさらぎ
 oniyanagi おにやなぎ
 onikatsu おにかつ
 oni おに
Chinese ghost; demon; terrible; damnable; clever; sly; crafty; sinister plot; (suffix for sb with a certain vice or addiction etc); one of the 28 constellations
Japanese (1) oni; ogre; demon; (2) spirit of a deceased person; (3) (astron) Chinese "ghost" constellation (one of the 28 mansions); (1) oni; ogre; demon; (2) spirit of a deceased person; (3) ogre-like person (i.e. fierce, relentless, merciless, etc.); (4) it (in a game of tag, hide-and-seek, etc.); (prefix) (5) (slang) very; extremely; super-; (surname) Miniwa; (surname) Kisaragi; (surname) Oniyanagi; (personal name) Onikatsu; (surname) Oni
preta 薜荔多, departed, dead; a disembodied spirit, dead person, ghost; a demon, evil being; especially a 餓鬼 hungry ghost. They are of many kinds. The Fan-i ming i classifies them as poor, medium, and rich; each again thrice subdivided: (1) (a) with mouths like burning torches; (b) throats no bigger than needles; (c) vile breath, disgusting to themselves; (2) (a) needle-haired, self-piercing; (b) hair sharp and stinking; (c) having great wens on whose pus they must feed. (3) (a) living on the remains of sacrifices; (b) on leavings in general; (c) powerful ones, yakṣas, rākṣasas, piśācas, etc. All belong to the realm of Yama, whence they are sent everywhere, consequently are ubiquitous in every house, lane, market, mound, stream, tree, etc.
More info / calligraphy:
Ghost Demon


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Mandarin zhū yù / zhu1 yu4
Taiwan chu yü
Japanese tama たま
Chinese pearls and jades; jewels; clever remark; beautiful writing; gems of wisdom; genius; outstanding person
Japanese (1) gem; jewel; (can be adjective with の) (2) beautiful; accomplished; charming; (female given name) Tama
More info / calligraphy:

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Mandarin guāi / guai1
Taiwan kuai
Japanese ke
Chinese (of a child) obedient, well-behaved; clever; shrewd; alert; perverse; contrary to reason; irregular; abnormal
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition

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Mandarin líng / ling2
Taiwan ling
Japanese rei / re れい
 riyou / riyo りよう
 ryou / ryo りょう
 satomi さとみ
Chinese clever; (old) actor; actress
Japanese (female given name) Rei; (female given name) Riyou; (female given name) Ryou; (female given name) Satomi

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Mandarin/ li4
Taiwan li
Japanese rii / ri りー
Chinese clever
Japanese (female given name) Ri-

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Mandarin qiǎo / qiao3
Taiwan ch`iao / chiao
Japanese takumu たくむ
 takumi たくみ
 taku たく
 satoshi さとし
 kousou / koso こうそう
 kouji / koji こうじ
 koushou / kosho こうしょう
 kou / ko こう
 isao いさお
Chinese opportunely; coincidentally; as it happens; skillful; timely
Japanese (personal name) Takumu; (surname, female given name) Takumi; (male given name) Taku; (male given name) Satoshi; (personal name) Kousou; (personal name) Kouji; (personal name) Koushou; (female given name) Kou; (given name) Isao
Skilful, clever; skillful

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Mandarin/ li4
Taiwan li
Japanese ri
 yoshi よし
 minoru みのる
 toshitsugu としつぐ
 toshiji としじ
 toshikatsu としかつ
 togi とぎ
 tooru とおる
 satoshi さとし
 kaga かが
Chinese sharp; favorable; advantage; benefit; profit; interest; to do good to; to benefit; surname Li
Japanese advantage; benefit; profit; interest; (surname) Ri; (given name) Yoshi; (given name) Minoru; (personal name) Toshitsugu; (personal name) Toshiji; (personal name) Toshikatsu; (surname, female given name) Toshi; (surname) Togi; (given name) Tooru; (male given name) Satoshi; (surname) Kaga
paṭu, tīkṣṇa; sharp, keen, clever; profitable, beneficial; gain, advantage; interest.

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Mandarin wèi / wei4
Taiwan wei
Japanese mi
 aji あじ
Chinese taste; smell; classifier for drugs (in TCM)
Japanese (1) (sense of) taste; (suf,ctr) (2) counter for food, drink, medicine, etc.; (noun or adjectival noun) (1) flavor; flavour; taste; (2) charm; style; (3) experience; (adjectival noun) (4) smart; clever; witty; strange
rasa. Taste, flavour; the sense of taste. One of the six sensations; flavor

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Mandarin luó / luo2
Taiwan lo
Chinese smart; clever

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Mandarin/ li4
Taiwan li
Chinese smooth; active; clever; sharp

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Mandarin mǐn / min3
Taiwan min
Japanese min
Chinese clever; old variant of 愍[min3]
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition

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Mandarin yǐng / ying3
Taiwan ying
Japanese satoshi さとし
 ei / e えい
 in いん
Chinese head of grain; husk; tip; point; clever; gifted; outstanding; surname Ying
Japanese awn; glume; (male given name) Satoshi; (female given name) Ei; (female given name) In

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Mandarin cōng / cong1
Taiwan ts`ung / tsung
Japanese sou / so そう
 satoru さとる
 satoshi さとし
 akira あきら
Chinese quick at hearing; wise; clever; sharp-witted; intelligent; acute
Japanese (given name) Sou; (given name) Satoru; (male given name) Satoshi; (given name) Akira
Quick at hearing, sharp, clever, astute, wise, 聰明.

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Mandarin pàn / pan4
Taiwan p`an / pan
Chinese pleasing; clever talk

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Mandarin xuān / xuan1
Taiwan hsüan
Chinese usually used in a name; clever; intelligent

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Mandarin xiá / xia2
Taiwan hsia
Japanese gechi
Chinese (phonetic); crafty
Smart, clever, intelligent.

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Mandarin zhōng gēn / zhong1 gen1
Taiwan chung ken
Japanese nakane なかね
Japanese (place-name, surname) Nakane
Medium capacity, neither clever nor dull, of each of the six organs 六根; there are three powers of each organ 上根, 中根, and 下根; middling capacity

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Mandarin sān zi / san1 zi
Taiwan san tzu
Japanese mine みね
 mitsugo みつご
 mitsuko みつこ
 miko みこ
 sanshi さんし
Japanese (female given name) Mine; (personal name) Mitsugo; (female given name) Mitsuko; (female given name) Miko; (given name) Sanshi
The three sons, one filial, wise, and competent; one unfilial but clever and competent; one unfilial stupid, and incompetent; types respectively of bodhisattvas, śrāvakas, and icchahtikas, 涅槃經 33.

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Mandarin guāi qiǎo / guai1 qiao3
Taiwan kuai ch`iao / kuai chiao
Chinese clever (child); smart; lovable; cute

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Mandarin guāi jué / guai1 jue2
Taiwan kuai chüeh
Chinese perceptive; alert; clever; shrewd

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see styles
Mandarin èr yè / er4 ye4
Taiwan erh yeh
Japanese nigyou / nigyo にぎょう
Japanese (archaism) restaurants and geisha establishments
Two classes of karma. (1) (a) 引業 leads to the 總報, i.e. the award as to the species into which one is to be born, e.g. men, gods, etc.; (6) 滿業 is the 別報 or fulfillment in detail, i.e. the kind or quality of being e.g. clever or stupid, happy or unhappy, etc. (2) (a) 善業 and (b) 惡業 Good and evil karma, resulting in happiness or misery. (3) (a) 助業 Aids to the karma of being reborn in Amitābha's Pure—land e. g. offerings, chantings, etc.; (b) 正業 thought and invocation of Amitābha with undivided mind, as the direct method; two kinds of karmic activity

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Mandarin líng lì / ling2 li4
Taiwan ling li
Japanese reiri / reri れいり
Chinese clever; witty; intelligent
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) cleverness; sagacity
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition

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Mandarin líng lì / ling2 li4
Taiwan ling li
Chinese variant of 伶俐, clever; witty; intelligent

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Japanese rikou / riko りこう
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (1) clever; intelligent; wise; bright; sharp; sensible; smart; shrewd; (2) well-behaved (of kids, animals, etc); obedient; good; (3) (archaism) good (with words)

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Japanese takuron たくろん
Japanese sound argument; clever presentation

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myou / myomiào / miao4 / miao

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