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The Name Ava in Chinese / Japanese...

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China ā wǎ
Ava Wall Scroll

阿瓦 is the name Ava transliterated into Mandarin Chinese.


Japan eiva
Ava Wall Scroll

エイヴァ is the name Ava written in Katakana (phonetic Japanese).

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana , it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

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Simple Dictionary Definition



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Mandarin dì yù / di4 yu4
Taiwan ti yü
Japanese jigoku じごく
Chinese hell; infernal; underworld
Japanese hell; (place-name) Jigoku
naraka, 捺落迦 (or 那落迦) ; niraya 泥犂; explained by 不樂 joyless; 可厭 disgusting, hateful; 苦具, 苦器 means of suffering; if 地獄 earth-prison; 冥府 the shades, or departments of darkness. Earth-prison is generally intp. as hell or the hells; it may also be termed purgatory; one of the six gati or ways of transmigration. The hells are divided into three classes: I. Central, or radical, 根本地獄 consisting of (1) The eight hot hells. These were the original hells of primitive Buddhism, and are supposed to be located umder the southern continent Jambudvīpa 瞻部州, 500 yojanas below the surface. (a) 等活 or 更活 Saṃjīva, rebirth, where after many kinds of suffering a cold wind blows over the soul and returns it to this life as it was before, hence the name 等活. (b) 黑繩 Kaslasūtra, where the sufferer is bound with black chains and chopped or sawn asunder. (c) 線合; 衆合; 堆壓 Saṃghāta, where are multitudes of implements of torture, or the falling of mountains upon the sufferer. (d) 號呌; 呼呼; 叫喚 Raurava, hell of wailing. (e) 大呌; 大號呌; 大呼 Mahāraurava, hell of great wailing. (f) 炎熱; 燒炙 Tapana, hell of fames and burning. (g) 大熱; 大燒炙; 大炎熱 Pratāpana, hell of molten lead. (h) 無間; 河鼻旨; 阿惟越致; 阿毗至; 阿鼻; 阿毗 Avīci, unintermitted suffering, where sinners die and are reborn to suffer without interval. (2) The eight cold hells 八寒地獄. (a) 頞浮陀地獄 Arbuda, where the cold causes blisters. (b) 尼刺部陀 Nirarbuda, colder still causing the blisters to burst. (c) 頞哳吒; 阿吒吒 Atata, where this is the only possible sound from frozen lips. (d) 臛臛婆; 阿波波 Hahava or Apapa, where it is so cold that only this sound can be uttered. (e) 虎虎婆 Hāhādhara or Huhuva, where only this sound can be uttered. (f) 嗢鉢羅; 鬱鉢羅 (or 優鉢羅) Utpala, or 尼羅鳥 (or 漚) 鉢羅 Nīlotpala, where the skin is frozen like blue lotus buds. (g) 鉢特摩 Padma, where the skin is frozen and bursts open like red lotus buds. (h) 摩訶鉢特摩 Mahāpadma, ditto like great red lotus buds. Somewhat different names are also given. Cf. 倶舍論 8; 智度論 16; 涅槃經 11. II. The secondary hells are called 近邊地獄 adjacent hells or 十六遊增 each of its four sides, opening from each such door are four adjacent hells, in all sixteen; thus with the original eight there are 136. A list of eighteen hells is given in the 十八泥梨經. III. A third class is called the 孤地獄 (獨地獄) Lokāntarika, or isolated hells in mountains, deserts, below the earth and above it. Eitel says in regard to the eight hot hells that they range 'one beneath the other in tiers which begin at a depth of 11,900 yojanas and reach to a depth of 40,000 yojanas'. The cold hells are under 'the two Tchahavālas and range shaft-like one below the other, but so that this shaft is gradually widening to the fourth hell and then narrowing itself again so that the first and last hell have the shortest, those in the centre the longest diameter'. 'Every universe has the same number of hells, ' but 'the northern continent has no hell whatever, the two continents east and west of Meru have only small Lokāntarika hells... whilst all the other hells are required for the inhabitants of the southern continent '. It may be noted that the purpose of these hells is definitely punitive, as well as purgatorial. Yama is the judge and ruler, assisted by eighteen officers and a host of demons, who order or administer the various degrees of torture. 'His sister performs the same duties with regard to female criminals, ' and it may be mentioned that the Chinese have added the 血盆池 Lake of the bloody bath, or 'placenta tank' for women who die in childbirth. Release from the hells is in the power of the monks by tantric means.
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Mandarin wǔ shī / wu3 shi1
Taiwan wu shih
Japanese goshi ごし
Japanese (surname) Goshi
The five masters or teachers, i. e. respectively of the sutras, the vinaya, the śāstras, the abhidharma, and meditation. A further division is made of 異世五師 and 同世五師. The first, i. e. of different periods, are Mahākāśyapa, Ānanda, Madhyāntika, Śāṇavāsa, and Upagupta; another group connected with the Vinaya is Upāli, Dāsaka, Sonaka, Siggava, and Moggaliputra Tissva. The 同世 or five of the same period are variously stated: the Sarvāstivādins say they were the five immediate disciples of Upagupta, i. e. Dharmagupta, etc.; see 五部.

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Mandarin lì zhì / li4 zhi4
Taiwan li chih
Japanese richi りち
 ninarii / ninari になりー
Japanese (personal name) Richi; (personal name) Ninari-
Keen intelligence, wisdom, discrimination; pāṭava; sharp cognition

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Mandarin shè mó / she4 mo2
Taiwan she mo
Japanese shōbaku
śava, a corpse (not yet decayed); śava

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Mandarin wú jiān / wu2 jian1
Taiwan wu chien
Japanese mugen
Chinese very close; no gap between them; continuously; unbroken; hard to separate; indistinguishable
avīci, uninterrupted, unseparated, without intermission; immediately

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Mandarin ā pó / a1 po2
Taiwan a p`o / a po
Japanese aba
Chinese granny; mother-in-law
apa, abha, ava, etc.

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Mandarin ā pí / a1 pi2
Taiwan a p`i / a pi
avīci, 阿毘 (阿毘至) cf. 阿鼻.

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Mandarin ā bí / a1 bi2
Taiwan a pi
Japanese abi あび
Chinese Ceaseless pain (Sanskrit: Avici), one of the Buddhist hells; fig. hell; hell on earth
Japanese (Buddhist term) Avici (lowest level of hell)
Avīci, 阿鼻旨; 阿鼻脂; 阿鼻至; the last and deepest of the eight hot hells, where the culprits suffer, die, and are instantly reborn to suffering, without interruption 無間. It is the 阿鼻地獄 (阿鼻旨地獄) or the 阿鼻焦熱地獄hell of unintermitted scorching; or the阿鼻喚地獄 hell of unintermitted wailing; its wall, out of which there is no escape, is the 阿鼻大城.

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Mandarin ge  / ge2 
Taiwan ge 
Japanese kankaku かんかく
Chinese compartment; gap; interval; to divide
Japanese space; interval; SPC
Interval, intermission, but it is chiefly used for during, while, the period of an event. Cf. 無間 avīci.

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Mandarin wǔ wú jiān / wu3 wu2 jian1
Taiwan wu wu chien
Japanese go mugen
The uninterrupted, or no-interval hell, i. e. avīci hell, the worst, or eighth of the eight hells. It is ceaseless in five respects— karma and its effects are an endless chain with no escape; its sufferings are ceaseless; it is timeless; its fate or life is endless; it is ceaselessly full. Another interpretation takes the second, third, and fifth of the above and adds that it is packed with 罪器 implements of torture, and that it is full of all kinds of living beings; (hell of the) five kinds of non-remission

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Mandarin liù wàn cáng / liu4 wan4 cang2
Taiwan liu wan ts`ang / liu wan tsang
Japanese rokuman zō
The sixty thousand verses of the Buddha-law which Devadatta could recite, an ability which did not save him from the avīci hell.

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Mandarin hé bí zhǐ / he2 bi2 zhi3
Taiwan ho pi chih
Japanese Kabishi
Avīci, the hell of uninterrupted suffering, where the sufferers die and are reborn to torture without intermission.

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Mandarin/ po2
Taiwan p`o / po
Japanese manaba
v. 摩納 māṇava; (Skt. māṇava)

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Mandarin wú jiān yè / wu2 jian1 ye4
Taiwan wu chien yeh
Japanese muken gō
The unintermitted karma, or unintermitted punishment for any of the five unpardonable sins; the place of such punishment, the avīci hell; also styled ānantarya; unremitting karma

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Mandarin qī mó dá lǐ / qi1 mo2 da2 li3
Taiwan ch`i mo ta li / chi mo ta li
Japanese shichi matari
saptamātṛ. The seven divine mothers, or personified energies of the principal deities; they are associated with the worship of the god Śiva, and attend on his son Skanda or Kārttikeya, to whom at first only seven Mātṛs were assigned, but in the later mythology an innumerable number, who are sometimes represented as having displaced the original divine mothers M.W. Their names are given as (1) Cāmuṇḍā 遮文茶 or 左問拏 (2) Gaurī嬌吠哩; (3) Vaiṣṇavī 吠瑟拏微 (4) Kaumārī 嬌麼哩; (5) Indrāṇī, Aindrī, or Māhendrī 燕捺利 or 印捺哩; (6) Raudrī 勞捺哩; and (7) Vārāhī 末羅呬弭; cf. 七母天.

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Mandarin wǔ wú jiān yè / wu3 wu2 jian1 ye4
Taiwan wu wu chien yeh
Japanese go muken gō
or 五無間罪 The five karma, or sins, leading to the avīci hell v. 五逆 and 五無間; five kinds of evil acts leading to rebirth in the unremitting hell

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Mandarin bā dà dì yù / ba1 da4 di4 yu4
Taiwan pa ta ti yü
Japanese hachidaijigoku はちだいじごく
Japanese (Buddhist term) (yoji) The Eight Greater Hells
(八大) The eight great naraka, or hot hells: (1) sañjīva 等活 hell of rebirth into (2) kāla-sūtra 黑繩, i.e. the hell of black cords or chains; (3) saṅghāta 衆合, in which all are squeezed into a mass between two mountains falling together; (4) raurava 號呌; hell of crying and wailing; (5) mahāraurava 大號呌 hell of great crying; (6) tapana 炎熱 hell of burning; (7) pratāpana 大熱 hell of fierce heat; (8) avīci 無間 unintermitted rebirth into its sufferings with no respite. v. 地獄 and 八寒地獄; eight great hells

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Mandarin liù shí sì yǎn / liu4 shi2 si4 yan3
Taiwan liu shih ssu yen
Japanese rokujūshi gen
Eighteen lictors in the avīci hell each with sixty-four eyes.

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Mandarin wú jiān dì yù / wu2 jian1 di4 yu4
Taiwan wu chien ti yü
Japanese mugenjigoku むげんじごく
 mukenjigoku むけんじごく
Japanese (yoji) the Avici hell, the eighth and most painful of the eight hells in Buddhism; Buddhist hell of uninterrupted suffering
The avīci hell, the last of the eight hot hells, in which punishment, pain, form birth, death continue without intermission; unremitting hell

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Mandarin ā pán tuó luō / a1 pan2 tuo2 luo1
Taiwan a p`an t`o lo / a pan to lo
Japanese ahandara
avāntara, intermediate, within limits, included.

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Ava 阿瓦ā wǎ / a1 wa3 / a wa / awa
Ava エイヴァeiva
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